Cleaning Games for Kids

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Sharing is Caring!

We have three kids, busy kids, sometimes helpful, more often not. Throughout these many years of parenting I have picked up a few tricks to make them help out around the house, and do it with a smile. Check them out, and see if it inspires your kids to pitch in!

Sock Frenzy

Easy game to match up all those single socks that are lying around in the basket. We usually do it before dessert so the “winner” gets first choice of ice-cream bowl, or something equally valuable to a child.

Instructions: Take basket of socks (yes, the whole basket) and dump it out on the floor. Spread the socks thinly. Have kids each pick a corner of the sock pile (reduces injuries as they enter “attack” mode)

Object of the game is to make as many pairs as possible.

Possible hazards include head collisions, scratching and frustration of toddlers when older siblings quadruple their sock count. As well, you may get the odd mismatch . . . some of those socks are tricky!

Squeegee Kid

If your windows are like mine, they need handprint removal every day or two. This little game, while it is missing the competition factor, mixes the joy of water into the usefulness of cleaning!

Mix equal parts white vinegar and water into a spray bottle (I use a natural cleaner for obvious environmental reasons, but it is also better for little hands) Pass kiddo a lint free cloth and have them go at it.

Worst case scenario they will get half the dirt off and leave some streaks & smudges – I bet you are still better off that before they started though! Object of the game – quantity and quality!

Possible hazards – limited. Although vinegar shot into big sisters eyes will sting a little!


We live in a farmhouse. I am not sure what defines farmhouse in your world, but in mine that just means it’s dusty.

Much like the Squeegee kid game, mix up this all natural dust cleaner and let em at it. Not only do they get to see the cleaning in action, but they finally get to touch all those little knick knacks you have lying around the house! Possible hazards – limited! But, watch out for the special trinkets from the great gramma! Little hands have slippery fingers!


Contributed by:  Julie Nowell

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Sharing is Caring!