Everything You Need on Your Baby Travel Checklist

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I’ll be honest. I love my kids and I love traveling. But put the two together? Not always fun! 

My first few trips with my oldest child were exhausting, to say the least. I could never keep her happy while traveling, whether by car or by plane. Once I got to my destination I inevitably forgot something at home. Thank goodness since then I’ve come up with ways to make it easier on myself. 

The number one change I’ve made on my trips with my babies that helps me stay sane? Being prepared!

I’m a big-time under-packer for myself and believe me, I love traveling light. With my little ones, though, I’ve found that there are some things I just don’t want to leave off my baby travel checklist. 

Traveling With a Baby Made Easy

Traveling With a Baby

It can be so overwhelming trying to make sure that you have every comfort item, safety precaution, toy, and everything else without stuffing your suitcases full. When you have a baby, it’s even harder to know what to bring!

I don’t want to bring the whole nursery with me, but I also don’t want to be underprepared! It’s taken me a few tries, but after my many trips with my babies, I’ve come up with the perfect baby travel checklist.

Trust me. This list is going to save you on your next trip!

My Baby Travel Checklist

Sleep Items 

baby travel checklist

There’s nothing worse than being on vacation and not being able to sleep because your baby is uncomfortable! The key to a good night of sleep while traveling with your baby is to try to mimic your baby’s sleep experience at home. 

Of course, you can’t haul a crib with you, but there are a few things that you can pack that’ll make bedtime much smoother. 

● Bed (consider getting a travel cot or borrowing once you arrive)

● Muslin blankets

● Warm blanket

● Sheet for bed

● Swaddle or sleep sack

● Comfort item

Clothing Items

baby travel checklist

The clothing you will need will really depend on where you are traveling, but I’ve got two clothing rules I always follow.

First, I always pack extra clothing for the car or plane ride. You never know what’s going to happen, and it’s always a good idea to have a backup outfit close by.

Second, I always make sure to bring enough clothes that I can have options while I’m on my trip. Baby clothes don’t take up too much space, and having some extras in case of spills or changes in the weather is so helpful!

These are my most forgotten clothing items for my baby that I always make sure to have on my baby travel checklist in addition to their main clothes:

● Hat

● Socks

● Diaper covers

● Accessories (headbands, bows, ties, etc.)

Diaper and Bath Items

baby travel checklist

Don’t forget everything you need to keep your little one clean! Even on the shortest trip, you want to make sure that you are prepared. The time you decide not to bring you bath supplies is sure to be the time your baby decides to make a mess of themselves. 

Here’s my favorite I always have on my list: 

● Changing pad

● Wipes

● Diapers

● Diaper rash cream

● Empty Ziplocs (for dirty clothing or diapers on the go)

Travel-sized baby wash

● Body wipes

● Inflatable bath tub (these are a lifesaver!)

Feeding Items 

baby travel checklist

A baby has to eat! Whether you’re breastfeeding, formula feeding, or introducing solids, there are a few things that can help you be successful on the go and once you get to your destination.

If you are planning to fly, make sure that you check with the airline to see what items you are allowed to bring. In my experience, they are always willing to help a momma bring everything that they need onto the flight!

● Nursing cover

● Baby snacks


● Insulated bag for milk

● Bottles (prepared with formula or breastmilk)

● Burp rags (pack a few extra for newborns)

Entertainment Items

baby travel checklist

Keeping your baby happy may be the trickiest part of a trip, especially when you are traveling to and from your destination. Aside from nursing my babies and giving snacks as much as I can to keep them busy, I also pack a few toys.

It’s always a good idea to get some new toys before a trip. New toys are more likely to hold your baby’s interest for a longer period of time. The longer they will play with a toy happily, the better!

Here are some simple toys my babies have loved on flights.

● Crinkle books

● Teether

● Stacking rings

● Suction toys (great for the fold-down trays!)

● Tablet or phone (with downloaded apps and movies)

Here’s a quick note about electronics while traveling. I’m not the biggest fan of sticking my kids in front of a screen, especially when they are so young, but traveling is my exception. 

You will want to be prepared on a flight just in case you get desperate. I always download a baby app or a movie as the last resort if my baby is having a bad trip! No mom-guilt here!

On the Go Items

baby travel checklist

Whether in the airport or once you get to your destination, having a few things to make traveling easier is essential! Don’t underestimate how tired your arms will get holding your little one. Make your life easier by adding these things to your baby travel checklist.

● Cheap or lightweight stroller

● Baby carrier

● Car seat (consider borrowing)

● Car seat travel bag (if flying)

Items for Mom

baby travel checklist

This checklist may be for your baby, but there are a few baby-related things that you’ll want to bring for yourself. The best way to be prepared for your baby is to be prepared for yourself!

● Extra shirt (in case of a need for a quick-change)

● Water bottle

● Misc. Items

Babies get sick, need comfort, and have other needs while traveling just like they do when they are at home! Don’t be stuck without the help of these important items to keep your baby safe, healthy, and happy!

● Pacifier

● Medicines

● First aid kit

● Baby monitor

Did I miss anything that you love to put on your baby travel checklist? Let me know your favorites in the comments!

Sharing is Caring!

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