Angry Birds Land in Florida

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They are colourful and can only resolve conflict by hurling themselves at their sworn swine enemies. Of course I’m talking about those Angry Birds and we had a chance to hang out with them in Florida.

The whole family loves the Angry Bird puzzle apps; I’m pretty sure we own every version Rovio has released. Then Hasbro introduced us to the Angry Bird games, taking the finger-flicking action to the dining room tabletop. And yes, we own a few of these too though my youngest seems to use the characters more as toys than game pieces Kids can be so creative but that’s a different post.

When we were planning our summer road trip to Florida we had to plan a stop at the Kennedy Space Centre. Two of their new exhibits were on our list of “must see attractions” and the Angry Bird Space Experience was one of them.

Although we all love Angry Birds I think it’s fair to say my son is the true fan. I think it’s the strategy of plotting a shot in the least amount of turns that gets him. The Angry Birds Space version makes perfect extension into a space exhibit at the Kennedy Space Centre.

Right from the entrance we were transported through a wormhole into the world of Angry Birds. With the help of iPad stations the kids were invited to solve Angry Bird slider puzzles and create their own Angry Bird. Like most of the family-friendly exhibits within the Kennedy Space Centre, the iPad stations were positioned at various heights to accommodate big and small visitors.

familytravel florida spacecenter angrybirds monitors

You could also walk through a mirror cave or challenge your flexibility in a lazer maze. You might think these aren’t really connected to the Angry Bird theme but when you think about the strategy portion it makes perfect sense. Whether the kids made that connection or not I’m not sure but they seemed to love trying out both activities.

familytravel florida spacecenter angrybirds games

Of course my poor sense of direction had me walking out the entrance in the mirror cave. Thankfully my husband was able to take my youngest through the cave to the end (into the gift shop). My two oldest teamed up for the laser maze. In a dark room they had to weave through laser lights without setting off an alarm. I must admit I was impressed by their teamwork (we could watch their progress from a monitor).

Working their way through the maze and creating a custom Angry Birds were all fun but the big draw to the Angry Bird Experience had to be the sling shots. Kids (and adults) could take their Angry Bird app targeting skills and apply first hand.

familytravel florida spacecenter angrybirds slingshot

Each of the players were given a target and a supply of Angry Bird stuffies. When the countdown clock starts each person uses a supersized slingshot to hit their target as many times as they could before time runs out.

Forget the passive app play, my son got right into his role. I’ll admit I found myself swept away in the frenzy just watching everyone. A trip to the Kennedy Space Center is always a family experience worth a stop and now your admission includes the Angry Birds Experience.

Thanks to the Kennedy Space Centre for organizing our visit.

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