Why I Love Winter

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Why I Love WinterI am one of those mothers who thrives on hugs and proximity to their kids. The more the time I get to spend cuddling with them, the happier I get.

Winters are a perfect time to get the kids to remain close to you, too.

They are less pushy when you hold them, as they welcome the warmth from the embrace of their mother. In fact, you may get extra-long hugs in return, which is very comforting.

I also especially enjoy cooking during this season, as the kitchen heat isn’t a bother when it’s cold outside.

Indeed, it’s the best time to try out some new recipes, along with preparing the all-time family favorites. But beyond spending extra time in the kitchen, I love winter for so many reasons.

#1. Snuggling In Blankets

Nothing compares to the pleasure that I get when I hold my kids in the morning, while they are still asleep in their blankets. Their proximity, combined with the comfort of a warm bed, sends me into a state of complete relaxation.

#2: Playing Outdoors in the Afternoon Sunshine

Playing outdoors during the daytime feels the best during this season.

With warm sunlight, bright alleys and playgrounds, and greenery all around, you can’t ask for anything more to stay outdoors. You will all of a sudden find countless kids sprawling all around you, playing (and driving you crazy sometimes).

#3: Kids’ Eating Habits Improve as Their Appetites Increase

As a mother of small kids, I am always concerned about the amount of food my children eat. Any opportunity to increase their intake is a blessing in disguise.

Cold weather, combined with extra outdoor time during the day, increases the need for food and nourishment. I get immense pleasure seeing my kids asking for more food portions.

Moreover, the variety of vegetables and fruits available in winters is way better than other times.

#4: Holidays Provide Ample Opportunity to Spend Quality Time Together

Chilly weather, lots of healthy food, warm winter clothes… combine all of these with the holidays that we all look forward to, and the result is a win-win for the entire household.

There is no school routine to be followed, no tight schedules to keep us on our toes all through the day. I enjoy this feeling of freedom from the monotonous drill we go through day in and day out, in the normal course of life.

All of us – the kids and myself – have ample of time on our hands to try out new activities, complete our pending missions, and relax in each other’s presence, both physically and mentally.

#5: My Kids Love Their Winter Wardrobe

Brightly colored woolens, fluffy caps, mufflers, soft woolen socks, etc. – they all bring real joy to the menial task of dressing up for the day.

I love to look at these cute human marvels in their soft, bright clothing. My daughter has a favorite blanket, too, that she can’t sleep without wrapping herself in.

#6: My Son Loves to Visit the Mountains and Watch the Snow

Right from my childhood days, I am used to visiting mountains almost every few years during school vacations.

My son is a step ahead. He craves to be a part of this beautiful, humongous terrain during winters when it’s the coldest.

He is a different person altogether during this time in the mountains. He has those sparkles in his eyes, exuding real joy, all dressed up from head to toe in warm jackets and shoes.

You will not see him this happy at any other time.

#7: Bonfires are Fun in the Chill

Staying outdoors when it’s freezing cold can be a lot of fun with a bonfire. It is an extremely enjoyable way of spending time with family while outside, surrounded by nature.

It’s also a great way to create an emotional connection, with the family sitting all cuddled together in front of the fire.

Parting Thoughts

Year after year, I have observed my emotions and the state of well-being of my family during winters. Nothing compares to the joys of the holiday season and good health at this time of the year.

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. Good reasons to love winter. My children also love snow too. beside the above points, I love winter because everyone looks smart and well dress, No sweating..hehe


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