236 Interesting Kids Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

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Watching movies is a great activity for the whole family. Going out to the cinema together to catch the latest flicks or popping some popcorn and enjoying movie night at home with each other is something that the whole family can look forward to.

Movies provide hours upon hours of entertainment. They can be visually stimulating, thought-provoking, awe-inducing, or just old fun! They inspire a lot of emotions and often tug at the heartstrings too.

As parents, it is a treat to see your child take in cinematic fare and see them appreciate what they watch on screen. It’s also super fun to hear them quote their favorite movie lines and catch it when you drop a line or two from films you’ve watched together.

And then there are movies that have slowly become family favorites that you all love watching repeatedly.

A fun activity that will inspire them to embrace their love for a film‌, enrich their knowledge of movies and the little details found within them, quench their thirst for more movie trivia, and have a ton of good, movie-inspired time together with them is Kids Movie Trivia Questions and Answers!

Reel the whole family in and engage your kids in a rousing game of movie trivia. It’s a cool way to challenge each other’s knowledge of films and get them interested in watching more — all the while making even more great memories together as a family.

So if your family adores watching films together and you are always excited to take in a new movie (or a trusty fave) with each other, then Kids Movie Trivia is just the right family game for you to engage in!

Kids Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

Kids Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

Trivia games have long been among the favorite go-to activities for families. They’re great for looking for a fun and easy thing to do together.

Whether over dinner, during parties or game nights, going on long road trips, or just whiling the time away on a lazy afternoon, trivia is a cool way to get everyone’s brains all fired up — and have a lot of fun while you’re all at it.

Kids Movie Trivia Questions and Answers are tailor-made for families with a fondness for the film or a healthy interest in cinema.

Just like regular trivia, wherein you ask each other questions and try to guess the correct answers, kids’ movie trivia is tailor-made to challenge each other’s knowledge and memories of the films you have watched together.

This type of trivia has been carefully curated to gently inspire your kids to focus more on the movies you watch and remember more exciting tidbits about them.

It’s also been fashioned to challenge their vault of knowledge on all things film — and for them to playfully challenge your knowledge too!

The questions are extensive, interesting, and age-appropriate for children, so it’s a safe and fun game to play together. Parents and kids alike will love playing this game, and your movie-loving family will have a total blast.

Kids Movie Trivia: How to Play?

As we mentioned earlier, trivia is a great activity choice because it is easy and straightforward. Here’s a basic guide to conducting your own Kids’ Movie Trivia time!

  1. Get a list of Kid’s Movie Trivia questions and answers – we’ve got an excellent compilation that you can use below!
  2. Print out the trivia questions and answers
  3. Gather your family together (or gather your kids’ friends if they will be playing amongst themselves)
  4. Decide if players will be competing individually or if there will be teams playing against each other.
  5. Keep a tally of every correct answer and keep track of the score.
  6. Once you are done playing, the player or the team who racked up the most points corresponding to correct answers wins the game!

Kids Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

For all movie-loving families, check out our collection of interesting Kids Movie Trivia Questions and Answers that are perfect for all parents and kids who absolutely adore everything cinema.

So you love movies… But how much do you actually remember and know about these films? Reel your film-buff fam in with a cool and interesting game of Kid’s Movie Trivia!

Movie Trivia Q & As For Kids

Movie Trivia Q & As For Kids

You must have already watched several animated films with your children — and you’ve probably got your faves and your go-to movies.

Your kids may even be sprinkling lines from their top films in random conversations! Well, these movie trivia questions and answers will thrill and entertain them and get them digging deep into their vault of film knowledge — and you too!

Who is the book author of the movie, “The Lorax?

Dr. Seuss

What popular kid movies involve a family with superpowers but are banned from using them?

The Incredibles

Who helps Dory find her parents?


What movie is about a boy who wants to be a musician, but his grandma won’t allow it because of the past?


What is the popular kid movie where a crab sings?


What popular kid movie is the song “Kiss the girl” from?

The Little Mermaid

What popular kid movie is this song, ” Color of the Wind”?


What is the “Polar Express?

A train.

What movie involves a character named Sulley?

Monsters Inc.

What movie has a character named Grumpy?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

What movie is called where a bunny is a cop?


What is the movie called with the Princess with very long hair?


What animal is Winn-Dixie in the movie, “Because of Winn-dixie”?


What animial is Bambie in the movie, “Bambi”?

Young Deer

What animal is Melman in the movie, “Madagascar”?


What is the movie and book involving a peach called?

James and the Giant Peach

What is the movie Neverland in?

