57 Funny Earth Day Jokes And Riddles For Kids

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Humour can be a great way to teach your child new things.

By engaging them in jokes and riddles, not only are you boosting their self-esteem, but you’re also allowing them to explore new subjects. When a kid is funnily taught something, they are more likely to remember the facts for years.

One of the subjects that you can teach about to your kids using jokes or riddles is of Earth Day.

Celebrated on 22nd April, Earth Day is acknowledged annually to recognize and honour the environmental cause and shed light on the significance of ecological sustainability in the long run.

Have you ever wondered how you can teach your kids more about global warming and its impact, the importance of recycling, or ways to save the planet? Well, bringing this information to them through jokes and laughter can be a good start.

When you teach your children early on how crucial it is to be kind to Mother Earth, it amplifies their interest in caring about the environment. It broadens their knowledge regarding concepts such as wildlife, natural resources, air, and water and makes them more environmentally aware.

We’ve got the right assortment for you if you’re looking for some funny and rib-tickling Earth Day jokes for kids and some riddles.

Hilarious Earth Day Jokes For Kids

Hilarious Earth Day Jokes For Kids

With these Earth Day jokes for kids, make the little ones laugh while also educating them along the way. Let’s take a look at these hilarious jokes.

Why did the leaves pay a visit to the doctor?

It is because they had been feeling a little green.

Why does Earth Day often make people feel slightly exhausted?

Because it comes right after they have completed a March.

Why is the ocean considered polite and friendly?

Because it always waves.

Why would someone consider the grass dangerous?

Because it is known to be full of blades.

Why was the sun sent to study in the school?

So that it could become brighter.

How can you divide a wave into two pieces?

By using a sea saw, of course.

What attire did the trees wear to the pool party?

They donned swimming trunks.

What did the earthquake hear from the ground?

It said, “You crack me up.”

What type of shorts does a cloud usually wear?

It wears thunderwear.

Why does a tornado move in a zigzag manner?

It’s because it’s dizzy.

Why did the woman let her purse stay open while going out?

It’s because she was hoping for some change in the weather.

What is the point of difference between climate and weather when it comes to a tree?

Well, you cannot weather a tree, but you can surely climate.

What type of plant can grow on someone’s hand?

A palm tree.

What do you have to remember when it starts to rain cats and dogs?

Just be careful to not step on a poodle.

Which month does a tree not like at all?


Which moth is famous for being the biggest in the universe?

A mammoth, of course.

What did the big tree hear from the little tree?

It said, “Just leaf me alone.”

Why does one not have to give money to buy batteries?

It’s because they are free of charge.

Why is a recycling bin known to be full of optimism?

Because it is filled with cans.

Why is the Earth so calming?

Because it keeps everyone grounded.

Why is the Earth considered to be so wonderful?

Because it is incredibly well-rounded.

Why was the farmer found trying to plant a seed in his pond?

It is because he was attempting to grow a water-melon.

Why weren’t the flowers able to ride their bikes?

It’s because they had lost their petals.

How does a tree browse the internet?

It just logs in.

Who is known to be smarter than a talking parrot?

A spelling bee, of course.

What type of hair does an ocean possess?

Wavy hair.

Which is the type of bow that one can’t tie?

A rainbow.

Which game does a tornado love to play the most?


What did two lightning bolts say to each other?

They said, “You’re really shocking!”

What did one firefly hear from the other?

It heard, “Got to glow.”

How do bees travel in the rain?

By wearing their yellow jackets.

What would you call an event where worms rule over the universe?

It would be known as Global Worming.

What motto did Obi-Wan Kenobi utter to the trees on the occasion of Earth Day?

They said, “May the Forest be with you.”

Which beverage does a tree-like to drink?

It usually drinks root beer.

Who is the most popular fish in the world of oceans?

The starfish.

How does a whale get braces?

It visits the orca-dontist.

What is something that goes up as the rain comes down?

An umbrella.

How can you communicate with fishes?

You can do so by dropping them a line.

What did one tidepool get to hear from a fellow tidepool?

It said, “Show me your mussels.”

What type of greeting did the wave hear from the beach?

It said, “Long tide, no sea.”

How does a hurricane see?

By using one eye.

How did the shark plead in his court case?

It said, “Not gill-ty.”

Why was a fish found at the bottom of the sea?

Because it had dropped out of school.

Where do lobsters and crabs go to catch their trains?

King’s Crustacean.

Where does a seaweed go hunting for a job?

It gets a job by looking up the ‘Kelp Wanted!’ section.

What is the name of the seagulls who reside by the Bay?

They are called Bagels.

What do you provide as a reply when you are asked by the beach to walk on it?

You say, “Shore.”

What is a flower that can grow on a human’s face?


What kind of food do loggers consume in a forest?

They eat mac and trees.

What made the cucumber angry?

The cucumber was mad because it was in a pickle.

Why did the gardener choose to plant light bulbs?

Because he was hoping to grow a power plant.

How did one volcano confess its feelings to the other volcano?

It said, “I lava you.”

Why is the mushroom a great person to invite to gatherings and parties?

Because he is known to be a fungi.

What did the geologist hear from the limestone?

It said, “Don’t take me for granite.”

What is the type of water that can’t freeze?

Hot water, of course.

What is something that does not get hurt even though it falls every winter?



As you tell an Earth Day joke to your kids, it might spark their curiosity to learn more about the day and its history. Isn’t this a wonderful way to broaden their horizons and add to the knowledge they possess?

Watch them learn more about their planet and why saving it is imperative through these riddles and humorous bits. Check out the jokes and riddles listed above, and tell us which ones turned out to be your favorites.

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