35 Name that Means Red for Boys and Girls

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Is red your favorite color? Do you want to give your newborn a name that holds the meaning of red?

Look no further, as you have landed on the right page!

Red is a color of authority and confidence. It exudes a bold personality. And did you notice how gorgeous you look whenever you wear something red?

It always makes you stand out and gets you all the attention of the world! The same goes for red names. They are super pretty, sound amazing, and never fail to gather eyeballs.

If you want your little one to become a person full of confidence, charm, and boldness, going for a name with the meaning name would be a good start.

Also, red names will suit your baby the most if they are born with red hair, complexion, or cheeks.

Now, as a fellow mom to a toddler, I know how exciting as well as draining it can be to look for the best name for your little bundle of joy. And so, I have tried to make this entire process easier for you.

I have come up with a comprehensive list of the most stunning names that mean red.

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The Best Names That Mean Red

There are so many things that parents look at while finding the perfect names for their kiddos. While some parents like names with a specific meaning or origin, some have a specific letter in their mind.

Things become easier when you know what you want. If you are someone who has a special kind of liking for red names, this article is for you.

Read on!

Girl Names That Mean Red

Girl Names That Mean Red

Have you given birth to a baby girl lately? Do you want to give her a name that brings out her bold personality?

Going for names with the meaning red would be a good thing to do. And for that, I have listed down the most gorgeous girl names for your little princess here!

  • Afra

Many parents feel that giving a religious name to their babies will always keep them protected by God and that they will have a devoted nature.

If you think the same and are looking for a name that is religious but sounds modern at the same time, Afra is the name for you.

While some say it has Arabic roots, others believe that it originated from the Hebrew language. If you have read the Book of Micah, you will know that Afra is the name of a biblical place.

It holds the meaning of whitish red or dust. You can choose between Aphara and Aphrah as well.

  • Burgundy

Do you like sipping from your wine bottle every now and then? How about you name your little one something similar to your love for wine?

Burgundy is one such name. It sounds super gorgeous with English roots. It stands for a deep red color. Also, there is a wine-producing region in the country of France that is known as Burgundy.

It is a unique name that will fit your Zen Z kiddo perfectly.

  • Chizuki

I’m fascinated by the beauty of the moon, so much so that I can look at it for hours and still be mesmerized. If you have a similar kind of liking for the moon, you can name your baby Chizuki.

This name sounds super cute with its Japanese roots. And it translates to a red moon.

The red moon stands for the lunar eclipse when the Moon enters the shadow of the Earth and becomes red in color.

  • Dandan

Dandan sounds very refreshing and youthful to the ears. It was highly popular during the 80s and 90s.

It originated from the Chinese language and comes with the meaning red. It mostly refers to the early morning sky when the sun starts rising, and there is a beautiful red-orange hue in the sky.

A famous personality with this name is Song Dandan. She is a skit and sitcom actress from China.

  • Flanna

Flanna is a unique name for your baby girl. It sounds musical and has a girlish vibe to it.

It stems from the word Flann, which has Irish roots and holds the meaning of crimson or blood red. Is your girl a redhead? Then Flanna would suit her the most.

The best nickname that goes with this name is Lana.

  • Ginger

If you are an old soul and looking for a name that has an old-school vibe to it, Ginger would be a good name.

It sounds cute. While some say that it has Sanskrit roots, others believe that it has English roots. It was a hit name for girls in the United States in the 60s and 70s. It was especially given to girls with red hair.

Ginger holds the meaning of horn body and was carried by Ginger Rogers. She was very popular as a singer, dancer, and actress in the old days of Hollywood.

  • Humayra

Do you have an Islamic heritage? Or are you looking for a Muslim name? Then Humayra would be a good name for your baby girl.

Prophet Muhammad would call his wife Aisha by this nickname as she had rosy cheeks, and Humayra translates to red.

It originated in the Arabic language.

  • Kurenai

Japanese names are cute to pronounce. And Kurenai is one such name of Japanese origin.

Earlier, it was used as a term to describe a bright red dye that was extracted from the plant of safflower. But later, people started to use it as a name for girls.

It has a bold vibe to it that will suit your freedom-loving and daring daughter. It holds the meaning of crimson.

  • Lali

This name has multiple origins. While some say Lali has Catalan roots, some say it originated in the Sanskrit language, and then there are others who say it came from the Georgian language.

It has a playful vibe to it and sounds super youthful. It stands for many people’s favorite red gemstone, ruby, which is well known for being durable.

A famous personality with this name is Lali Esposito. She is a model, dancer, actress, and singer from Argentina.

  • Miaka

If cuteness is what you are looking for in a name, Miaka is the name for you!

