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You may find this hard to believe after visits hanging out by the beach in Mexico and touring Hawaii but I love visiting Walt Disney World. I think even if I wasn’t traveling with the kids I would love that Florida theme park but it helps to be prepared. When visiting the theme parks I always bring a few essentials to make the experience a breeze.

1. Saje Wellness Peppermin Halo – The high energy in the park can sometimes trigger headaches for me. Looking for an alternative to constantly popping Advil I was introduced to one of my now favourite Saje Wellness products, Peppermint Halo. This roll-on remedy offers both a warming and cooling sensation that reduces the tension in my head and neck and relieves my headache pain. I don’t go anywhere without this little bottle on hand.

2. Polysporin Blister Treatment – No one wants to shorten their day at the park when a blister appears but with all of the walking planned they are inevitable. This year I’m hoping to keep them under control with these Blister Treatment pads.

3. Fitbit – I’ve been trying to stay on top of my exercise but I know I’ll let it slide when on vacation. Although I won’t be following my regular routine, the Walt Disney World parks are huge and my Fitbit from TELUS will track each and every step.

4. UNEEK – All that walking can mean sore feet but my UNEEK will treat my feet right. The cord design is not only strong to avoid wear and tear but it conforms to the shape of my foot. The open design is ideal too for those Florida sun showers, as water moves through and dries, and the warm weather, keeping my feet cool.

5. Nexcare Sensitive Skin Adhesive Pads – Kids plus amusement parks is bound to equal accidents, at least in my family. The sensitive skin pads or gauze and tape means less irritation when worn and less pain when removed.

6. Mophie Power Reserve – When I travel, whether with my family or on business, I love to share my experiences with EverythingMom, whether that’s updates on twitter, Facebook, instagram or even snapchat (cabadov). All this activity can be a drain on my phone’s battery so a portable battery reserve is a must. I love the compact size of my Mophie with its built-in charging cable from my friends at TELUS.

7. Nakd Bars – I know I talked about these in our Disney World road trip video but these pressed natural food bars are a perfect snack to slide into my bag for unexpected munchies. Sure I’ll be enjoying some of my favourite Disney treats but sometimes you need to balance things with a little healthy goodness.

8. Cooling Towel – A towel in the theme parks? I’m not crazy. These microfiber cooling towels are designed to lower your core body temperature when you overheat (like out at a themepark for a whole day under the hot glaring sun). Simply get the towel wet, wring it out, and apply the towel to the back of your neck, no dripping water. An easy, wet-free way to keep cool and they quickly and easily roll-up into my bag.

9. TELUS Easy Roam – Along with the gear that extends my phone’s capabilities, I count on TELUS to keep me connected. Now their new US Easy Roam makes it easier to share my posts socially, send text messages, or follow-up on work emails while I wait in the FastPass line for Tower of Terror.

10. TOMS Trekker Backpack – A backpack is the perfect bag for carrying all these items with a little rooms to spare for the occasional souvenir. I love that this bag big enough for a day bag without being bulky but the best part is how it benefits moms. You see, with each bag (any TOMS bag) TOMS will provide a mother in a developing country with a safe delivery kit. I can’t think of a better bag to use on a family vacation.

Family Travel Gear Theme Park Essential Items

Although not in my theme park bag, dry shampoo is still an essential. If you’re visiting with kids you know they are up early and want to be standing at the gates as soon as they open. A dry shampoo like Cake Beauty’s Rush Brush means I can freshen up in a split second before heading out for the day.

With these items on hand I can tackle a whole day of rides, parades and character meet-ups with the kids in tow. What gets you through a day at the amusement park?

Sharing is Caring!

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