131 Complete Badass Girl Names For Your Little Rebel

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Are you all set to become parents? Perhaps you’re just counting the days and hours till you can welcome your little one to the world while dreaming up everything about their future, right from the kind of food they will be fond of to the type of person they will grow up to become.

Regardless of how one’s child is, we also want them to be fierce and strong in every way possible.

Girls are sugar and spice and everything nice… and they can also be badass forces of nature! If you’re looking to give your baby girl a name that will perfectly capture her fearless, fierce, and captivating soul, we’ve got a collection of badass girl names that will tickle your fancy.

Badass girl names may be names of enchanting goddesses who ran the world, bold heroines from legend or literature, or monikers with unique, powerful, and impactful meanings. Your little one is destined to rule the world with her personality and heart, and these badass girl names for her’ll inspire you.

Whatever style you are going for, these badass girl names will definitely set the stage for your bundle of joy to grow up shining beautiful and bright.

Badass Girl Names

Badass Girl Names For Your Little Rebel

Check out these 61 complete badass girl names that are perfect for your standout little rebel!


Place names are a great avenue to turn to for inspiration for badass girl names. An excellent example of this is Alaska. Alaska is the name of a US state. It is of Native American roots and comes from an Aleutian term referring to the landmass. It has literary connections due to the John Green novel, Looking For Alaska. In the past five years, baby girls named Alaska have doubled.


When looking at badass girl names, Alpha is as badass as it gets! This name is of Greek origin where it is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. It is also the term used for the brightest star in every constellation, making it a stellar choice indeed for your standout baby girl.


Greek mythology is full of strong, fierce women and is a rich resource for badass girl names. Andromeda is a striking name rooted in Greek mythology. She was the mesmerizing daughter of Cassiopeia, who became a constellation just like her mother. Andromeda carries the meaning of “advising like a man” and would make for an adventurous and dramatic name choice.


Your daughter is the bringer of great, beautiful love. A fantastic name you can choose for her among badass girl names is Aphrodite, a Greek mythology name. This is the Greek Goddess of love moniker, and it has very rarely descended to earthly use. Its Roman counterpart, “Venus,” has been more commonly used for girls. But with goddess names coming more and more into fashion, Aphrodite is an arresting and stylish pick for your baby girl.


Arcadia is a stunning name of Greek origin that bears the equally lovely meaning of “region offering peace and contentment.” It refers to an “unspoiled paradise,” making it a captivating choice for your pure-hearted little one. Arcadia is a rarer alternative to the name “Eden” and has the advantage of an adorable nickname in “Cady.”

  • ARYA

Being noble is an excellent characteristic of a badass woman. When it comes to badass girl names, Arya is an option that embodies that very characteristic. Arya is a Sanskrit name that has the meaning of “noble.” It can also mean “air” and “song.” This name was derived from an Indo-Iranian term that means “Aryan,” which translates to “noble.” It is also considered a more modern variation of “Aria,” an Italian name that means “air” and “song.”


A fierce and striking option for badass girl names with literary associations would be Bellatrix.
This name is Latin in origin and brings with it the formidable meaning of “female warrior.” Bellatrix rose in popularity as a girl name because of the Harry Potter novels. It is the name of a character who created a lot of impacts, Bellatrix Lestrange. Cute nicknames can be “Bella” and “Trix.”


Beretta is a name that definitely gives off badass vibes because of its association with weaponry. It is a word name that is derived from the Bereta gun, which is named as such because of its Italian firearms manufacturer. Bristol Pain and Levi Johnston used this as a middle name for their daughter Breeze.


Your baby girl is destined to set the world ablaze with her character and intelligence, and ideas. Blaze is a cool name you can choose for her among badass girl names. This English moniker is a word name that means “fire.” It is a sizzling name that you can give your shining little one.


There is nothing so beautiful as the vision of your precious baby girl. A beautiful and feminine name you can choose for her among badass girl names is Callisto. This name stemmed from Greek mythology and held the meaning of “most beautiful.” Callisto is best associated as one of Jupiter’s moons and was also the name of a nymph whom Zeus coveted and was turned by Hera into a bear.


Calypso is a good option for those searching for rhythmic and arresting names when looking at badass girl names. This musical moniker is of Greek roots and carries the meaning of “she who hides.” In Greek mythology, Calypso was the daughter of Atlas, an island nymph who delayed Odysseus’ return home. Calypso is likewise a genre of West Indian music popularized in the US by Harry Belafonte.