It originated in the Japanese language and is made up of two words: mi and aka. While the former word stands for beautiful, the latter stands for vermilion red or bright.

Go for this name if you want your baby girl to grow up a bright and bold young woman.

  • Piroska

If you want your daughter to carry such a unique name that she will have very few chances to meet another girl with the same name in her life, you can choose the name Piroska for her.

This sweet name stems from the word piros, which has Hungarian roots. It holds the meaning of red. A good nickname that will go with this name is Piri.

  • Roisin

Are you a romantic at heart? Do you want your baby to be the epitome of beauty, courage, and romance?

Then Roisin is the name for you!

This name originated in Ireland and can be associated with one of Ireland’s most famous political songs, namely Roisin Dubh.

It holds the meaning of a rose. If you are looking for a less popular version of this name, you can go for Rosheen.

  • Sherry

The name Sherry has a stylish vibe to it. While some say that it has French roots, others believe that it originated in the Spanish language.

Did you know that a town in Spain is known as Jerez?

Most people believe that Sherry, which is a kind of fortified wine, is named after that. It holds the meaning of darling and red fortified wine.

This name comes with several other variations, including Sherrie, Sherri, Sherie, Sheri Sheree, and Shari.

Sherry rocked the chart of popular girls’ names in America during the 60s, 50s, and 40s.

Boy Names That Mean Red

Boy Names That Mean Red

Are you blessed with a baby boy? Do you want to give him a name that stands for the color red?

The following is a list of the most awesome names for boys. Choose the one that you think would best suit your little one!

  • Adam

Adam is one of the most popular boy names of all time in the USA. It is the first choice for mostly religious parents looking for traditional names.

If you have read the Bible, you already know that Adam was the name of the first man in it. It stems from the Hebrew word adom or adaman. While the former word means red, the latter means ground. It refers to the fact that God created Adam from the Earth’s dust.

You can choose a less popular option, Adem as well.

  • Carmine

Carmine has a beautiful masculine, radiating, and lyrical charm that you can’t help but notice.

It means crimson, referring to the dark red pigment that people use to make blush, ink, color paint, and so on.

It has multiple roots. Some say it’s Persian, some say, French, some say Latin, and then there are others who believe that it originated from the English language.

It was at its highest peak of popularity between 1900 and 1970.

  • Edom

If you are looking for a classical biblical name, Edom would be a good option to go for.

It stems from the word adom, which has Hebrew roots. According to the Old Testament, the name of Isaac’s elder son was Esau. But sometimes, he was called Edom – all thanks to the fact that when he was born, he was “red all over.”

Edom translates to red.

  • Flanagan

Are you looking for a strong and traditional name that can make your boy stand out? How about the name Flanagan?

O’Flannagain is a traditional surname of the Irish people, and the name Flanagan comes from it. It has English roots and holds the meaning of blood red.

  • Gough

Gough is such a unique name, I must say! It comes with a classic vibe that makes it appealing to parents looking for rare names.

It is a Welsh nickname that is mostly given to guys who are born with red hair. It stems from the word coach, which means red. Also, some say that it originated from the Irish language.

A famous personality with this name is Gough Whitman. He was the 21st Prime Minister of Australia, who is well-known for his forward-thinking and progressive policies.

  • Harkin

If you are into strong names, Harkin is an option for you. It sounds like the name of some masculine hot guy.

It stems from the word O’Hearcain, a surname Gaelic people use. While some say it originated from the English language, some say it came from the Scottish language, others believe that it has Irish roots.

It holds the meaning of red blood.

  • Kapil

Kapil is a traditional name with a cool vibe. It stems from the word kapi, which translates to monkey and has its roots in the Sanskrit language.

It refers to the reddish-brown hair of monkeys. According to Mahabharata, the Hindu epic, Kapil is the name of a sage who stands for an end to animal cruelty by arguing against sacrifices made to God by killing animals.

If you want your son to grow up as an animal lover, you can give him the name Kapi. Another variation of this name is Kapila.

  • Leroux

The name Leroux sounds posh, with its origin in the French language.

There is an Old French word, “ros,” and people say Leroux is taken from that word. Earlier, it was used as a nickname given to boys who wore red clothes, had a ruddy complexion, or were born with red hair.

It holds the meaning of red.

  • Mars

We all know that Mars is a planet. But did you know that it is used as a name for boys, too?

Well, yes. It is true that Mars doesn’t directly mean red as it means male, but it has a close association with Mars, the Red Planet. And that is what made it have its place on this list of red names!

According to Roman mythology, the God of war was Mars. He was completely into the blood of battle and liked violence.

  • Pyrrhus

If you want your son to have a strong personality and are looking for a badass name, Pyrrhus is the name for you.