Peter Pan

What movie is about a bear, his friends, and their adventures?

The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

What movie is called where the Prince gets turned into a Llama?

Emperor’s New Groove

What movie ends with two dogs eating spaghetti?

Lady and the Trump

What is the fish’s name for short-term memory loss?


How many Toy Story movies are there?


What is the name of the cricket in Pinocchio?

Jiminy Cricket

Who does Moana need to find to help restore the heart of Te Fiti?


The main character in this movie is called Toothless?

How to Train Your Dragon

Baymax is a character in this movie?

Big Hero Six

Fix-It-Felix Jr. is a character in this movie?

Wreck-It Ralph

What is the bear’s name in the movie, “The Jungle Book”?

Baloo, the bear.

What is the movie called where a rat loves cooking?


What is the school called that Harry Potter attends?


What Disney movie was nominated for 13 Academy Awards and won 5?

Mary Poppins

What animal is Po, a dragon master in this movie?


In this movie, there is a golden ticket?

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This movie is about an orphaned boy who befriends a dragon?

Peter’s Dragon

In which year The Lion King animated film was released?

In 1994

Simba’s childhood friend was?


What is Disney Renaissance?

Period when Disney Animation Studio produced successful animated films from 1989 to 1999.

This popular movie is about baseball and a group of boys?

The Sandlot

In this movie, the main character is a talking pig?


This movie is about the Trapp Family?

The Sound of Music

What is the movie name where a character is named Grinch?

How the Grinch stole Christmas.

Who was Walt Disney?

He was an American animator, voice actor, film producer, and writer.

Which cartoon character was developed by Walt in 1928?

Mickey Mouse.

As a producer, Walt won how many Oscars?

22 Oscars from 50 nominations.

Name of a rabbit from the animated film ‘Zootopia’?

Judy Hopps

Who is the main character in Toy Story?

Sheriff Woody Pride.

In ‘Inside out,’ a young girl named?


Ben 10 grandpa’s name is?


In 1937, which famous animated film was produced by Walt Disney?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

In 1955, he opened a Disneyland in?

Anaheim, California.

Which hero was cast against Rapunzel in Tangled?

Flynn Rider.

Who is a friend of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?


Name of Princess Aurora’s parents?

King Stefan and Queen Leah.

Which is the only Disney film to have been dubbed in Zulu, the only African language?

The Lion King.

Name the villain of Cinderella?

Lady Tremaine and her Stepsisters.

Prince Charming is the Prince in?


Famous cartoon Popeye the sailor created by?

Elzie Crisler Segar.

Which vegetable is used in the cartoon Popeye for his power?


What color of the panther in the comedy-mystery film Pink Panther?


Who is first presented in Frozen (2013) as an animate snowman?


What is the relationship between Anna and Elsa in Frozen?


Tom and Jerry created in?


Who created Tom and Jerry?

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Tom is a?


Jerry is a?


21st Disney animated feature film was?


Princess Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid falls in love with a human prince named?


Hades plays the role of villain in?


The fifth animated feature film of Disney was?


Which won the first-ever Academy Award for Best Animated Feature?

Shrek (2001)

Who is Bolt?

A white shepherd doggy.

Animated film Moana also known as?

Vaiana and Oceania.

Princess in Alladin named?


Chris Burk won the Oscar for which best-animated movie in 2014?


The third highest-grossing film of 2001 was?

Monsters, Inc

In 2019, most recent awards won by which animated film?

Toy Story 4

More Movie Trivia Q & As For Kids

More Movie Trivia Q & As For Kids

Like great family films and beloved classics, your kids also most likely can’t get enough fun facts and interesting information about all things movies!

From beloved animated film characters to the brilliant minds behind them and everything in between, our collection of more movie trivia questions and answers for kids will make them eager to find out all these great fun facts about the films you have been watching together.

Tiana is the Princess in which animated film?

The Princess and the Frog

Featured film Tangled, in which the main role was of?


Who is the first American Disney princess?


Ursula is the villain in?

The Little Mermaid

Dumbo is the nickname of?

Jumbo Jr

The first completely live-action film was?

Treasure Island

The main character of the featured film Alice in wonderland?


Merida is the main character?


Who is the villain in Peter Pan?

Captain Hook

Who is Queen Grimhilde?

Villian of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Villian in Mulan is?

Shan Yu

The main role of ‘The Jungle Book’ was?


What is the meaning of the phrase ‘Hakuna Matata’?

No worries, no trouble.

Simba’s parental uncle and murderer of Mufasa?


Oliver and the company released in a year?


Walt Disney’s first live-action comedy film was?