  • CLEO

If you are on the hunt for badass girl names that are short and with a magnificent air about them, a good option would be Cleo. This name is of Greek origin and means “glory.” Its “-O” ending gives it an added level of cool and trendiness.


Suppose you like the name “Cleo” but look for something longer and more dramatic and feminine. In that case, a great pick you can choose among badass girl names is Cleopatra. This Greek name holds the meaning of “glory of the father” and is considered a royal name in Egypt. The name Cleopatra is associated with power and beauty and is very badass indeed.

  • COCO

Can badass girl names also be sweet and adorable? Why yes, they can! A fantastic example of this is Coco. This name is a French and Spanish pet name that came to prominence because it was the nickname of legendary French designer Chanel. Coco has become a celeb baby favorite, and one of the first stars to give her daughter this moniker is Courtney Cox back in 2004.


Enchanting and alluring, Delilah is a fantastic option among badass girl names. This name of Hebrew or Arabic roots means “delicate” and merges fierce and feminine in an attractive manner. It has separated itself from the stigma of its Biblical roots and has become a beautiful, kick-ass name in its own right.


Another place name that makes for an excellent badass girl name is Delphi. Delphi is a Greek place name that brings an enigmatic nature associated with the Delphic Oracle, which is the most critical oracles in Ancient Greece. It was an important location for worshipping the god Apollo.


Among badass girl names, Diablo is an excellent option if you’re searching for a very impactful and undeniably striking name. This name is of Spanish roots and has the exciting meaning of “devil.” Diablo is a perfect name choice for parents who are not afraid to think out of the box. A famous bearer of this name is self-named screenwriter Diablo Cody.


For those looking for names for their baby girl that exude an effortless cool, a superb option among badass girl names is Domino. This Latin moniker carries the meaning of “lord” and “master.” It’s a name that is considered among the ultimate cool-girl names and is also among the more unusual ones.


Traditional boy names used as girl names are a super cool source of badass girl names. One of these names is Frankie. A diminutive of the more feminine name “Frances,” Frankie means “free man” as well as “from France.” It is a vintage nickname turned into a stand-alone personal name with a down-to-earth feel. Drew Barrymore named her daughter Frankie.


When sifting through badass girl names, a definite standout would be the name, Goddess. This name means the word itself, which is either a female god/deity or a woman much adored, especially for her beauty. It’s a powerful and intoxicatingly enchanting name that definitely makes a mark.


Harley was initially been a macho biker moniker that has evolved into a badass name for girls because of its strong pop culture ties as the name of a prevalent DC Comics character, Harley Quinn. It is an English name that means “the long field.”


Harlow is a name that connotes femme fatale, bombshell vibes, perhaps because of its namesake Jean Harlow, considered the original blonde bombshell. It was originally an English surname that carries the meaning of “rock hill” or “army hill.” Nicole Richie and Joel Madden gave their daughter this different name.


Book lovers out there who are looking for badass girl names will very much appreciate Hermione’s name. This name is Greek in origin and is said to be the feminine variation of “Hermes,” meaning “messenger” and “earthly.” Hermione skyrocketed in popularity because of the Harry Potter series in which the main female protagonist is named Hermione Granger.

  • HERO

Among the more powerful choices among badass girls, the name is Hero. Hero is a name of Greek roots that brings with it the meaning of “demi-god.” The use of this word in modern language may have caused some gender confusion, but in actuality, the Hero in Greek mythology was a female being. Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor-Wood chose this name for their daughter.


Your lovely daughter is undoubtedly going to become a force to be reckoned with. A superb choice of name among badass girl names that you can consider is Hurricane. This name is Spanish in origin and comes from a Native American word name. It means, as the word states, which is a weather occurrence in nature.

  • IO

If you hunt badass girl names that are very short and unforgettable, an excellent option would be Io. This concise, two-letter name stems from Greek mythology. In classic mythology, she was taken advantage of by Zeus and escaped by transforming herself into a cow. Io is also the name of Jupiter’s largest moon.


James is another one of those traditional boy names that have since become girl names. Hebrew in origin, James means “supplanter” and has been gaining traction as a name for baby girls, notably since Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds picked this for their eldest daughter back in 2014.


