18 Products to Combat Dry Winter Skin

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This winter has been cold, so cold I can feel Mother Nature sucking all the moisture out of my skin every time I step outside. Since I’m not beach bound I’ve had to find other ways to deal with the cold. Here are 18 products I love for protecting my dry winter skin.

winter dryskin beauty lips

The Lips

Now that the Honest Company delivers to Canada I’ve been stalking up on their lip balm. This Organic Lip Balm Trio is perfect for slipping into the each of my kids’ backpacks.

Some days a simple lip balm doesn’t help when your lips are so dry they hurt. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 is a perfect solution. It feels like a protective shield on my lips.

Burt’s Bees proves that protecting your lips doesn’t have to be boring. I love the variety of subtle colours you can enjoy in their Tinted Lip Balms.

winter dryskin beauty body

The Body

I’ve always been a fan of Consonant Skincare’s natural body products. There isn’t one of their products I’ve tried that I haven’t liked and their Organic Body Lotion – Spearmint and Sage relieves my dry itchy skin on my legs without feeling greasy or tight.

Cake is another Canadian grown brand I love. Their Heavy Cream Intensive Body Balm is perfect for those really dry spots that winter seems to irritate most.

I was introduced to the Wild Prairie Soap Company at the One of a Kind Show. I bought a pack of natural soap samples for my youngest daughter’s fairy party and they were a hit. But the company produces more than just natural soap, like their Viva Vanilla Hand and Body Lotion for all over your winter skin.

winter dryskin beauty hands

The Hands

After my lips, my hands seem to suffer the most from winter dryness. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve instantly soothes my hands without any fru-fru scents or greasy feeling.

I love that SkinFix is another Canadian born brand (from my hometown of Halifax) but the power of their products I love even more. I tried their Body Repair Balm on my son’s chaffed hands and legs (from winter boots rubbing) and it went on without stinging, relieving his discomfort almost instantly. Their Baby Gentle Exzema Balm is also great and without nuts (idea for kids).

Our Junior Style Blogger is a big fan of Sephora so it was no surprise that she gave me a tube of their Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream over Christmas. I must admit I was surprised at how well it worked, making my hands feel soft right away, no slippery skin feel. For a limited time they also carry a scented variety of their cream.

winter dryskin beauty face

The Face

When I attended facial pop-up experience at Consonant Skincare they recommened their Hydrextreme for my dry skin. It’s amazing how dry skin can make your face look tired and dull, not what I expected dry sky to look like. Just add a drop or two to your favourite moisturizer (I’m using Consonant’s Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream for Dry Skin and work it in for added boost of moisture. You don’t need much and I don’t use it every day but it makes a huge difference.

I was introduced to Graydon at the Environmental Defence show. She incorporates Canadian grown ingredients in her product like the Rich Berry Cream to help build healthy skin cells for healthier skin.

USA made SkinCeuticals develops skin products backed by science. Their Emollience moisture cream is designed for cold and dry climates (i.e., Canadian winter) by restoring your skin’s moisure while absorbing quickly and evenly.

winter dryskin beauty feet

The Feet

Summer seems to be all about feet because we see them but winter can be hard on them too. Lush has a Fair Trade Foot Lotion to treat your feet.

Sometimes dry skin needs extra care and Zoe Organics (extreme cream) is packed with vitamins and premium organic ingredients to restore and nurture skin naturally. No added fragrances or essential oils makes it ideal for sensitive skin too.

Principess Beauty was brought to my attention thanks to a BeautyGram I received. Inside was a small tube of Pretty Piede and my feet just loved it. This is a wonderful lightly scented balm I apply just before going to bed.

winter dryskin beauty skin


Thanks to the folks at Fuzz Wax Bar for introducting me to Merben Dry Brush. Your skin is a living organism and a dry brush helps your body to remove dull dead skin and reveal fresh new skin underneath.

Le Bella Figura lets you enjoy a spa-like treatment at home with their Healing Facial Steam Tea bags. Healthy skin can combat winter’s cold a little easier and this steam of flowers, herbs, roots and spices is a nice way to give face a lift.

KOSMEA Australia is a great natural skincare line now available in Canada. I tried their products for my rosasea and loved them. Sometimes in the middle of the day your face can start to feel dry with the cold wind out side and the heat on inside. Kosmea Australia’s Hydrating Rosewater Mist is perfect just give your face a quick spritz for a midday moisture boost.

I may not be able to escape the cold, dry, and draining winter but with these products in my cabinet at least I’ll be able to deal with the weather until the spring thaw.

Sharing is Caring!

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