Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Themed Rooms

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It you’ve ever visited Disney World before, you know it’s an escape into a fantasy world, a child’s wildest dream. But the fantasy doesn’t have to end when you leave the theme park for the day. Disney World’s on-site resort, Caribbean Beach Resort, enables you to extend your child’s Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy right in your room.

 Pirate Themed Rooms
The rooms were great. We slept in beds in the shape of ships and the bed coverings looked like treasure, full of gold and gems. All the drawers were in crates or a seaman chest. There was a little refrigerator stored inside a large barrel (it had a door cut open on the side). The bathroom and vanity area were closed off with a giant pirate skull curtain, like that in Pirates of the Caribbean. Even the carpet was designed to look like planks on a boat deck. Yup, the look was everything I had imagined and the kids loved it.

Pirate Themed Pools
The Caribbean Beach Resort extends the pirate theme into their pool area with a zero entry pool surrounded by a stone wall with a built in waterslide and turrets with hidden water spouts to soak guests. Disneyworld_hotel_pirate_themed_poolFor little ones, there’s a pirate themed water park with mini-slides, splash pad and water cannons. My two youngest loved this area and didn’t want to leave. You’ll find lounge chairs available in both areas for adults to sit and soak up the sun while keeping an eye on their kids. The little water park and the main pool are beside each other so to avoid little ones running into the big pool, there is a gate all around.

Pirate Themed Dining
The pool area is conveniently located near Old Port Royale, where you’ll find dining and shopping options and the refillable drink station (if you purchase those refillable drink mugs Disney is known for). The food court area has a village marketplace feel, with different food stalls. After leaving the pirate pool area, the kids felt like they had docked and we’re walking through a village; they felt like they had stepped out of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The only real drawback to the pirate themed rooms is their location; the rooms are located within the Trinidad South village, the furthest of the villages (there are six different villages with Caribbean names like: Trinidad North, Trinidad South, Martinique, Barbados, Aruba and Jamaica). A look at the resort map illustrates where each of the villages are located within the Caribbean Beach Resort but it doesn’t give you a sense of the expansive size of the complex. Although the resort has done a nice job with landscaping the walkways around the various complexes and by the water, but if you have young kids in tow, it can feel like a long walk to the main pool area and Old Port Royale. Each village does have it’s own little pool if you want to go for a dip without the hike but you know the kids will really want the pirate pool and who can blame them.

The Caribbean Beach Resort does offer an internal bus that just does a loop around the whole resort, stopping at each village, but if you happen to just miss the bus, which happened to us a few times, you have a nice twenty-minute wait. Oh and the theme park buses, although they stop at each complex, start at the Martinique complex and then move on hitting each complex one after the other. If you’re going to a popular theme park, like Magic Kingdom, don’t be surprised that the bus is full before it reaches your village.

If you’re planning a visit to Disney World with a little buccaneer, they’ll love the Caribbean Beach Resort pirate themed rooms. Just make sure you’re familiar with the bus schedule or your kids have a lot of energy when it comes to getting around the large resort.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum (or pop).

Sharing is Caring!

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