Don’t let the bad girl reputation scare you off. The name Jezebel has shed its bad girl image from the Bible and has since gone on to become a strikingly mesmerizing badass girl name. Jezebel is a Hebrew moniker that carries the meaning of “not exalted” and is an unusual alternative to the more familiar names “Isabel” and “Bella.”

  • JINX

If you are seeking badass girl names with quirky, vibrant energy about them, a great option would be Jinx. Jinx is a name derived from the English word of the same name. It has a solid connection to pop culture as the name of a heroine in the James Bond films. It’s a cool name that creates a significant impact.

  • JUDE

Jude is another name that proves how traditional boy names can be great badass girl names too. This name is a variation of “Judah” or “Judith” and brings with it the meaning of “praised.” It’s a modern way to spin “Judith” or “Judy.” Martha Stewart’s granddaughter is named Jude.

  • LOLA

Ever wonder which badass girl names are favorites among the celebrity crowd? Well, one standout is Lola. This name is Spanish in origin and is a diminutive of the name “Dolores.” It holds the enigmatic meaning of “lady of sorrows.” Lola is a moniker that is sassy and charming without being over the top, and it’s no wonder that celebs like Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, Kelly Ripa, Chris Rock, and Lisa Bonet chose this for their daughters.

  • LULU

The short and sweet Lulu is an attractive and charming option among badass girl names. This four-letter moniker is of Arabic origin and is also a diminutive of “Lucy” or “Louise.” It holds the meaning of “pearl” and is a name that combines fragility and impact in a pleasant manner.

  • LUNA

Fiercely and unapologetically enchanting, Luna is a stellar pick among badass girl names. This name is of Latin roots and holds the mysterious meaning of “moon.” Luna is derived directly from the Latin term for the moon and is the moniker of the Roman Goddess of the moon. The divine complement of Luna is “Sol,” god of the Sun.

  • LUX

Can badass girl names be chic and sophisticated? Yes, they can – and a fabulous example of that is Lux. This luxurious, three-letter name is Latin in origin and holds the meaning of “light.”

Lux is a gorgeous name with a solid pop culture connection as the name of the main character on The Virgin Suicides.

  • LYRA

Regal and elegant, the name Lyra is an attractive option when it comes to badass girl names. This moniker hails from Greece and has the meaning of “lyre.” Lyra is also the name of a constellation derived from the lyre or Orpheus. This constellation included the star Vega, making Lyra a lyrical choice for parents interested in mythology, astronomy, or music.

  • MAX

Your precious baby girl is the greatest gift of all, and a name that suits her perfectly among badass girls names is Max. This three-letter, the one-syllable moniker, is a diminutive of the name “Maxine” and brings with it the meaning of “greatest.” It’s a name that makes a lot of impacts and packs a whole lotta cool.


If there’s ever a girl who’ll grow up full of charm and moxie, it’s your beguiling baby girl. Moxie is a stellar pick among badass girl names that you can choose for her. Moxie is derived from the English slang word meaning “aggressive energy” and “know-how.”

  • NYX

For short badass girl names with a cool and trendy vibe, a strong option you can consider is Nyx. This three-letter, “-X” name is rooted in Greek mythology, where it was the name of a mighty goddess who embodied the night. Nyx carries the meaning of “night.”


No list would be complete without Pandora when talking about badass girl names. The name Pandora is of Greek origin and holds the meaning of “all gifted.” Pandora has been used occasionally by the British gentry for females who have brothers who may be named “Peregrine.” It’s steadily rising in popularity in the US too, and it’s no wonder because this name is mysterious as it is captivating.


If you are looking for badass girl names delicately intricate in form, look no further than Persephone. The name Persephone stems from Greek mythology. The esoteric moniker of Zeus’ daughter by Demeter, Queen of the harvest.

  • PUMA

Singer Erykah Badu named her daughter Puma. This name is of English roots and means “big cat.” Sleek, cunning, and intelligent are traits that Puma conveys, making it a good choice among badass girl names.


For your little girl who will proudly soar high in life, a superb option you can look at for her among badass girl names is Raven. This intriguing name is derived from the mysterious, enigmatic bird of the same name. Raven was once a symbol of pride among Wiccan and African-American parents. It rose to popularity in modern times because of its pop-culture associations to superhero characters Raven of Teen Titans and Mystique of the X-Men, whose real name is Raven.


