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Remember those days of carefree sex in the middle of the afternoon or taking a tumble in the living room or kitchen or anywhere other than the bedroom. Then kids came along. Sex may not be as spontaneous as it use to be but that doesn’t mean it has to be hum-drum either. We found some Fabulous items to help you turn up the heat in the bedroom. 

A Sexy Dare


If you’re looking to enhance your current sexual relationship with your partner or maybe you just need help on getting more out of your sexual experiences. Sex 365 Days I Dare You inspires you to try something different each day. Even if sex everyday isn’t realistic, you might find new ideas to move your relationship from tepid to hot. $18.00 Cdn

Play the Lotto


Play a little give and get with these scratch and win lotto tickets. Give a ticket to your sweetie to see what tonight’s reward will be with Love Lotto $13.50 Cdn. If you’re looking for something a little more adventerous try Sex Scratchers $13.50 Cdn. Take turns at giving and receiving with these fun tickets. You’ll both end up winners.

Sex by the Book


If you’re looking to enhance your current sexual relationship with your partner or maybe you just need help on getting more out of your sexual experiences, a book might help.

A long lasting relationship is more than just sex. The Book of Love mixes sexual topics (with graphic illustrations as a guide) along with areas on communication, flirting, everyday romance and more to give couples a guide on building a relationship that is secure and stimulating. $22.50 Cdn.

Sex educator Dr. Trina‘s book Till Sex do Us Part, talks to woman about their role and needs in making themselves and their relationship sexually fulfilling. Organized into bite-sized chunks, Dr. Trina’s book features tons of techniques and well-researched information for couples wanting to get their sex life back on track $15.85 Cdn Watch Dr. Trina’s video on EverythingMom, talking about her book and sex books in general.

Or start your own book. Raincoast BooksLove and Lust is a lockable journal for recording your own personal thoughts and fantasies. There are question prompts on the pages to get you delving into your sexier side: what’s a sexual secret you’ve never told anyone? What’s the sexiest garmet you ever wore on your body and what happened when you wore it? Keep your own diary or share your secrets with your mate. $23.95 Cdn.

Erotic Massage


Delight and surprise your partner with the techniques you’ll develop from viewing this detailed, live-action tutorial. Just add a little massage oil and you’re ready. Erotic Massage: The Touch of Love is highly rated by Dr. Trina as a way to add variety and excitement to your relationship, even if you only have 15 minutes. You can see her review video on EverythingMom for more information. $26.00 Cdn.

If videos are not your thing, try the Erotic Massage Deck. This large playing card set includes 50 sensual massage techniques to get you and your partner in the mood. Some are as simple as a back rub while others. like the Sentual Slide, get a little more erotic in nature. Each card has a simple line drawing on one side, with instructions and the benefits outlined on the backside. $17.95 Cdn.

Shower Sex


Just because you have kids in the house doesn’t mean your sex life has to be relegated to just the bedroom. Slip into the bathroom and lock the door for some fun shower sex. Lather-up with this vibrating sponge from Sex in the Shower. It has a waterproof channel where the bullet vibrator is hidden and the snug elastic strap fits over your hand so you can control where you use it. Great for couples or even on your own. $16.95 US. Watch Dr. Trina‘s EverythingMom video on the joys of shower sex and the variety of products you can use.



When you wear a great pair of shoes or a flattering dress your mood and self esteem take a jump up. The same is true in the bedroom. A sexy piece of lingerie can put you both in the mood. Sexy doesn’t have to mean corset and garters; A satin bra with little roses or a silky night dress or a soft camisole can be sexy if it makes you feel sexy. Nothing is more attractive to a partner than you feeling great about how you look. I discovered how important a good fitting bra can make you feel.

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