The Shaggy Dog.

What is Zorro?

An American Spanish action-adventure Western series produced by Walt Disney Productions.

Which was the last animated film from Walt Disney Productions to be produced by Walt Disney before his death?

The Sword in the Stone.

Which was the last film to be produced by Walt Disney, who died during its production?

The Jungle Book.

Name the seven dwarfs from Snow White?

Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey.

Which is the first Disney film in which all of Disney’s Nine Old Men worked together as directing animators?


Walt Disney first attempted unsuccessfully to adapt which character into an animated feature film during The 1930s?

Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Peter Pan originally released on?

February 5, 1953.

Which queen, never actually given a name?

Queen in Sleeping Beauty.

What is the real name of the Prince’s character in Cinderella?

Kids know him as Prince Charming, but the real name is not given yet.

Ursula from The Little Mermaid is said to be inspired by the drag queen?


The first use of double tracking in music was in?


If Disney is spelled backward, then it becomes?

Yen Sid, the sorcerer in Fantasia.

Who auditioned three times for the role of Tiana in Princess and frog?

Alicia Keys

What was Ariel’s child’s name?


Which was the first animated Disney film directed by a woman?


Most expensive film ever?

Pirates of the Caribbean.

The second expensive movie was?


Aladdin’s appearance was initially modeled after?

Michael J. Fox

Which writer on Toy Story created the character of Rex, the nervous dinosaur?

Joss Whedon

When do the events of the movie “The Polar Express” take place?

Christmas Eve

Who was the voice of Mr. Potato Head in “Toy Story”?

Don Rickles

Who did the voice of Stinky Pete the Prospector in “‘Toy Story 2”?

Kelsey Grammer

What is the name of the squirrel-like creature in “Ice Age: The Meltdown”?


What was the name of Mulan’s horse in the Disney movie “Mulan”?


In the movie “Over the Hedge,” what does RJ owe Vincent the bear?


What character does Tom Hanks voice in “Toy Story”?


What is Anne Hathaway’s character name in “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”?

Mia Thermopolis

Where does the movie “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” take place?


What is the dog’s name in the movie “Son of the Mask”?


In “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” what kind of animal is Manny?

A Mammoth

What music star plays Otis in the 2005 movie “Because of Winn-Dixie”?

Dave Matthews

One human year in “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” equals how many Narnian years?


What is the name of the Pickles family dog in “Rugrats Go Wild”?


In “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” what does Lucy see first when she enters the forest?

A Lamppost

In the film “The Dark Crystal,” what does Kira say about prophets?

They Don’t Know Everything

What are the names of Ella’s stepsisters in the film “Ella Enchanted”?

Hattie And Olive

What appears at the end of the “Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over” credits?

Audition Tapes Of Carmen And Juni

What is the name of Woody’s horse in “Toy Story 2”?


What kind of animal is Ozzie in “Over the Hedge”?

An Opossum

Where do Barry B. Benson and his pal Adam Flayman make their home in “Bee Movie”?

Central Park

In “Bridge to Terabithia,” Jesse was trying to beat the other boys in which sport?


Which film’s makeup and hairstyling won an Oscar despite the makeup budget being only $250?

Dallas Buyers Club.

Which is the First US film to Feature a toilet flushing?


In which movie was the sound of a  Russian train’s toilet flushing used as the sound of automatic doors opening?

Star Trek

In which movie did Leonardo DiCaprio have to devour a raw slab of bison’s liver, despite being a vegetarian?

The Revenant.

Which movie has a scene of two seconds of footage that took months to create?

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

In which movie did Keanu Reeves learn Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, marksmanship, and driving, and performed about 95% of the fight scenes himself?

John Wick: Chapter 2.

In which movie was the iconic DeLorean time machine originally a refrigerator?

Back To The Future.

When adjusted for inflation, which is the highest-grossing movie of all time?

Gone With The Wind.

Which movie has a Starbucks cup in every single scene in the movie?

Fight Club.

How many ‘Star Wars movies are there?


Challenging Kids Movie Trivia

Challenging Kids Movie Trivia

Let’s kick things up a notch and challenge your kids’ movie trivia knowledge. Do they know how many balloons lifted that house in Up?

How about the animated character designed in part by the same man who designed the iPhone and the iPad? What film was sued by a hyena researcher?

Children will have an excellent time figuring out the answers to these and more — and hey, they’ll be able to share tons of interesting facts with their friends after playing this game with you!

According to Stephen King’s novel IT, Pennywise the clown wakes up when?

Every 27 years

What color are Mickey’s shoes?


