50 Ways to Feel Happy

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Do you feel happy? As moms, we sometimes have days that feel overwhelming. In the midst of everything, sometimes we lose sight of ourselves and our ability to feel happy. When these days become many, often it is because deeper issues are at play than the daily parenting grind. To help with those days, I have come up with 50 Ways to Feel Happy to remind us to live and love joyfully, every day.

1. Stop behaving badly.
We know the things we do that are not good for us, make us feel bad about ourselves – stop doing those things. Do what feels right.

2. Moderate everything.
Too much of anything is bad for us. Know when to say enough is enough.

3. Stop procrastinating.

Chunk it down, do one thing right now that you have been putting off.

4. Face it.
You know what you avoid and what negative activities help you escape. Make a plan to face it – head on. Get help if you need it. But, deal.

5. Forgive.
It is not about letting them off the hook. It is about you, stop carrying that weight around with you. The load will crush you.

6. Laugh. Lots.

At anything and everything, for no reason at all. Have a tickle fight, watch movies, do what you have to do to evoke deep belly laughs.

7. Dance.
By yourself, with children or with others. Just dance, bounce, bop – move.

8. Do something wild.

Something that you have always wanted to do, but fear held you back. (Keep it legal, people.) 🙂

9. Get quiet.
Meditate, pray, breathe. Quiet your mind for as long as you can each day.

10. Decide.
Stagnation works against you. Make the decision that is right within the depths of your soul.

11. Manage your money.
Trusting yourself to manage your money well builds confidence.

12. Toss it.
Get rid of everything that does not serve a purpose or bring you joy. Recycle, donate, re-gift…

13. Feel it.
Get angry, cry your heart out. Don’t stuff, ignore or hide from it. Feel it fully and move on.

14. Use the good stuff.
Don’t stow it away for special occasions that rarely happen. Every day is a special occasion.

15. Have sex.

Good, meaningful, healthy sex is good for your mind, your body and your soul.

16. You are in charge
You, alone, are in charge of your happiness. Stop expecting others to make you happy.

17. Make it mean something.

Know that you bring meaning to every experience. Make it mean something wonderful, not dreadful.

18. Does it matter?

In a few days, months, years – will this matter? If not, let it go.

19. Eat well.
Make healthy choices that nourish our body.

20. Meet the challenge.

Life sends us challenges, meet them with confidence, compassion, and determination.

21. Give love.
Asking “how can I serve” brings a profound sense of purpose and joy.

22. Smile.
At everyone.

23. Accept.
It is what it is. What are you going to do with it?

24. Create.

Write, draw, design, play – express.

25. Prioritize.
Make lists, do what is important first.

26. Ignore.
What does not affect you, your family or those close to you, if it does not really matter, ignore it.

27. Be thankful.
Express gratitude for everything – big and small.

28. Get away.
For an hour, a day, a week or more. Find solitude to simply be with yourself.

29. Impress yourself.
Focus on doing what impresses yourself, not others.

30. Be proud.
Of yourself, of others.

31. Respect.
Keep respect for other’s opinions, actions and beliefs. They have theirs, you have yours.

32. Stop worrying.
Do what you can do then let it go.

33. Exercise.
A lot, or a little. Just start.

34. Be honest.

With yourself and others. Always.

35. Clean.
Seriously? Yes, clean surroundings make us feel better. Honest.

36. Explore.

Don’t stay stuck where you are. Get out, discover something, have fun!

37. Quit.

Stop doing what is not bringing you health and happiness.

38. Relax.
Chill out, get over it, kick back.

39. Be committed.
Stop talking about it, do it. Be accountable.

40. Be you.
Love what you love, do what you do, be who you are.

41. Vent.

A little, not a lot – but enough.

42. Try harder.
You know what you need to do, work at it.

43. Stop trying to please.

Do things for others with the intent to serve, not please.

44. Flirt.
Have fun, create romance with those you love.

45. Apologize.
Say it and mean it. Lip service means nothing.

46. Say no.
Stop overdoing it. Set your limits and stick to them.

47. Say yes.
Learn to give more to who / what matter most.

48. Write.

Start a journal or a blog. The written word has the power to heal.

49. Let go.
You know what is draining you. Let it go to make room for something that inspires and moves you.

50. Look forward.

The best is yet to come, if you’ll let it.

Sharing is Caring!

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