Kosmea for My Rosacea

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As children we inherit many family traits. Some we love like eye colour, hair texture, or temperament while others we may not cherish so much. For me it is a slight case of Rosacea. I always felt it was just my skin tone and I have just lived with it but as I get older my skin doesn’t hide this issue as well. Enter Kosmea’s Rose Hip Oil.

According to Kosmea’s site, “Rose hip oil is like a multivitamin for your skin: rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that are essential for skin health”.

Along with helping to regenerate your skin cells, Kosmea’s Rose Hip Oil is reportedly good for improving the look of burns, scars and wrinkles on your skin. My hope was that it would help address the redness on my face.

skincare Rosacea rosehip oil Kosmea discovery kit

I was sent a sample of the Kosmea Rose Hip Oil in the Kosmea Discover Collection from Abundance Naturally in Canada. After washing my face in the morning I added a few drops of the Kosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil onto my checks and chin. At first I was worried as the orange tinge in the oil seemed to make the redness on my face more obvious but after I finished getting ready in the morning this had passed. Massaging the oil into my face offered a warm sensation but that could have just been from the act of rubbing the oil. Skeptical at first I was surprised to notice less redness on my cheeks and chin after a few days of using the Kosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil every morning. Even my oldest daughter commented. Of course this isn’t a cure and I still get flushed cheeks easily but on days when its not aggravated the redness isn’t as prominent.

Although I was using the pure rose hip oil for a specific reason, the other Kosmea products included in the Discovery Kit are based around the organic rose hip oil making them ideal for overall conditioning of your skin.

skincare Rosacea kosmea products1

I loved the Clarifying Fascial Wash in the morning and the Purifying Cream Cleanser in the evening. After a routine of washing my face and adding the organic rose hip oil on my chin and cheeks, I always ended my routine with the Replenishing Moisture Cream. It didn’t take much and it wasn’t greasy on my skin, just keeping it hydrated. I think keeping my skin hydrated also helped on calming the Rosacea redness on my skin too.

I’m sort of glad the Daily Facial Exfoliant is designed for daily use because I loved using this regularly. Massaging this in, feeling the combination of ground rose hips and kaolin clay working on removing dead skin and impurities. I only wish the kit came with a larger size. You’ll also find a Hydrating Rose Water Mist in the kit but I always forget to use this.

Although I was really interested in the Kosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil for my skin condition the Discovery Kit gave me a chance to discover the other great products from Kosmea. Even if you don’t have a specific skincare issues, like my trouble with Rosacea, all Kosmea’s products are based around the organic rose hip oil that will work on replenishing and repairing your skin from every day living.

With your favourites picked out you can then buy full sized versions. The problem will be deciding what products to add to your skincare routine.

Sharing is Caring!