4 Products to Get You Hair-Free this Summer

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Yes, it seems the warmer weather is here to stay. The layers are coming off which for some means it is time to address the joy of hair removal. Whether you choose to wax or shave here are 4 products that may make hair removal a little easier.

Cosonant Skin Perfecting Body Scrub

After my first trip to Fuzz Wax Bar for my first brazillian I have never looked back but I’ve always had issues with exfoliating my skin between visits. Consontant Skincare has the perfect solution in their Skin Perfecting Body Scrub. The combination of sugar and salt offers a perfect mix of exfoliates that leaves your skin feeling nourished afterwards. Whether you wax or not this 100% natural product is a great addition to your skincare routine.


Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Perfect Temp Easy to Use Wax Strips

If you’re fed-up with shaving but don’t want to visit a waxing studio like Fuzz Wax, you can try an at home treatment. The Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Perfect Temp Easy to Use Wax Strips from Nair is just what it says, easy to use. No need to get messy with creams and warm wax. Massage the strip in your hand until the Nair logo fades then separate the two strips and apply. It is so easy even our Junior Style Blogger gave them a try. Of course it’s not pain-free but it’s mess-free and there’s no worries about burning your skin.


Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant

We all use deoderant of sorts. What if that product could also combat unwanted hair growth under your arms? That’s where Inhibitif’s Hair-Free Deoderant comes in. This isn’t a hair removal product but rather it works to diminish the size and thickness of the hair meaning thinner hair growth and less shaving. By applying to your underarm area twice a day for two months after your initial shave or wax treatment the hair will start to fade. I must admit I was skeptical until I tried it. The version I tried was unscented but I like the idea of the Key Lime Mint scent too. Inhibitif offers other products for the body and face as well as for men should your hair removal focus be somewhere else.


Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal can be an ongoing process (and cost). There are laser hair removal treatments but the high up front cost can make them a luxury treatment for many. Tria Beauty’s Laser Hair Removal device promises permanent hair removal in your own home for a far less cost investment. I haven’t tried this system (or laser hair removal in general) but it is an interesting promise. They have the Hair Removal Laser 4x for your entire body or for smaller more precision removal there’s the Hair Removal Laser Precision


Hair removal may be a cultural thing but I also find it to be a comfort thing. I’m looking forward to enjoying this summer with a little less unwanted hair.

Sharing is Caring!