9 Types of Angels You Should Know About

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We are so blessed to be able to speak to God in prayer. God has promised us that he will speak to us in various ways. Some might be through the Holy Ghost, through revelation and others believe that he speaks to us through various types of angels

9 Types of Angels 

There are nine different types of angels that are categorized into three separate groups called Spheres. These groups are known as choirs. They are divided into different hierarchies. 

No matter the type of angel there are, they are still individuals. They can see beyond our mortal presence and have more patience than we can even imagine. They are also way more forgiving than we ever hope to be. 

Angels are assigned to help us. They might try to lead and guide us but never take away our free will in which we were promised in the preexistence when we lived with God.  

First Sphere of Angels

types of angels

In the first sphere of angels, there are the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones choirs. These are said to be the highest level of an angel in the celestial hierarchy. These are the ones that are further away from humans on Earth and the closet to God. They are direct servants of God.


In the Bible, it calls the Seraphim angels to have a huge passion for God. This passion causes them to burn with fiery love. 

Seraphiel, Michael, and Metatron are all known to be Seraphim angels. These angels have six wings: two cover their faces, two cover their feet. And two help them to fly. 


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These angels were created to help protect the tree of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. It is believed that they have four faces: an ox, a lion, an eagle, and a human. They also have four wings. 

People believe this type of angel is the keepers of celestial records that hold the knowledge of God and that are sent to Earth with some of the most important tasks to accomplish.  


types of angels

The Thrones have been said to look like glowing wheels that have many eyes. 

The purpose of these angels to serve God by being his chariot and carries out the judgments of God. These angels represent humility, submission, and peace among men. 

Christians believe these angels are under Jesus Christ.  

They have four wings and four faces. 

Second Sphere

In the second sphere, these are known as the celestial governors. These angels help with supporting different activities that pertain to the throne of God. In this group, you will find the Dominions, the Virtues, and the powers. 


types of angels

Dominions have great authority and power over the people, although they do not come in contact with people living on Earth. 

The leader of the Dominions is Tsadkiel. He is known to help with emergencies that are human invoked. If there is a conflict or an emergency that needs help immediately, these are the angels that help. 


Virtues keep order in all things. They are the ones that remove the negative energies in the world as well as individuals that try to keep us from doing the right thing. 

They are known as royalty and purity. We can attribute miracles to the virtues of angels as well. 

Virtues are the types of angels that help us recognize that there is a God and that he does exist, and he plays a hand in all things. 

The prince of the Virtues is Raphael. He has to power to heal and relieve pain. 


types of angels

Powers very closely relate to the Holy Ghost.  They are the ones that help us overcome the temptations of the world that are brought upon us by Satan and his temptations. 

They are sort of our protectors because they make sure that these demons do not harm us in any way. 

In pictures, these men are depicted as warriors or soldiers to help us remember that they fight evil. 

Third Sphere

Third Sphere

The third sphere angels are the ones that we might feel most connected to while living on Earth. These are the ones whose job is to help us while we are on this Earth. We know these angels to help be our guides, to protect us, and to be messengers for God. 

The types of angels in the third sphere are Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. 


types of angels

You know when you look up at the sky and see the ray of sunshine and instantly have hope and know that God is? This is what helps me remember the Principalities’ angels. These angels are rays of light who oversee all things. 

They guide the world, not only on national levels but also in cities and small towns. They help oversee politics and religion. They help send other angels on missions to help protect humans who are in danger. 

Normally in pictures, these angels are wearing crowns with scepters. 


types of angels

It is said that Archangel means “Chief Angel.” It is really unknown how many Archangels that are. Some believe that Michel is the only Archangel. Some other groups believe there are three. And then you will find certain religious groups that mention 7. 

Archangels deal with matters that involve all human beings, not just one. 

Guardian Angels

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Guardian angels are the ones that we are most familiar with on this Earth. They are the ones that we feel the closest to. These are the ones that are the furthest away from God. 

These Guardian angels work as God’s messengers. He sends these to help protect us and comfort us when we need him most. 

If you ever feel a presence around you, you can almost guarantee that you are feeling your guardian angel nearby. I am sure we all have an experience where we know that someone is right there with us, our Guardian Angel. 

These nine types of angels all help carry out God’s plan. They help direct his work on this Earth and help keep us safe. There is no doubt that God put these angels in our lives to help us return to him one day. 

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