8 Air Transat Family Perks

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As vacation planning season begins, getting away with ease is almost as important as finding the perfect family destination. Air Transat offers families both with their Family Collection of resorts as well as special perks to make vacationing with kids even easier.

Perks you say? Yes, I was surprised to hear too that Air Transat caters to their family guests even before they reach their resort with their Family Program:

Exclusive Family Check-In Counters: Of course as parents we know how well kids do with waiting. Having a separate check-in means shorter lines and getting to the Starbucks counter that much sooner.


Assistance: Who has the passports? Did Joey bring his stuffie for the plane? How far do we have to walk to the gate? You have to go to the bathroom again? Traveling can be stressful to begin with, add to that the extra gear and requests that kids bring. Just let the folks at Transat know when you check-in that you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and they can help you, whether that’s getting you to the boarding gate or assisting at the the arrival gate.

Pre-Boarding (except on flights to the US): Although I recommend not boarding with the kids too early (let them run off their energy before their forced to stay put in a seat for hours), pre-board is a huge asset for families using car seats. I would entertain the kids in the waiting area while my husband would pre-board and get the seats all hooked-up without holding up the boarding line. We then arrive near the end and buckle-up.

Priority Meal Service: Those long European flights usually mean traveling over mealtime. Now you don’t need to worry if you’re sitting at the back of the plane, Transat ensures children on flights to/from Europe are served first.

Courtesy LIMO: No one likes the end of a vacation but Transat’s courtesy stroller service will at least make it easier to get the kids from the plane to the baggage area. Available in major Canadian city centers of Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, these strollers are available on a first come, first serve basis right when you depart the plane.

Children’s Activity Kit: Designed exclusively for children 2 to 11, this backpack is full of fun and games to keep the kids occupied during the flight.

Air Transat Kids Club: Perks aren’t just for mom and dad. Before your next trip register your kids in the Air Transat Kids Club. Their membership kit with baggage tags for priority baggage handling, coupons for free on-board snacks, free roundtrip seat selection and more. Learn how to register here.


Family Collection: Beyond these family perks, Air Transat has a great selection of family destination ideas in the form of seven different destinations within their Family Collection.

For the Little Ones – Adult relaxation on baby-friendly holidays! Believe it or not, holidays with toddlers and young children can be relaxing! The baby club will look after your children so you can unwind without a care in the world.

Cool for Teens – Keep your teens busy day and night! A club just for teens, a disco playing their favourite hits, a games room, and much more!

Big Families – Large family holidays for families of 5 or more have all the fun in larger adjoining rooms!

Multigenerational – Grandparents, parents, kids and grandkids, all reunited on vacation!

Single Parent – Vacations for single parents! Benefit from reduced rates and family rooms.

Little Fish – Choose the Little Fish selection and dive into a variety of activities from waterparks to waterslides, and everything in between!

Kids Promotion – Kids stay free vacations for accessible family holidays. The kids promotion selection provides savings and hassle-free holidays as your child stays and eats for free!

Think getting away with an infant is impossible? Not sure any destination will entertain your picky teen? Fear you won’t get a chance to relax and enjoy some adult time on the family holiday? Air Transat’s family perks and extensive Family Collection means your next family trip may just be the holiday everyone wants.

Who’s ready to get away?

Sharing is Caring!

6 thoughts on “8 Air Transat Family Perks”

  1. So my question is….I will have to register my son to become a member of the kids club, but my daughter already is…..do I have to do anything special for her so they know shes already a member and is flying again?

    • Hi Lisa,

      That’s a good question. My understanding is you only register your child once. They should be on file as being a member. Your son as a new member would get the ‘welcome kit’ that your daughter already would have received. We’ve recently registered our daughter in the program for a trip we’re taking too.


  2. Did you get paid by transat to promote their airline? Surely a blog post that is a paid advertisement shoudl be indicated as such?

    • Hi Susannah. We totally agree about transparency and any sponsored posts are marked as such in the header image and in the notation at the bottom. I write a lot of family travel content based on experiences or services I think could benefit families. Most of that content isn’t sponsored but my own experiences. Thanks for asking!

  3. We are Air Transat Kid’s Club members and have had great family experiences! Family check in is a breeze. The surprise on board keeps the little one entertained. And the kid meals made travelling with kids easier.

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