Design Ideas: Making Your Cat Feel at Home

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We have always been cat people in our house. If you have cats too you know they are more than just pets; they are family. Designed duo Steven and Chris share simple style tips on designing your home with your cats in mind.

Your home should take into consideration the needs of all your family, including your furry members. Steven and Chris offer these six design ideas when it comes to incorporating your cat’s needs into your home:

A Place to Stay – Provide your prince or princess with a bed in a private area or corner. Remember cats love soft textures, so look for cushions or throws that enhance the colour of your room.design ideas steven chris

A Place to Jump – Feed your cat’s curiosity by providing a perch to climb, though ensure it is not near breakable or harmful things. Perches can be fashionable as well as functional by adding colour with patterned fabric and coloured cushions.

A Place to Scratch – Keep scratch posts neutral colour so they blend in with your décor. A simple vertical scratch pad can be made out of left over carpeting. That way it gives your kitty a stretch and matches the room’s décor.

A Place to Play – Keeping an indoor cat entertained is easy when armed with the right tools:

  • Place a couch, chair, perch or shelf in front of a window so they can watch the world around them. Make outdoor scenery more exciting by hanging a bird feeder or plant flowers outside windows to attract bees and butterflies.
  • Toys don’t have to be expensive! Designer gift bags or pretty wrapping can also give your cat hours of fun. They love the sound of rustling paper under their feet – so be sure to put the gift wrap from your last birthday party.

A Place to … – you can make it look nice by putting a flat, non-lumpy, carpet underneath it. Uncovered litter boxes with high sides are recommended and can be decorated to blend in with the surrounding!

A Place to Eat – You can also spruce up the look of your cat’s eating area by placing mats (plastic and fabric) under your cat’s food and water bowls. Many human bowls and small plates that are decorative can be used in place of standard pet food dishes.

When designing a space in your home it is important to consider the needs of your cat companion. From a cozy, quiet resting area to indoor entertainment there are many elements to consider.friskiesLogo Knowing how passionate cat owners are, Purina is offering Canadians the chance to win a 2-night trip to Toronto, and $10K feline-friendly room makeover designed by well-known designers and animal lovers, Steven and Chris. Visit www.IndoorCat.ca, and enter daily for the best chance to WIN!

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