A name that truly stands out among badass girl names is a rebel. This effortlessly cool and magnetic name is an English word name that pertains to being a nonconformist and going against the grain. Edgy and appealing, the rebel is a stellar pick for your baby girl. A famous namesake is an Australian actress Rebel Wilson.

  • ROXY

Among badass girl names, Roxy is a name that piques the interest. It is a diminutive of the name “Roxanne” and is Persian in origin. Roxy carries the meaning of “dawn.” It’s a name that brings a lot of moxie and sass. An alternative spelling to this name is “Roxie.”

  • RUBY

Ruby is a name of Latin roots that exudes elegance and grace among all badass girl names, and means “deep red precious stone,” referring to the jewel of the same name. Ruby is a vibrant, sultry, and vivacious name and sparkles among all the revived vintage gem monikers.


Salome is a name that has a definite air of intrigue and allure. This name is Hebrew in origin and carries the meaning of “peace.” Salome is a gentle, exciting moniker that’s long been popular in France, ranking in the Top 400 ever since 1986. Actress Alex Kingston chose this name for her daughter.


When searching for badass girl names, you can turn to color for inspiration – more specifically, the shade called Scarlet, which is appealing and captivating as a name for girls. This English moniker means “red” and “scarlet” and originated as an occupational surname. The word is said to have been derived from “siklat,” which are silks that were dyed with kermes. The fanciest and most favored color among these was scarlet red.


For parents who hunt badass girl names that are complex, intricate, and very unusual, a strong option would be Scheherazade. This name is Persian in origin and has the meaning of “noble lineage.” Scheherazade was a legendary Persian queen who was immortalized as the narrator of the shorts in One Thousand And One Nights.


Among badass girl names, Scout is a charming moniker with literary roots. This name was the nickname of a character in the literary classic, To Kill A Mockingbird. It became more popular as a girl’s name when Bruce Willis and Demi Moore picked this for their middle daughter.


Of all badass girl names, Sheba is one that evokes intrigue and enigma. This moniker is of Hebrew origin and is the short form of the name “Bathsheba.” It carries the meaning of “daughter of an oath.”


When sifting through badass girl names, Shiloh is one that catches the eye with its nonchalant coolness and major celebrity credentials. This name is of Hebrew roots and is a Biblical place-name that means “tranquil.” Shiloh zoomed into the spotlight after Brad Pitt and Angelina handpicked this name for their daughter.


If you seek badass girl names that have ferocious energy and allure, an excellent pick would be Storm. The Storm is derived from the word that refers to an impactful weather occurrence. It has very strong pop culture credentials as the name of one of Marvel’s most iconic and most powerful superheroes, X-Men’s Storm, who is also the first major black comic book heroine.


Tallulah is a badass name for girls with a certain delightful charm. This name is of Choctaw and Irish origins and means “leaping lady” and “lady of abundance.” Many Hollywood stars have chosen this lovely name for their daughters, including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Damian Dash, Rachel Roy, Sara Rue, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, and Patrick Dempsey.


Tempest is an enthralling moniker that would be a stellar pick for those seeking badass girl names with fierce energy and irrepressible magnetism. It is a word name that means “turbulent” and “stormy.” Tempest is a cool and evocative name with a definite modern vibe.


For your baby girl who will grow up to be an unstoppable force of nature, a solid name you can choose for her among badass girl names is Tornado. Tornado is a Spanish word name that first meant “thunderstorm” before evolving to mean “whirlwind,” which is the more common modern meaning.


Your little one is truly a star that will sparkle in life. An excellent choice of name for her among badass girl names is Vesper. This Latin moniker has the meaning of “evening star.” It is also a term used to refer to spiritual services held in the evening. Vesper came into prominence as a baby name thanks to the Vesper Lynd character in the James Bond movie Casino Royale.

  • VIVA

Among badass girl names, a stellar pick for your joyful and vibrant baby girl would be Viva. This short, four-letter name is full of life and wonder. It is a Latin name that carries the meaning of “alive,” “living,” and “life.” Rufus Wainwright picked this life-affirming moniker for his daughter.


Days of the week can also be a fantastic source of badass girl names. Take Wednesday, for example. This English word name brings the meaning of “Woden’s day”. It carries significant pop-culture credentials as the name of the Addams family’s scene-stealing daughter.