It originated from the Greek word pyr, which translates to fire. According to Greek mythology, Neoptolemus was also called Pyrrhus. He was the Achilles’ son, well-known for his flaming red hair.

Pyrrhus holds the meaning of flame-colored or red and can suit your son’s fiery personality really well.

  • Radley

Radley sounds a lot like Bradley to me!

It stems from the Old English word redleah, which translates to red meadow. Earlier, it was a name given to people who lived near an open field.

This cute and friendly name holds the meaning of a red field. You can choose between Radlie, Radleigh, and Radlee as well.

  • Sohrab

Sohrab has a regal vibe to it, and it sounds like the name of some masculine guy. It originated from the Persian language.

According to Shahnameh, the Persian epic Sohrab was the name of the hero Rostam’s son. He was killed by his father in a battle as the latter didn’t know that it was his son he was fighting against.

Sohrab is a great name choice for parents who like tragic names. It holds the meaning of redwater. You can choose between Zukhrab as well.

  • Wapasha

Wapasha is an exotic name that has an earthy vibe to it. It can be a good name for your son if you want him to have a love for the natural world.

It has its roots in the Dakota culture and has been carried by many Dakota chiefs of all time.

This Native American name stems from the combination of two words, wahpe, and sa. While the former word translates to leaf, and the latter translates to red.

  • Zurab

The names that start with the letter “Z” have a certain sexiness to them. And the name Zurab is no exception to it.

It stems from the Georgian language and is the Georgian version of the name Sohrab, which has Persian roots.

It holds the meaning of redwater and was once one of the most popular names in Georgia.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Red

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Red

If you believe in gender neutrality and want to choose a unisex name for your baby boy or girl, this section is for you!

Scroll through my list of the best red unisex names here!

  • Aruna

Aruna can be a good name for your daughter or son if you have Hindu heritage. It originated in the Sanskrit language.

According to Hindu mythology, Aruna is the name of a charioteer. He takes the sun god Surya on a ride across the sky.

Earlier, the name Aruna was mostly carried by men. But now, it is used by females as well. It holds the meaning of dawn and reddish brown.

  • Clancy

Clancy is a pretty name that sounds much like a name for girls, but it is carried by boys, too – all thanks to its unisex nature.

It is taken from a surname in the Irish language. Sometimes, it is also used as a nickname for the name Clarence. It holds the meaning of a red warrior.

A famous personality with this name is Clancy Brown. He is an actor from America who played many villainous roles.

  • Fox

Fox can be the one if you want to give your baby boy a short and clever name!

This three-letter name doesn’t have a direct connection with the meaning of red. But it is mostly given to guys and girls who are born with red hair. Also, you can use it as a nickname too.

This modern name can be perfect for your animal-loving son or daughter.

  • Garnet

Did you know that Garnet is a gorgeous red gem that people use as the month of January’s birthstone?

And it has been used as a name for ages. It reached its peak popularity as a girl’s name in the 1910s, after which it was given to boys as well.

Garnet has a vintage charm that is hard to ignore. It originated in the English language and holds the meaning of dark red. You can go for the spelling Garnett, too.

  • Kamala

Kamala is a cute name that is given to girls as well as boys. It has a certain soothing vibe to it, making it a great option for parents looking for calm names.

According to Hindu mythology, Kamale is the other name for Goddess Lakshmi. She is the goddess of beauty, youth, good fortune, and wealth.

Kamala has Sanskrit roots and holds the meaning of lotus or pale red. A famous personality with this name is Kamala Harris. She is the USA’s first female vice president.

  • Qiong

Chinese names sound cute to the ears – all thanks to how they are pronounced! And the name Qiong is no exception to it.

Both boys and girls can use the name Qiong. According to ancient China, jade was the most precious stone. It was closely associated with moral integrity, beauty, and purity. If you want your little one to have all these traits, you can choose to give them this name.

Qiong translates to red jade.

  • Rowan

Rowan is a stylish name that comes with a serene vibe. It has its roots in the Irish language and holds the meaning of red.

According to Celtic Folklore, there is a tree with red berries that is known as Rowan. People believe that this tree has the power to protect them from witchcraft.

Rowan translates to red. You can choose between Rowanne, Rowen, and Ruadhan as well.

  • Tokino

Tokino is a sweet unisex Japanese name that comes with the meaning of red moon.

But it has many other possible meanings, such as dawn field, vermilion heron, time field, and so on, depending on how you use the kanji symbols.


Red is one of my favorite colors that stands for a bold personality. If you want your little sunshine to have a personality that makes them stand out from the crowd, names that mean red would be one of the best things to do.

So, tell me, which of these names did you like the most? Have you shortlisted them yet?

I would love to know in the comments!

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