OGX Beauty Pure and Simple to Repair Hair

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This winter has been brutal on my body, drying my skin, chapping my lips and causing havox on my hair. I can’t blame the cold, dry winter wind completely on my hair’s poor condition but it certainly hasn’t helped. To my surprise a simple shampoo and conditioner has made a difference.

I have tried a few products that promise to “restore” my hair but they usually make my hair feel so weighty afterward or they contain questionable ingredients. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who only uses all natural, organic, homemade ingredients though I have been spending more time lately thinking about the products I use and what they contain.

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OGX Beauty Pure and Simple isn’t a new brand. In fact they have a fairly extensive line of hair products and even a few body products (though I’m not sure if the whole line is available in Canada).

OGX Beauty Product Line

Image: OGX Beauty

I was invited to a preview event for three new products coming to the Canadian market in March 2015:

Extra Strength Aragan Oil of Morocco – An adaption of an OGX favourite, this formulation was developed to deliver intense nourishment and care to severely dry, damaged hair.

Moisture + Vitamin B5 – Improving your hair from the shaft with a dose of Vitamin B5 and ProVitamin B to rebuild the weak lipids, improve moisture and overall health and appearance of your hair.

Healing + Vitamin E – Know for its healing and restorative properties, Vitamin E infused products penetrate to hydrate your hair and create strength and elasticity.

OGX Beauty Product Event Preview

The three new product additions sound fabulous but the one I’m in love with at the moment has to be the Extra Strength Aragan Oil of Morocco. As it was pointed out to me during the preview event, adding vitamins to hair that may be too damaged can result in the vitamins being washed away when you rinse your hair.

I think that’s the case with my hair, not because I curl, colour or treat my hair but because I’ve just never really given it the care it deserves. I was interested in trying the Extra Strength formula though I wasn’t expecting too much to come of the new product on my hair.

OGX Beauty Product Event Morocco Extra Strength Hair

I was wrong.

Even after my first use I noticed the difference in my hair’s texture after drying. Each subsequent usage only helped. I was so impressed with the product I started to use it on my younger children’s hair.

Although I have not yet tried them, the Extra Strength line also has a Creamy Hair Butter and Miracle In-Shower Oil to treat your dry hair with a little luxury.

OGX Beauty Product Hairshot2

The shampoo was a much thicker formulation, similar to a conditioner, and both the shampoo and conditioner offer a rich, sulphate-free lather. That brings me to another great point, OGX “integrity of ingredients”. The products are paraban and SLS free, not tested on animals, and even the packaging is eco-friendly manufactured from materials containing recycled post-consumer resin.

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A product that repairs my neglected hair, takes its ingredients into consideration and is easily available (I found the brand at my local Shoppers Drug Mart) is a brand that every busy mom can enjoy when a trip to the salon isn’t in order.

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. This hair style tutorial is a lifesaver! Finally, I can achieve that salon-worthy look at home without spending hours in front of the mirror. Thank you for the step-by-step guide!

  2. I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed by the insights shared about OGX Beauty Pure and Simple’s hair repair products.

  3. I’ve been using shampoos and conditioning thats been drying my hair. I used this one day and my hair haven’t been shredding or drying. Thank so much

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