Names with the letter “X” in them are instantly cool, so when it comes to badass girl names, Xanthe is definitely a great pick. Xanthe is a name of Greek roots that carries the meaning of “golden” and “yellow.” It’s unusual and cool, and X totally marks the spot with this beguiling moniker.


If you are on the lookout for badass girl names that would suit your little one who will blossom and bloom all throughout life, a unique option you can choose would be Xochiti. This moniker of Nauatl and Aztec origins brings with it the meaning of “flower.” It can be pronounced as “SO-chee-tl” or “SHO-chee-tl.” It is an intriguing international flower name and an excellent choice to honor Nahuatl heritage.


“Z” names instantly bring a unique and enthralling air about them. That’s why Zephyr jumps out among the list of badass girl names. This name is of Greek roots and holds the meaning of “west wind.” Zephyr was derived from “Zephyrus,” the name of the Greek god of the west wind, and has a pleasant, breezily charming feel.

Badass Female Warrior Names

Badass Female Warrior Names

History and mythology have given us many women warriors to be proud of. Some of them have such beautiful names that, as parents, you should look into them if you wish to give a badass name to your girl child.

  • Zenobia

Septimia Zenobia was the name of the queen of Syria’s Palmyrene Empire. She was culturally sound and liked maintaining an intellectual environment in her court. Her legend became the inspiration for several artists, historians, and patriots.

  • Athena

Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and war. She is the daughter of Zeus and is often regarded as his favorite.

  • Circe

A Greek legend of unusual power, Circe is the daughter of Helios. She is known to possess the power to turn her enemies into animals. She has immense knowledge regarding herbs and potions.

  • Harriet

Harriet Tubman helped the Union Army tremendously after the inception of the Civil War. She played the role of a nurse, a spy, and a scout and was the first African-American woman to be a part of the military.

  • Enyo

As per Greek mythology, Enyo was the Goddess of destruction and war. She is often linked with Ares, the God of war.

  • Marfisa

Marfisa was a brave character present in Italian romantic epics. She became the queen of India in those works of literature. She fought as a warrior who participated in capturing the fortress of Albracca.

  • Camilla

Camilla was King Metabus’ daughter, queen of the Volsci, and a valiant Roman warrior. She is a crucial part of Roman mythology and was favored by Goddess Diana.

  • Helen

Helen, also known as Helen of Troy, is a figure you cannot escape while looking into Greek mythology. She is famed for being a woman of impeccable beauty and has had numerous movies and TV shows made about her.

  • Gudit

Gudit was the name of the Jewish-Ethiopian warrior queen. She took over control of her country and has had some diametrically opposite views created about herself over the centuries.

  • Aife

Aife was a warrior queen who belonged to Scotland. She was a mythical figure in the Otherworld and possessed sharp fighting skills.

Modern Badass Girl Names

Modern Badass Girl Names

Let’s add a more modern touch to the badass girl-child names you’re looking for, shall we?

  • Lara

Lara has a sexy vibe to it, does it not? The minute you hear that name, it feels both badass and laidback.

  • Sydney

Sydney is not only a gorgeous city in Australia, but it’s also a badass name for a girl. It also happens to be the name of the badass female protagonist of the Bloodlines series written by Richelle Mead.

  • Emma

Emma has been the name of so many loved actresses and female characters throughout history, and this is what amplifies its badass nature in terms of a name.

  • Blanche

When you hear the name ‘Blanche,’ you can almost immediately picture a classy, sophisticated, badass woman, can you not?

  • Tiffany

The name Tiffany is all sorts of charming and fantastic, and you should definitely consider it for your child.

  • Veronica

Almost all of us remember the unforgettable character of Veronica from Archie Comics, and that’s just one of the reasons this name is so badass.

  • Taylor

This name immediately reminds us of the famous singer Taylor Swift, and the world collectively thinks she’s badass, right?

  • Selena

If we are to name badass female singers, Selena Gomez must be mentioned. This is a great name choice for your baby girl.

  • Blair

Gossip Girl had some badass names, and Blair has to be among the top ones from that list.

  • Serena

Serena van der Woodsen is another name from the Gossip Girl fandom that ranks high in its badassery.

