Tutorial. Making A 5-Minute Christmas Wreath

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I love decorating for the holidays but I’ll be honest I’m not very crafty. I look and click and pin fabulous ideas I find from other bloggers (you can see a few pinned on our Christmas Craft Ideas board) but I never feel I have the skill to complete some of these ideas. If you are like me, then I have the perfect craft for you. A 5-Minute Christmas Wreath.

This wreath is easy and so inexpensive too. All you need is a cheap garland and whatever you want to decorate you wreath with (tree decorations, homemade crafts from the kids, cookies, anything with do).

My husband grabbed a bunch of these cheap wire tree garlands from a dollar store one year but they are so straggly looking that I’ve never really used them. They are a fine example of ‘you get what you pay for’. But you can turn these into something kind of nice. Here’s how to make a quick Christmas wreath.

Start with one garland. Taking one end, form it into the circle size you want your finished wreath to be. Twist one of the small garland braches to the end to secure your circle.

5 minute christmas wreath1

5 minute christmas wreath2

Next, continue to wrap the rest of the garland around your circle, like you are wrapping up a hose. After each rotation, take one small branch and wrap it around the spine of the original circle.

5 minute christmas wreath3

When you reach the end of your garland, wrap one small branch around the spine to secure the circle. If you’re looking for a bushier wreath or if you’re making a fairly large sized wreath, you can add another garland to your rotation. I made a small wreath so one garland was fine.

5 minute christmas wreath4

Once your wreath is made, you can decorate it but I prefer to hang and decorate on the spot. Since these cheap garlands are made with wire, you can now pull and bend the smaller branches to create the finished wreath form. The layers of garland wrapped together in the circle give you a number of branches to bend and fill-out your wreath’s shape.

As for decorations, I like to use old Christmas light covers. After we moved to LED lights I kept all the light covers and they are perfect for adding a festive touch to wreaths, garlands and even the tree. Plus they are much lighter than traditional ornaments.

5 minute christmas wreath5

5 minute christmas wreath6

You’re wreath is done, in under five minutes and using supplies you have at home or found within the dollar store. I love that these wreaths are so easy that my kids can make them too. They each make their own to hang on their bedroom door. And no glue or glitter is required. That’s my kind of craft tutorial.

You can see a quick video tutorial here:


Merry Christmas

Sharing is Caring!