In which Disney movie will you hear the song “You Can Fly?”

Peter Pan

Beauty and the Beast (1992) was the first animated movie nominated for an Oscar in the Best Picture category. Which film won the prize in this category?

The Silence of the Lambs

In the Pixar movie Up, Carl’s house was lifted with how many balloons?

20,622 balloons

What kind of animal is Dumbo?

An elephant

What does Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother turn into a carriage?

A pumpkin

Who is Hooper?

He is the villain in A Bug’s Life

In which state is Disney World located?


What material is Cinderella’s slipper made of?


Who owned Buzz Lightyear in the Disney movie Toy Story?


What is Sleeping Beauty’s name?


A hyena researcher sued Disney for “defamation of character” for its negative representation of hyenas in the film

The Lion King

What kind of animal is Rajah in Aladdin?

A tiger

What kind of animal is Robin in the Disney movie Robin Hood?

A fox

Who is Simba?

The name of the lion in The Lion King

In the end, credits of which famous movie, it says: “No dragons were harmed in the making of this movie.” Let’s hope that’s true!?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

In what Disney movie will you find Elsa?


What song does Elsa sing while she builds a castle?

Let it Go

Who is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend?

Minnie Mouse

What color are Mickey’s shorts?


Buzz’s (Kevin’s brother) girlfriend was a boy made up like a girl in what film?

Home Alone

What color is Cinderella’s dress?


Which Disney movie will you find, Cruella de Vil?

101 Dalmatians

In the Disney movie Finding Nemo, which country is Nemo taken to?


Who is Thumper?

Bambi’s rabbit friend

Who was initially supposed to star in La La Land but had to decline because of her previously signed contract for Beauty and the Beast?

Emma Watson’s

Does Minnie Mouse have a tail?


Who is Tinker Bell?

Peter Pan’s sidekick

What color is Tinker Bell’s dress?


Who is Geppetto?

He is the carpenter who created Pinocchio

What does Pinocchio do to cause his nose to grow?

Every time he tells a lie, his nose grows.

Before Walt Disney’s wife Lillian encouraged Disney to rename the mouse Mickey, what was his name supposed to be?

Mortimer Mouse

What is the name of Mickey Mouse’s pet dog?


Who is the first Disney princess to have a duet with a villain?

Anna (Frozen)

What is the name of Mickey’s boy duck friend?

Donald Duck

What kind of animal is Bernard in the Disney movie The Rescuers?

A Mouse

Which of both characters have cameos in the film Enchanted?

Jodi Benson (Ariel) and Paige O’Hara (Belle)

In the Disney movie Up, what is the old man’s name?


There is a sea animal within The Little Mermaid that is half what?

An octopus

In which film the Ducks and the Hawks are the only teams in the entire film to have both their names and numbers on the backs of their jerseys.

Mighty Ducks

In which Disney movie will you find EVE?


In what Disney movie does Tim Allen play a man who accidentally kills Santa Claus?

The Santa Claus

Who is the actor who voices Mushu in Mulan?

Eddie Murphy

Who is the actor who voices Buzz Lightyear in The Toy Story?

Tim Allen

In which Disney movie will you hear the “Circle of Life ” song?”

The Lion King

Who is Doc Hudson?

He is a former racecar in the Disney movie Cars

What happened to cause Doc Hudson to end his career?

A crash

Who is the actor who voiced the Genie in Aladdin?

Robin Williams

The character Eve from which movie was designed in part by the same man who designed the iPod and iPhone?


Who is the first male villain in a princess-centric Disney film?

Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

Who is the only Disney princess with dimples?

Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

Who is the youngest Disney villain at age 23?

Hans (Frozen)

How long it would be if Brave’s Merida straightened her curly hair?

Four feet long

Who is the only Disney princess with a tattoo?


How would Ariel and Hercules be related?

Ariel is the daughter of Triton, the son of Poseidon. Poseidon is the brother of Zeus, who is the father to Hercules

Which was the first animated film in history to be nominated for a Best Picture at the Academy Awards?

Beauty and the Beast

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Kids Movie Trivia: More Animated Fun Facts

Kids Movie Trivia More Animated Fun Facts

There’s no denying that animated films will always have a place in every kid and kid-at-heart’s heart! Movies like The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, The Lion King, and more are certified classics that have captured the imagination of millions all across the globe.

Children will love learning all the fun facts about these films, such as who was supposed to be a villain in Frozen, which character has a connection to the Jaws film, and so much more!

Which was originally supposed to be revealed as the hunter who shot Bambi’s mother in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd)

Which was almost cut from The Little Mermaid?