Screen-Inspired Badass Girl Names

Screen-Inspired Badass Girl Names

Movies and TV shows have given us such classic badass female characters. So, why not name your child something that reminds you of a woman character whose badassery you admire?

  • Hela

The character of Hela was played by Cate Blanchett in the movie Thor: Ragnarok. Being of Norse origin, it means ‘Goddess of the underworld.’

  • Bridget

Bridget Jones’s Diary is a beloved movie worldwide. Although Bridget is a sweet and amiable character, we have to agree that she is really badass as well.

  • Thyra

Thyra is the name of Julia Bache-Wiig’s character in The Last Kingdom.

  • Natasha

Scarlett Johansson immortalized the character of Natasha Romanoff in the Marvel movies. If there is one badass female character that is loved universally, it has to be her.

  • Wanda

Staying in the Marvel universe, there is also Wanda Maximoff, brilliantly portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen.

  • Narcissa

Narcissa Malfoy was the name of Bellatrix Lestrange’s sister in the Harry Potter series. That name sounds both sensuous and badass.

  • Abigail

Abigail Williams is the manipulative and vengeful character in the movie titled The Crucible. It was played by Winona Ryder.

  • Regina

Regina George will forever be remembered as one of the cruelest characters to ever be played on screen. Rachel McAdams perfectly embodied that role in the movie, Mean Girls.

  • Ursula

Who doesn’t remember the female villain, Ursula, from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, right? This name, too, will be a wonderful choice for your little girl.

  • Miranda

Why do we believe Miranda is a badass name, you ask? It’s because Meryl Streep played Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, and none of us can ever ignore that iconic role.

Badass Evil Girl Names

Badass Evil Girl Names

Gone are the days when parents only want names that fall under the goody-two-shoes category. The need of the hour seems to be named with an almost deliciously evil quality.

  • Magenta

Magenta is the name given to the combination of the colors purple and red. They both signify hues that are powerful and associated with love, passion, vengeance, and so on. It’s not surprising that Magenta also makes for a badass name for a girl.

  • Lilith

If you’ve watched Supernatural, read the Bible, or know Mesopotamian and Judaic mythology, Lilith is a name you most certainly remember. She’s the female demon everyone fears. Are you getting chills already hearing it again?

  • Angelina

Although ‘angel’ could be a part of this name, overall, it’s anything but meek. It’s distinctive and is also the name of one of the most talented actresses in the world, Angelina Jolie.

  • Vienna

Vienna indeed signifies music and heritage, yes. However, it also works as a unique and daredevil-like name for a girl.

  • Katherine

The name Katherine is of Greek origin. It means ‘pure’ or ‘clear.’

  • Xenia

Xenia comes from a Greek background. The meaning of the name is ‘hospitable’ or ‘welcoming.’

  • Samaira

Oh, what a gorgeous name Samaira is! It means ‘protected by God’ or ‘enchanting.’

  • Hazel

Having an English origin, this one refers to both the tree and the color. The name ‘Hazel’ has an almost sultry quality about it.

  • Medusa

Medusa has been spoken about in innumerable works of art and literature. She was the figure from Greek mythology who could turn anyone into stone by looking at their eyes.

  • Octavia

A name that became popular during the Victorian era, Octavia has a Latin origin. It means ‘eighth’ or ‘born in the eighth month.’

Badass Girl Names That Mean Fearless

Badass Girl Names That Mean Fearless

Who wouldn’t want to name their child something with a fabulous meaning associated with it, right? So, how about picking a name for your kid that combines brave and badass?

  • Ondrea

The name Ondrea is of Slavic origin. It is also known to have Greek and Czech roots and means ‘courageous’ or ‘strong.’

  • Yashica

Yashica is a name that originates from Sanskrit and Assamese backgrounds. It means both brave and successful.

  • Valerie

Valerie is a name that seems to have multiple points of origin, such as French, English, and Latin. It has associations with words such as valor and valiant, which is why it also means ‘brave’ and ‘strong.’

  • Ziana

As a name, Ziana has Hindu roots. Its meanings include brave, bold, beautiful, and blessed.

  • Keena

Keena is a name with Irish roots. The meaning of it is ‘brave’ and is perfect for little girls with big, shining personalities.

  • Amandla

Associated with an African background, Amandla is an enchanting and unique name. It means ‘strong,’ ‘powerful,’ and ‘independent.’

