42 Exotic Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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Are you blessed with a little princess? Are you looking for the best name that will suit her?

Well, first, congratulations! Getting to be a parent is a feeling that can’t be described in words.

From knowing that you have a baby inside you and nurturing the little life for nine long months to bringing them into this world and holding them for the first time – there is nothing more miraculous and wonderful than you can ever experience.

When you bring the little version of yourself and your partner into this world, you already have a new responsibility of choosing a name for her. And that is quite a task, I must say!

I spent months selecting the perfect name for my baby girl, and from my experience, you may end up loving multiple names. And then zeroing in on that one name can take a lot of your energy, time, and of course, disagreements with your partner!

Do you have a soft corner for exotic, unique names that give you the feel of fresh air, sea, beaches, and sand?

Then you can narrow your name search and look only for exotic names for your baby girl.

You know, there is something about exotic names we all love, no matter our culture, faith, or country.

So, check my list of the best exotic baby girl names!

Exotic Baby Girl Names

Exotic Baby Girl Names

Girls are born beautiful, no matter their caste and country. Just like every other person, they are beautiful in their way.

Choosing the right name for them can take time and effort, as there are tons of names out there that are equally impressive, and you may have a hard time selecting THE ONE name.

When it comes to exotic names, the first images that come to mind are pristine beaches, sand, and the deep blue sea – something Hawaiian, right?

Here, I have compiled a list of some of the most exotic names for your baby girl. So, please sit back, relax, and scroll through my list until you find a matching name for your little sunshine.

  • Aiday

I have a thing for the moon, and my little one loves the moon too. If you, too, have a liking for the moon, you can choose a name that resembles it.

Aiday is one such name for you. It is rooted in Kazakh and means “a moon child.”

Isn’t the meaning amazing?

  • Adina

The name sounds melodious, and you feel good while pronouncing it. It has its roots in Hebrew and means delicate.

Did you know that Adina is considered a Romanian name too? And it is a variation of the name Ada.

  • Benoite

It’s such a romantic name! And why won’t it be? It has its roots in the French language, after all.

In the 18th century, this name was widely used in France. Also, now you can find many girls with this name.

It means “blessed.” So, it can be a great name for your baby girl if you see her happy.

  • Braulia

This name sounds like the name of a strong girl. It has its roots in the Spanish language.

A famous personality with this name is Braulia. It holds the meaning of radiant, perfect for your jolly girl. At the age of 20, she was in the French Resistance.

  • Carminia

Can you ignore the charm of the name Carminia?

It has its roots in the Roman language. It can be a great name if you are romantic or like songs or poems.

It comes with the meaning of a poem or song.

  • Carina

Our kids are the closest person to our hearts, right? We can do anything and everything for their happiness, no matter how difficult it is for us as parents. And we want people around us to love them like we do.

The Latin name Carina symbolizes that, as it means “beloved” or “dear.”

Did you know a constellation in the Southern sky has the name Carina too?

  • Dorit

We parents consider our kids to be blessings from God. And in my case, I see my baby as a miracle. Of course, there is a little history behind that.

The name Dorit has its roots in Denmark. You can choose Dolly, Dora, and Dorothy if you like the name but want a variation. All these names sound sweet.

Dorit holds the meaning of a gift from God.

  • Dagny

When you become a mother, a new phase of your life starts. You begin to care and take full responsibility for a baby who becomes your heart.

Dagny means a new day, just like your baby marks the start of your new mom’s life.

It has its roots in the Norse language.

  • Elham

Elham is not a common name. It has its roots in the Persian language. For many parents, their kids are their muse. It’s especially true for parents who are into writing poems.

Do you want your kid to grow up as someone who can inspire others with their words and good deeds?

Elham is a good name option for you, as it means inspiration.

  • Esthitru

My baby is the shining star of my life. Do you have the same feeling about your little girl? How about giving her a name that carries the meaning of a star?

Esthitru is the name for you!

It sounds exotic and has its roots in the Church Slavonic language.

  • Fleurette

Are you into uncommon names that very few people use? How about the name Fleurette?

What I like the most about this name, apart from its sweetness, is its meaning.

 It means flower, and you know how beautiful flowers are, right? 

I must admit that I learned of this name only recently, but I loved it. By the way, it has a Dutch origin.

  • Freyde

Only a handful of people in the world carry this exotic name. It’s used mostly by people residing in western Ukraine and southeastern Poland.

