Cleaning with Lavender

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I always think of lavender as purely a scent to enjoy, whether in hand cream or maybe dried in a drawer sachet. It seems lavender is a plant also known for its disinfectant properties, making it a perfect natural cleaner.

Quebec’s Bleu Lavande has harnessed this lovely plant’s cleaning properties in it’s LOFT cleaning products. When I wrote abut getting kids to help with cleaning at home, I discovered the benefits to washing dishes by hand (especially as our dishwasher broke and I just couldn’t bring myself to get it repaired right away) but I’m not a fan of harsh cleaning detergents. I’ve found myself paying more attention to the ingredient list is products we use in the house.

Bleu Lavande uses natural ingredients and develops body care and home products in the respect of the environment and your well-being.

Cleaning with Lavender Dish Soap product shot

Of course when you’re talking cleaning products you want to ensure they actual do just that, clean. I have a bottle of Lavender and Rosemary Hand and Dish Soap sitting on my kitchen counter for dishes as well as cooking clean-up. I love the fact that one product can be used for two purposes, cleaning dishes and cleaning hands, and it does a good job on both accounts. I especially enjoy the subtle lavender scent.

Cleaning with Lavender washing dishes product shot

We’ve even added their Lavender Surface Cleaner to our routine, and by “our routine” I mean the routine of cleaning the bathroom that part of how the kids contribute to maintaining our home.

Cleaning with Lavender household natural cleaner product shot

Bleu Lavande also has laundry products as part of the Loft line which I haven’t tried. Unlike household cleaners I have yet to find a natural laundry detergent that works and makes my sensitive husband happy (many have left an odd scent on the washed items). Perhaps I’ll have to put Bleu Lavande’s laundry products to the test someday. That fact that the lavender in the Loft products as well as Bleu Lavande’s personal care products are grown in Canada, 100% free of chemical pesticides and herbicides (and not tested on animals) gives me another reason to love the brand.

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. I love using lavender around the home, I have a lavender mist that I spray onto my pillow before going to sleep as it helps me relax and sleep better. I also add a few drops of lavender oil to my mop bucket. Thanks for sharing some other ideas for using lavender around the home- so much better to use natural brands than nasty chemicals!


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