My Style. First Sewing Project

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As you know I was sent a sewing machine from Brother. I wrote about some beginner sewing projects I could try with my new machine . Through my after school sewing club I tried using my machine on my first own sewing projects.

 I thought making the pillow and zipper pouch would me more complicated to make, especially the zipper pouch with the different fabric and zipper, but it was not that hard. I thought it would take me a long time to actually use my sewing machine for a project because I did not know how to thread the sewing needle and the manual was very intimidating when I looked at it.

Luckily there were numbered steps right on the top of the Brother Innovis 40e sewing machine that we’re really easy to follow. I still use them now when adding new thread. I loved sewing but it was a bit frustrating at the beginning with putting the thread through the needle and following the steps. Things got easier when I used it more.

wedstyle brothersewing pillowproject

Over all I would definitely recommend the Brother xx sewing machine for someone who is just starting out because it’s pretty easy to set up and use. It is not just for beginners though, it dose have 50 other stitches you can choose from. Hopefully someday with practice I’ll be able to use some of these harder stitches on other projects.

wedstyle brothersewing closeupproject

Do you know how to sew? My mom doesn’t so she didn’t teach me. I’m sort of learning on my own. How did you learn?

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Sharing is Caring!

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