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I truly admire those parents who pack up their children and head out to see the world.  I like to imagine being one of those types of people, where no hurdle is too high, and life is one big adventure.  Disney_Alaskan_Cruise_reviewThe reality is a tad different.

Thus we are not great world travelers and so the inaugural sail of the Disney Wonder to Alaska from Vancouver on May 3rd, was our first cruise.

I cannot imagine sailing with another cruise line with a family.  And while there were many non families and seniors aboard, Disney is there to make sure all ages are taken care of and have fun.  Yes indeed, there are adult only bars, restaurants, swimming, and so on.

Disney Alaskan Cruise Kid’s Clubs on the Disney Wonder.

For the shorter set, there is the Oceaneer Club for ages to 3 to 10 and the Oceaneer Lab for ages 3 to 12.  These two clubs were open from 9 am to midnight.  Our two eldest children basically LIVED there for the entire cruise. Lunches, snacks and dinners are provided, making it perfect for when mom and dad want to enjoy a romantic diner at the adult only Palo.

For tweens there is the Edge, an exclusive hang-out with games, movies and music.  For the older set there is the Vibe.  Judging from the amazed parents of usually ‘too cool’ tweens and teens, these places were just as “awesome” for those age groups was the Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club for the younger set.

The variety of kid’s clubs are not just places to stow your bored kids; they are staffed by a dedicated and enthusiastic crew who worked hard at making sure every single kid was happy, included and doing something fun and special.


When you check-in to the kid’s clubs on the Disney Wonder Alaskan cruise, children are given a micro chipped ID wrist band.  This band is scanned as they come in and go out of the clubs and a secret ‘word’ is also required for added security.

We won’t forget to mention the sanity saving Flounders Reef Babycare.  This childcare is open until 11 pm and did an amazing job with everything from newborns to preschoolers and was very inexpensive.

Disney Alaskan Cruise Staterooms Designed for Families.

Our family of five fit into the DELUXE Family Stateroom, with a verandah.  This room comes with a queen bed, a sofa bed, a bunk and a fold down.   The ships also have great laundry facilities that work with – like everything else – your Key to the World or room card.


Every day a Personal Navigator newsletter is delivered to your door. This outlined the activities, shows and events happening throughout the day. This also told you which Disney characters would be hanging out for photo opportunities.

Disney Alaskan Cruise Port Adventures.

When we arrived at a new port of call, a fun guide to the area was also delivered to our stateroom. The Port Adventures provided by Disney Cruise Lines are dizzying and amazing. There is something to do for every single type of traveler: crab fests, whale watching, glacier tours, dog sledding.  The list is endless.  We picked a train ride at Skagway and finished off with some panning for gold.  We thought this would be a safe and fun thing for all our children.  Juneau and Ketchikan also offer some great shopping.

Disney Alaskan Cruise On Board Dining and Entertainment.

After being amazed yet again by an incredible meal with incredible fun and attentive wait staff on board the Disney Wonder, the entertainment went on. The adult menus are amazing, though I found the kids menu’s a bit boring – BUT – our kids seemed more than satisfied with their choices of Pizza, Mac and Cheese or Chicken Strips and Fries.

The beautiful Walt Disney Theatre is host to three amazing musical shows. Their musical version of Toy Story was brilliant.  The costumes, acting and singing were at a Broadway level; my six year old daughter was enchanted.


Quality and beauty are the two words that come away with me from this cruise.  From the charming staff, to the luxury and elegance of the ship herself, we were wrapped up in luxury, fun and fantasy.

Disney Alaskan Cruise Toddler Travelling Tips.

  • We were told to make sure we had everything from our luggage with us in case our rooms and bags were not with us until later in the day.  This was not really necessary, as we then found ourselves with heavy bags and overexcited kids to chase all over the boat as we wrangled them up to the buffet, and our rooms were ready by 2 pm.  Two hours before sailing.
  • Although Guest Services on the ship have them to borrow, we should have brought a stroller for the security, check in and boarding.

For more information on the amenities and destinations of the Disney Cruise Line, please visit their Disney Cruise website. You can also follow them on twitter and join them on facebook.

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. I am preparing for my first cruise with my youngest, thanks for the tips.It’s gonna be a totally new adventure I am sure.

  2. It’s funny because we actually do travel all of the world with our children, but I can’t imagine going on a Cruise with them! At younger than 2, they are too young to do the child care on board and I’m just afraid I’d be stuck in a room all day while others are our enjoying the Cruise! lol. Maybe one day we’ll give it a try…..

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