If you want your baby girl to have all the happiness in the world, you can give her the name Freyde. It holds the meaning of joy.

  • Godiva

This name has a sense of authority. If you want your girl to grow up fierce, bold and be the leader of people, you can go for this powerful name.

It carries the meaning of a gift from God. And your girl is no doubt a gift from the Almighty, right?

  • Hawise

This exotic name has its roots in the Medieval English language. Many Medieval French women were given this beautiful name.

If you have a French heritage or want to honor a French family member, Hawise can be a good name choice.

It holds the meaning of battle wood.

  • Harolin

Do you want your baby girl to grow up all strong? Do you want her to lead 

others? Then 

Harolin is a good name for her.

It has its roots in Spanish and holds the meaning of army leader. It is the female version of the name Harold.

  • Ilona

Ilona is such a feminine name! It sounds delicate and lyrical at the same time.

It can be a good name for your girl if you want her to be happy throughout her life and want her to spread happiness wherever she goes.

It holds the meaning of joy. According to Hungarian folklore, the Queen of Fairies carried the name Ilona.

  • Ime

Are you into short and sweet names? How about the name Ime?

It has its roots in the Ibibio language.

In this modern world, we lack patience. Do you want your girl to have patience when she grows up?

This name can be a good fit for her. Also, if you have waited for a long time to conceive this baby girl, Ime can be a good name option.

It holds the meaning of patience.

  • Jocosa

Do you want your child to have a good sense of humor when she grows up? Do you want her to be able to make people laugh?


Jocosa could be a good name for her.

It has its roots in the English language and means “playful.”

Some other variations of this name are Jocose and Jocular.

  • Kaimana

Our kids are the most precious things to us, just like diamonds. And the name Kaimana signifies just that.

It has a musical tone that adds to its gorgeousness. It has its roots in the Hawaiian language, the land of seas and beaches.

  • Kartini

Indonesia has been on my travel bucket list for quite some time now. I’m so drawn towards the beautiful beaches and mountains that the country has – all thanks to Instagram reels!

And when it comes to names, Indonesian names are supremely exotic. They are uncommon and have an undeniable charm to them.

Kartini is one such name of Indonesian origin. It holds the meaning of “act.”

The 21st of April is celebrated as Kartini Day in Indonesia, as it is the birthday of R.A. Kartini, a famous Indonesian women’s rights activist.

  • Keava

The name Keava is unique and has a certain sense of sweetness. If you want your daughter to be kind and compassionate to everyone, you can give her this name.

It has its roots in the Scottish and Irish languages and means kind, gentle, and beautiful.

  • Leone

Do you want your girl to be strong and fierce when she grows up?

Give her the name Leone. This name sounds sweet, but it has a powerful vibe to it. And the meaning of the name is also a powerful beast, the lion.

  • Leilani

This name has such an exotic charm to it!

It sounds sweet to the ears and has a sense of femineity. No wonder this beautiful name has its roots in the Hawaiian language.

Leilani holds the meaning of a royal child.

  • Maeve

Are you into mythology? Or are you looking for exotic names that are mythological at the same time?

Maeve is the name for you.

It holds the meaning of “intoxicating.”

  • Marise

Do you want your baby girl to spread love wherever she goes? And do you want her to be loved by everyone?

Marise is the name for you!

The name has a romantic vibe, as it is rooted in French. It carries the beautiful meaning of love.

  • Nandita

Do you have an Indian heritage? Or do you like Indian names?

Nandita is the name for you!

This name has its roots in the Indian language. A famous personality with this name is Nandita Swetha. She is a popular Indian actress and has done many award-winning roles.

Nandita holds the meaning of joy.

  • Nanea

Isn’t this name super cute? It is of Hawaiian origin.

I’m a mom to a toddler, and every day I’m fascinated by what my little one does every day! And I know I’ll never stop being amazed by what my baby girl does, no matter how old she is.

I’m sure it’s the same for every mother out there. And so, naming your girl Nanea would be great. It holds the meaning of fascinating, after all.

  • Odette

I’m fond of French names as I like that country a lot. And the name Odette has the French language as its roots, which is why I like this name even more.

Odette has a posh vibe, and if you are into literature, you might have already come across this elegant name in Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. It was the name of the princess there.

