6 Ways to Make Your Family Vacation Stress-Free

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I am not a winter person on most days but this winter has been really difficult, with no end in sight. No wonder families look to warmer destinations to help them make it through until summer. If you are planning on a family vacation, I have 6 tips for you to make your trip memorable instead of stressful.

  1. Inform Your Credit Card Company Of Your Travel Plans. My credit card uses are pretty predictable so when I use my card differently, like in a restaurant in Honolulu, the credit card company may decline the card. This is a security measure designed to protect me from fraud but if I’m the one using the card it can be an inconvenience. Whenever we head out of town we always call our credit card company, American Express Canada, to inform them of where we will be and the timeframe of our trip. This avoids any inconveniences when traveling, as the company knows to expect my out of town charges.
  2. Opt for the Lounge. If you’re heading out of the country or you have a long layover during your travel plans, airport lounges are a great reprieve for families. Through Cloud10 select American Express Cardmembers receive access to Plaza Premium and Maple Leaf Lounges within Toronto Pearson International airport giving you a quiet area with complimentary food and beverages (including alcoholic drinks for mom and dad) plus many other features. What a perfect way to start your holiday, calm and relaxed.
  3. Cheaper Is Not Always Better. When flying with a family of five my first thought is to get the cheapest flight possible but sometimes the expression “you get what you pay for” is true. From having to pay for seat assignments and baggage check-in, the extras not covered by cheaper airfare sometimes negate the savings.
  4. Be Prepared for the Worst Case Scenario. Being prepared for the unexpected seems like an oxymoron but it is important especially when traveling with your family. Luggage gets lost. Accidents happen. Flights get delayed. Choosing a credit card like American Express that offers airport perks as well as insurance, offers you peace of mind from check-in to landing.
  5. Travel Like a VIP. Along with lounge access, Cloud10 offers select American Express Cardmembers the VIP treatment. No need to worry about parking the car with complimentary valet parking and getting through security is a breeze with Priority Security Lanes, setting you on the path to a stress-free family holiday. Just more reasons why American Express enables you to start your family holiday stress-free.
  6. Keep the Children Busy. Having your kids running around the airport moments before boarding the flight can get hectic! My trick, is taking advantage of the complimentary WIFI provided by American Express at Toronto Pearson Airport, and the best part, you don’t have to be a Cardmember to use it! Before the flight, Ipad games and movies keep the kids busy and in one spot while we wait for our boarding call.

Booking a recent trip to California and Disney, I love that my American Express Gold Rewards Card makes traveling with my family a little more stress-free. Plus booking my trip through American Express Travel enables me to use my reward points toward my trip while earning reward points for the next family vacation. American Express Canada’s premium service always makes me feel like more than just a customer.

A family vacation should start as a vacation and hopefully these tips will make it less stressful. How did you avoid travel stress when vacationing with your family this march break?

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Sharing is Caring!