5 Ways New Moms Can Still Look Stylish

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Many new mothers find themselves grateful to be down a few sizes, but frustrated at a lack of direction when it comes to picking out the perfect style. One needs to dress practically, given the demands of a newborn, but most moms still want to look good while out and about. There is no need to drag yourself to the store in a ragged but comfy outfit when a few tips will have you looking your best and feeling great, too.

Here are five tips to help new moms look stylish, highlighting how you can bring out the best of yourself and let your inner glow shine outwardly.

#1: Try a Simple Hairstyle

A messy hair day can ruin any look, no matter what you’re wearing. Give a new hat a try to hide a messy hair day.  Alternatively, tie it up so that your little one has nothing to grab onto. Many mothers love the convenience of hairdressers who come to your home. They save a massive amount of time.

Ask around at local salons or look online – you’ll be quite surprised at how many talented stylists will travel. When in a pinch, pull your hair into a pony and give it a few run-throughs with your hair straightener. Every new mom needs a good selection of clips, hairbands, and other accessories. With just a few subtle changes, you can change your look over and over again. Try keeping a bottle of dry shampoo on hand for those days where you just don’t have the time to wash it.

young mom with ponytail holding baby outside

#2: You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Style for Comfort

Just because you are dressing practical, doesn’t mean you need to wear oversize clothing and tracksuit pants. T-shirts and casual dresses are comfortable and ideal for almost any situation.

Stay away from heels. There is no chance of catching a toddler at full speed in a park while wearing heels.

Similarly, dress in layers. You never know when the baby could mess on you. Layers also let you be comfy but presentable, offering the greatest degree of style flexibility.

Sandals are great for moms, too, especially during warmer weather. Make sure you get sandals with straps around the ankles, as it makes running infinitely more comfortable. All of your shoes should be designed to be worn all day. You want the most comfy (but cute) pairs available.

young mom in casual blue dress holding baby boy

#3: Carry Basic Cosmetics

Most new mothers don’t really have the time to go through an arduous cosmetic process. However, simple makeup – lip gloss, concealer, tinted moisturizer, etc. – is effortless to apply and easy to carry. You can also use a bit of blush or a light bronzer to mask signs of fatigue. After all, it’ll always catch up to you at some point. Wearing a little makeup every day – even just waterproof mascara and gloss – gives you a good feeling and lets you dress up a standard outfit in just a few touches. Get yourself products with built-in SPF or get dedicated sunscreen. Between your busy lifestyle and your slowly-but-surely rebalancing body, your skin needs the protection.

young mom applying simple makeup

#4: Keep Up Good Skin Care

You don’t necessarily need to adopt the above makeup tips, but you’ve got to keep up a good skin care routine. No new mother can overlook the importance of skin care. Make sure you cleanse and moisturize every night. Don’t skip a session, even if you are tired. There are lots of products designed to make skin care quick and easy if you’re pressed for time. Try to carry a serum or oil designed to treat stretch marks and apply it infrequently throughout the day. These treatments work best when used frequently and supply your skin with essential nutrition, oils, and hydration. You might also carry a mister with you for facial hydration, especially if you’ve got a day full of playdates and trips to the park.

young woman applying moisturizer

#5: Clean Clothes Only

No matter what you’re wearing, make sure it’s clean. Far too often, mothers overlook how much different a change of clothing can make you feel. When you wear clothing that’s old, worn, or perhaps grimy from one-wear-too-many, you feel the part.

If you’re wearing clothing that’s taken a knock from overuse, it’ll do a number on your confidence. Instead of putting on one of your old T-shirts, go shopping for a new selection to fit your new sense of self as a mother. At the same time, go for a brand new pair of jeans and spare no expense. Getting something you love that pairs easily with jackets, T-shirts, and everything from casual to semi-formal wear is well worth the effort.

Casual dresses are just as versatile, except you don’t need to even pair them with anything else. Add jewelry, an accessory or a hat, and you’re good to go for almost anything.

young mom with toddler son in the park

Finding Your Style

Most often, new moms need to pick out a few new items of clothing to help shift into a lifted sense of style. If your wardrobe isn’t working and you’ve got nothing but old, comfy clothes left, then keep these for evenings at home. All mothers can enjoy looking and feeling great with just a few small preparations and perhaps a new dress.

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Sharing is Caring!

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