  • Oriana

No matter how much you love gold, your kid is the most valuable to you. The name Oriana signifies that.

It has its roots in the Italian language and is used by people living in Spain. It carries the meaning of gold.

  • Philomel

If you are into music and musical instruments, you would already know what philomel is. For the uninitiated, it is a musical instrument first made in the 19th century in Munich, Germany.

This instrument is much like a violin in shape and size.

Philomel, as a name, has its roots in the English language and means nightingale.

  • Rohesia

Do you want your daughter to be famous when she grows up?

Rohesia can be a good name option for her. Some other variations of this name include Rose and Rohese.

Rohesia has old English and Latin origin and means “A Woman who is like a famous horse.”

  • Rathnait

This name sounds a bit masculine, but it is used for girls. If you have an Irish heritage and prefer Irish names that are exotic at the same time, Rathnait can be the name for you.

This name is very rare, and your kid may be the only one carrying this name in her school. The meaning of this name is grace and prosperity – perfect for your graceful girl.

  • Salome

Salome has its roots in the Portuguese language. It has a certain regal vibe to it. And if you are religious and looking for a name with at least some sort of religious connection, this is the name for you.

According to the Bible, a woman named Salome dances for King Herod. Her performance so blew him away that he promised to give her whatever she asked for. The king kept his promise and delivered her head on a platter. Salome asks for John the Baptist’s head.

This powerful name means peace.

  • Saoirse

As a mother, I want to give my girl all the freedom she wants so that she can do whatever her heart desires.

If you think the same for your child and want her to have freedom throughout her life, you can give her a name that mirrors that.

Saoirse is one such name. This exotic name has its roots in the Gaelic language and comes with the meaning of freedom. It is a popular name in the US.

  • Shikoba

It’s a unique name perfect for parents looking for unusual names.

Shikoba has its roots in the Choctaw language and holds the meaning of feather. Did you know that Shikoba Bride is the name of a company in Britain?

They specialize in white wedding dresses and bohemian-style gowns.

  • Signy

I want my kid to succeed in whatever she does, whether big or small. And I’m sure all parents think the same for their kids.

The name Signy means “new victory.”

 It has its origin in Norwegian culture.

According to an ancient Norse story, Signy was the name of a woman who married a king reluctantly. Later, the king kills all her family members, excluding her twin brother. When the twin conspires to kill the king by putting him on fire, Signy enters the fire as she wants to die with him.

  • Tatiana

Different people have different thoughts regarding the roots of the name Tatiana. While some say that it has its roots in the Ancient Roman language, others say that it is a name of Russian origin.

No matter the origin of this name, you can’t ignore the beauty of this name. It can be a great fit for your daughter if you want to give her an exotic name with a musical tone.

  • Tierney

Do you know what the beauty of this name is?

It can be given to both girls and boys.

Tierney has its roots in the English language. It is taken from the boy’s name Tighearnach which originates in Irish culture.

It will fit your daughter perfectly if you want her to be a leader of people. It has the meaning of lord.

  • Vincenza

I find Italian names to be supremely sexy!

And the name Vincenza is no exception to it. It reminds me of the Korean series on Netflix named Vincenzo, where the very handsome Song Joong-ki plays the lead male character.

Do you want your little girl to be a successful person?

Vincenza would be a good fit for her as a name, as it translates to “to conquer.”

  • Yente

This exotic name has its roots in the Yiddish language. Isn’t the name cute as a button?

Well, I can’t ignore the cuteness a short name carries. It comes with the meaning of aristocratic and noble.

It is taken from “gentile,” which is a French word with the meaning of noble and refined.

  • Yohana

Have you been able to conceive after many complications? Are you grateful to God and want to praise him through your baby’s name?

How about the name Yohana?

This name oozes simplicity and elegance! It holds the meaning of “god is gracious.” If you want, you can choose the spelling Yohanna as well.

Johan or John is a common name for boys. And Yohana is the female version of it.

  • Zuri

There is something special about the names that start with the letter “z.” Well, at least for me. And that is why I gave my daughter a name that starts with this letter. Her name is Zara.

The name Zuri sounds fascinating to me. It is short, cute, and has an exotic charm, making it a class apart.

This name has its roots in the Swahili language and holds the meaning of beautiful.


Did you like my list of exotic baby girl names? How many of them have you shortlisted? Do you want me to add some more names to the list?

Remember to let me know in the comments!

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