“Part of Your World”

There are a total of 6,469,952 spots in

101 Dalmatians

Who has the largest eyes out of all the Disney princesses?


Sebastian, from which movie almost had a British accent?

The Little Mermaid

A deleted scene from which the movie revealed that in earlier concepts of the film, Ursula was meant to be Triton’s sister and Ariel’s aunt?

The Little Mermaid

Who was supposed to be the villain in Frozen, but the producers loved “Let It Go” so much as an empowering anthem that they changed her storyline?


Who is the only title character that never speaks in a film?


During the end fight in which movie, Gaston’s original line was “time to die!”?

Beauty and the Beast

Who voices Lilo in Lilo and Stitch, also the actress who played Samara in The Ring. AKA, the scariest little girl of all time?

Daveigh Chase

Fans have debated this since the movie came out: If Olaf had melted for Anna, would that act of true love have saved her? Which movie is it all about?


Who is the Princess with the least amount of lines and screen time in a Disney film?

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Before Meeko, who was supposed to have a talking turkey named Redfeather as a sidekick?


Until Merida in Brave, who was the only Disney princess to have siblings?


Walt Disney said his favorite piece of animation is

Cinderella’s dress transformation

Who is the only Disney princess to have a child?


Whenever he lies, you’ll notice the feather on his turban falls in his face. Who is he?


The little piece of hair that constantly falls in whose face is an intentional character detail added, so it showed that she wasn’t perfect?


Who from Finding Nemo was named after the animatronic shark used while filming Jaws?

Bruce, the vegetarian shark

What are the only animated Disney movies where the parents are both alive and present during the film?

101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan, Lady, and the Tramp, Mulan, Hercules, and Sleeping Beauty

What is the original name of Mickey Mouse?


The muses in which movie were intended to be voiced by The Spice Girls?


Who was the inspiration for Ariel’s features?

Alyssa Milano

Who voiced the character of Thomas in Pocahontas?

Christian Bale

Who is the only Disney princess with hazel eyes?


Which famous band almost had roles in a Disney movie. They were meant to be the voices of the vultures in The Jungle Book?

The Beatles

In the Disney film Snow White, who is disguised as an old woman?

The evil queen

In which Disney film is Jafar a villain?


In which movie “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” was originally supposed to be performed by Timon and Pumba?

The Lion King

Even though we know him as Prince Charming, we never actually find out the real name of the Prince character in the film


The queen in which movie is also never actually given a name?

Sleeping Beauty

Who provided the voice (both speaking and singing) for the Beast in the Chinese version of Beauty and the Beast?

Jackie Chan

Who is the first Disney character to ever fart onscreen, but we’re sure plenty of other Disney characters fart in private?


What kind of food does the evil witch offer Snow White?

An apple

Who is Marlin?

A clownfish and father of Nemo in the Disney movie Finding Nemo

What is the real name of Boo from Monsters, Inc.?

Mary Gibbs

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The Benefits of Playing Kids Movie Trivia

The Benefits of Playing Kids Movie Trivia

Trivia games have a ton of benefits to them. They are so favored and even beloved by individuals of all ages because there are so many great reasons to play them!

After all, such an awesome mix of education and fun is always a delight.

Kids Movie Trivia is a big winner when it comes to trivia games — particularly for families and kids who like films. 

  1. It is a fantastic way you can inspire your kids and your family to know more about film and the fascinating tidbits about the movies you watch
  2. It will encourage your children to strive to retain more facts and be more observant, too, as you watch films together
  3. It will grow your kids’ knowledge of films, which will always make for great convo starters.
  4. It will inspire your family to want to watch more films together — and cherish each and every movie night!

Kids Movie Trivia: Tips And Tricks To Playing The Game

Kids Movie Trivia definitely ensures a fun time to be had by all! Here are a few simple tips and tricks that can help you all have a lovely time while playing together.

Tips And Tricks:

  1. If you want to have a relaxing time and take the competitive edge off of things, you can always opt not to keep score and just take turns in answering the movie trivia questions and answers
  2. If, on the other hand, you are all up for a bit of competition, you can make use of a timer and then set a certain time limit wherein each trivia question can be answered.
  3. Want to up the stakes even more? Set a reward or a prize that the winner will receive
  4. If you want your trivia cards to be used repeatedly and last longer without the usual wear and tear, have them laminated!

Movies capture the fancy because they burst with imagination, creativity, and emotions. They are filled with wonder and captivate kids and adults alike. This is why Kids Movie Trivia will be a surefire hit for the whole family!

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