Remembering My Mom on Mother’s Day

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I have missed my mom every day since she passed away over five years ago but her presence is noticed even more on holidays and especially on Mother’s Day, a day we celebrate and spoil those that have tirelessly looked after us since we were born.

Having given birth to our third child just over a month ago, I couldn’t help but think of my own mother and how much of an impact she had on my life. This was also the first time I was pregnant that my mom wasn’t aware of. I could only imagine her reaction if I had the chance to tell her we were expecting again after all these years (our next youngest is 6.5 and our eldest is 8). She always thought I was a little on the crazy side so this would have confirmed that for her for the bazillionth time.

When our son was born in 2006, my mom had flown to Vancouver for his birth but he arrived ridiculously late, so late she had to change her flight to extend her stay and miss a wedding so she could be here to greet him. In 2005 when our first was born, she was supposed to be here visiting with my father but he had fallen ill suddenly and they weren’t able to travel. Instead, a mere 56 hours after our daughter was born, my husband and I flew to Winnipeg to be with them. My father passed away days later and since I was on maternity leave, I spent a great deal of time in Manitoba with my mom and new baby girl.

Our kids were only almost three and seventeen months when she died so I never really had the chance to fully express to her how being a mom myself helped me appreciate her and everything she did for my sister and I even more. This is something that becomes more and more evident for me on a daily basis and as our kids have grown up. I catch myself saying things to our kids that she said to me and wish I had the opportunity to confess to her that she was right (again, and again) and that I learned so much from her.

I miss her more than words could express and on countless occasions I have wanted to pick up the phone to call her to ask her opinion on something, what she recommended I do in a particular situation, how best to care for a flu ridden child and even to find out what I was like when I was our kids age.

So this Mother’s Day, like all others, I will celebrate and remember my mom, an amazing lady who set a very high standard and gave me some big shoes to fill when it comes to this motherhood gig.

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Sue Sinclair is the Chief Executive Mom of Raspberry Kids, an online lifestyle store that features fresh, healthy and fun products for little ones and families.  She is “Everything Mom” to three extraordinary children aged 8, 6.5 and 5 weeks.  She enjoys travelling, exercising, good food and bevvies and loves spending time with her family and friends.

Sharing is Caring!

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