7 Things Every Woman Needs

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It’s true: money doesn’t buy happiness

Go figure! Most the things that make us truly content are actually a result of how we feel about ourselves, the people around us, and our role in the world. So, how do you feel good about yourself, to find happiness? Who should be there, to share it? And what does happiness look like, anyway? Here’s what you need:


1. A bra that fits.

Getting professionally sized for a bra that doesn’t scream ‘Take me off!’ by 4 p.m. can actually give you more energy, and decrease back and shoulder pain while putting the twins exactly where they’re supposed to be.

2. A signature song.

A go-to song to crank up while getting ready for work, laze about listening to on rainy days, or that’s so symbolic, you can’t hear it without being brought back in time. It’s magical.

3. A friend with an infectious laugh.

There’s no way to feel blue when you’re on the other end of the phone with someone who radiates sunshine.

4. Passion.

Busy moms, in particular, need something that’s their own to embrace after meeting the demands of work, family, marriage and friends. Whether it’s literature or writing, baking sweet treats or cooking French gourmet, find the hobby that means the world to you and dive in.

5. A romantic memory.

Fighting or tension in a relationship can get even the most in love of us down. A memory, even one so over-the-top romantic, like a Hollywood-moment kiss on a dark and stormy night, can help you hang on to the good feelings during the tough times.

6. A set of lingerie that makes you feel sexy.

Feminine, naughty, what ever your style, having something to wear under your signature jeans and t-shirt that makes you feel all-woman can give you a confident swagger.

7. An emergency fund.

Yes, I had to throw responsibility in here. Financial worries and insecurity can be major causes of fights in relationships, anxiety and depression. Build an emergency fund to immunize your life from this type of stress, even if you can only afford to save a few dollars a week. How much do you need? Start with $1000, if you have interest-accruing debts to pay off; once you’re debt-free, aim for 3-6 months’ worth of expenses.

Sharing is Caring!