  • Anoud

Coming from the Arab world in terms of origin, Anoud is a name that means strong, brave, and courageous.

  • Abhita

The lovely name, Abhita, comes from Sanskrit. The meanings linked to it are brave, fearless, and courageous.

  • Zelda

Zelda is a German name. It could remind you of the talented and feisty novelist Zelda Fitzgerald. It means strong, blessed, and happy.

  • Binsa

The name, Binsa, has Nepali roots. This unique girl name means fearless.

Rare Badass Girl Names

Rare Badass Girl Names

Perhaps you’re looking for a name for your daughter that isn’t just badass but is also unique; a name that everyone will forever remember because of how rare it is.

  • Griselda

Griselda is a name taken from Old English. Having German roots, it means ‘grey battle’ or ‘a woman with patience’.

  • Imelda

Imelda is of Italian and Spanish origin. Since badass names are what you’re looking for, you’re lucky because this name translates to ‘warrior woman’ or ‘powerful fighter.’

  • Shamara

Arabic names are striking in general, and the same holds true for Shamara. The meaning of this name is ‘ready for battle.’

  • Charlisa

Have you ever heard the name Charlisa? You probably haven’t because of how rare it is. It comes from Old German and means ‘brave woman.’

  • Godiva

Lady Godiva was a prominent woman in history. Having your child possess a name that once belonged to a powerful figure adds some much-need mystique.

  • Cordelia

Cordelia originates from Latin and means ‘heart’ and ‘jewel of the sea.’ One might also recall this name from Shakespeare’s King Lear. Cordelia Carstairs is also the name of a character from The Last Hours trilogy written by Cassandra Clare.

  • Serafina

Serafina is derived from Italian and means ‘burning’ or ‘fiery.’ For all the fierce, high-spirited girls out there, this name will be a perfect fit.

  • Idris

Idris is an immensely sleek name. It’s also very uncommon and isn’t seen much among women. In the Shadowhunters universe created by the author, Cassandra Clare, Idris is the name of the home country of the warriors and rebels.

  • Peyton

Peyton was the name of a terrific character in the show, One Tree Hill. The fact that it’s rare makes it an even more attractive option to name your daughter.

  • Phoenix

Imagine naming your girl after a mythical bird known to rise from its ashes. If that isn’t badass, we don’t know what is.

Cutest Badass Girl Names

Cutest Badass Girl Names

Badass names don’t always have to sound badass. They can be adorable and yet have a different aura about them.

  • Drea

Drea is surely a cute-sounding name, but it’s of Greek origin and means virile and manly.

  • Dhriti

The name, Dhriti, is of Sanskrit origin. It means courage, command, determination, and virtue.

  • Nova

Being of Latin origin, Nova means ‘new.’ It also reminds one of Supernova, and that’s badass.

  • Ariel

When we hear the name ‘Ariel,’ we’re instantly reminded of The Little Mermaid. While she may have been a sweet character, she was also very brave.

  • Carrie

Carrie Bradshaw is the famous protagonist of the show, Sex, and the City. The character was adorable, talented, and very ambitious. The combination of these qualities made her truly badass.

  • Ember

‘Shining like an ember in the ashes’ is a cool phrase to hear, is it not? This is why this sweet name is also a rebellious one.

  • Elsa

Frozen is a Disney movie that is loved by kids and adults alike. We all remember the queen, Elsa, with the power to turn everything into ice. Therefore, the sweet outer demeanor and the inner strength are traits why you can pick this name for your baby girl.

  • Imogene

Imogene is derived from Latin and Celtic and means ‘innocent’ or ‘maiden.’ Despite these meanings, it also sounds powerful.

  • Maeve

Maeve sounds like such a different name, and yet so fearless. After all, it’s the name of one of the most badass characters on the Netflix show Sex Education. So, the badassery makes sense.

  • Peggy

Peggy could translate the word ‘pearl.’ Still, it also makes you picture an athletic, perseverant woman who is always ready to get what she wants.


Having a daughter is truly a blessing from nature, and nurturing that daughter is not only your responsibility, but also a wonderful privilege. Among the many great things you get to do as a parent, one of them includes picking a badass name. 

These complete badass girl names are fitting for your baby girl who will grow up fierce, independent, and unstoppable. Like these names, she will be a force of nature who will definitely rule the world.

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