Out with the Old, In with the New – Recessionista Style

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It’s almost Spring and with that comes the annual Spring cleaning. Or as we call it in our house – the Spring clean out. But what we purge we must replace, and with the economy still in the dumps, we are all looking for economical ways to keep up our standard of living.

recession-style-cubbiesGreat news – it is so easy to spruce up your house on but a few bucks, if you shop wisely. Inexpensive does not have to equal cheap, and this is your guide on where to shop, and what to pick up, to liven things up a bit.

Target has hundreds of GREAT home décor items and they range from really cheap to somewhat expensive. Being a believer in “you get what you pay for,” moderately priced items are a good compromise if you’re looking for value and quality. Recently, we spruced up a child’s room in our house, simply by adding a small piece with nine cubbies, and adding a few colorful fabric drawers to it. The whole thing cost about $76 and she now has a spot to house her books, small toys, and stray stuffed animals. And it looks great.

recession-style-wallartAnother great way to smarten up a child’s room is with wall decals. Forget the fuss of paint, wall decals are stickers that adhere to the wall. They go up super-easily and come off without taking the paint with them. They come in every theme imaginable from sports to princesses to shapes and favorite characters. They can be found at craft stores like AC Moore or Michael’s for anywhere from $15 and up. If you want really fancy choices or the option of chalkboard decals – great for older kids! – check out Wallcandy Arts.

Grown-ups need a little pick-me-up sometimes too and this can definitely come in the form of a new lamp or end-table. Websites like Overstock.com offer beautiful, top quality items at a bargain. Another great place to shop for fashionable home décor at fantastic prices is IKEA. Their stuff is simple and inexpensive enough so you can literally re-decorate entire rooms at one time! If you haven’t visited one of their super-humongous stores, be prepared to spend half a day perusing the floors, and even stay for lunch in their café. Find everything from – well, any and everything you can possibly think of for your home. Lighting, furniture, accessories, toys, dishes, art work – you name it. And it’s all extremely affordable. Just dig out your tool-kit, most of the stuff does not come assembled.

As you can see, there are some fabulous ways to spice up your home, without breaking the bank. If you’re adventurous, simply perusing the web and looking for bargains is easy enough, just beware of return policies and quality. Otherwise, other stores to check out include TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, Home Goods and even Walmart.

Happy hunting!

Sharing is Caring!

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