First Waxing: Getting a Brazilian Waxing at The Fuzz Wax Bar

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We welcome the warmer weather with backyard BBQs, tropical drinks and going bare. Yes, donning of shorts and bathing suits means the shedding of hair. Like many women, I’ve gone through the ritual of shaving in order to sport the shorts but this time I was going to take the plunge. I was going for my first waxing. And if waxing my legs for the first time wasn’t enough, I decided to bare all for a Brazilian.

If you read my piece on getting naked, you know I’m a little self-conscious of my body when it’s exposed and for my first waxing (and Brazilian) exposure is hard to avoid. A stranger would now be focusing on parts of me only my husband and family doctor have seen.

Finding a place that offers waxing services isn’t a difficult task in most cities — many spa facilities offer it as one of the services on their menu — but when you’re talking about messing with your lady bits you want to make sure the place you go to knows their stuff. A waxing bar, like the Fuzz Wax Bar in Toronto, offers its clientele waxing and waxing only. When a company only does one thing you know they’re going to do it well.

Fuzz Wax Bar Owners Jessica Frampton and Florence Gaven, although not trained wax specialists themselves, are both self-proclaimed wax fanatics. They take great pride in finding the best staff to service their client’s waxing needs, hiring people with the right qualifications but also those who really love waxing.

When you think about the whole process of waxing, you can understand my apprehension. We’re talking about using wax to rip the hairs from your body, like removing a Band-Aid from your skin, over and over again. It’s not a painless procedure but Tasha, a 10-year veteran to waxing and the expert hands in which I entrusted my lady parts, offered a few tips to help cut down on your discomfort:

  • Have a warm shower. This helps opens the skin’s pores, making it easier for the hair to be removed
  • Exfoliate. Your skin is always shedding and exfoliating helps remove dead skin, making it smoother and avoiding ingrown hairs
  • Take an Advil (or two). Just like when you gave your kids medication before their booster shots, an Advil may help dull the pain a little if taken before your visit.

Along with what you should do, Tasha also stressed what you should NOT do before your visit. Avoid having a cocktail or even a coffee. Although these may comfort you before hand, coffee and alcohol can dehydrate you and dry skin can lead to a more painful waxing experience.

So there I was, in one of the three small but bright and airy treatment rooms at the Fuzz Wax Bar, stripping everything off from the waist down. Tasha provided me with some baby wipes to freshen-up prior to my Bazillion and a towel to place over my midsection while lying on the table.

Tasha’s relaxed and friendly personality put me at ease. We talked about what to expect as well as the importance of moms paying more attention to their inner woman (something I often forget or put off). And then the fun began.

Tasha actually started with my legs versus my Bazillion, which is often the first thing tackled when waxing multiple areas. As this was my first waxing she didn’t want to jump in with what could be the most painful portion of the experience. This illustrates another benefit to having a treatment done at a specialized wax bar like the Fuzz Wax Bar; they take into consideration their customers and don’t just go through the motions, following a number chart of waxing steps.

The Fuzz Wax Bar’s professionally trained wax specialists use a unique method designed to be as pain-free and speedy as possible, leaving the skin smooth and hair-free for longer.

If it wasn’t for the ripping part, the actual wax itself was nice – warm and relaxing. But that feeling was short lived when the cloth was applied and yanked off, hair and all. Even though there was some pain, in Tasha’s expert hands the discomfort was minimal. I found that even on my more sensitive (and fleshier) thighs, that pain was over almost as quickly as it started, only to have the next area on my leg attacked. Don’t get me wrong, there were some teeth clenching moments, but not as many as I was expecting.

Then it was time for my first Brazilian.

I’m a bit of an introvert, I like to keep to myself, but sometimes talking is a great distraction and having hard wax applied and ripped from my vulva and labia (yes, a Brazilian gets up close and personal), distraction is what I needed. When getting waxed, it’s recommended the hair you are removing be about a quarter inch in length. This gives something for the wax to grip onto. As this was my first Brazilian, hair length wasn’t an issue and for first time visitors, the Fuzz Wax Bar will trim before hand at no additional charge. It seems there’s such a thing as too much hair too.

Due to the delicate nature of doing a Brazilian, a hard wax is used versus a liquid wax. This is pressed on in small strips and then pulled off. I braced myself and some of the waxing was a little painful but not nearly as painful as I had imagined. I actually thought the Brazilian was easier to take then waxing my legs but I also think I have a very high pain tolerance (I do have three kids remember).

Tasha made quick work of removing all the hair everywhere. I was really impressed with how efficient she was with the whole waxing ordeal. Considering what I was in for, there was only one real awkward moment, the position of holding my knees up close to my chest so Tasha could get all areas for my first Brazilian but her speediness meant I wasn’t in that position for very long. Other humiliating scenarios or stances (such as doggy-style) were avoided completely.

I’ve never understood why something as straightforward as a wax took almost an hour to complete and came with such a high price tag,” said Gaven. “By focusing on a single service, we are able to keep our prices affordable while making sure we excel at what we do. No one wants to spend 45 minutes getting hair ripped off their bodies”

And the Fuzz Wax Bar certainly lived up to their speedy promise. I would recommend doing a little stretching before your waxing appointment. I did have to bend my legs out or over in some deep stretch-like routines. At least I was limber and hair-free at the end of my appointment.

After Tasha rubbed my newly hair-free legs with lotion to hydrate them (she instructed me to do the same on my lady bits after she left the room), I stood for a second to stare at my hairless self and I must admit IT looked different. It’s funny, you would think at my age I wouldn’t be surprised by things but I though I looked a little odd without my furry coating, odd but pleased.

Originally I thought of waxing and getting a Brazilian as a form of convenience and comfort (avoiding the shaving hassle and the pubic hair peek in the swimsuit) but after seeing myself naked in the mirror I realized that there was a sexual aspect to a Brazilian too. By that I mean, the relationship you have with your partner. I told my husband before my visit what I had planned to do but if I hadn’t, seeing me in my new state could have been a bit of a surprise. Change can be good and as Dr. Trina points out in this podcast, Penis versus Vagina, having a personal connection and appreciation for your vulva can give you more sexual confidence which ultimately can lead to more sexual satisfaction. Hmmm, that’s a whole other side I never considered to getting your first Brazilian.

Getting use to my new look, I was expecting to see beautiful smooth legs, like in those razor commercials. Perhaps it was my naivety, this being my first waxing and all, but the reality was that a few waxing treatments were needed to achieve that look. By waxing regularly, the hair gradually lightens and thins out, giving you that super soft leg look. To encourage customers to keep up their waxing regularly, the Fuzz Wax Bar offers a membership program. Depending on your needs, you could sign up for different monthly plan. You monthly cost will easily be recouped by each wax visit and there are other benefits too, such as getting a reminder email to schedule your next appointment (something I need), free trimming, free wax during your birthday month, as well as other perks. 

It’s been a few weeks and I haven’t had any issues resulting from my waxing experience, including my Brazilian. The Fuzz Wax Bar recommends exfoliating regularly to avoid ingrown hairs (this is especially true with a Brazilian). I have been doing my due diligence and still liking my new look. Now with my membership, I’m already looking forward to my next waxing visit to The Fuzz Wax Bar. How many people do you know have said that?

Thanks to the folks at The Fuzz Wax Bar for more waxing treatment for the purpose of writing this piece.

Sharing is Caring!

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