Throwback Thursday: Eight Seconds

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When I lived in Ottawa, my high school years, I loved the local boy band Eight Seconds.  Every time one of their songs came on MuchMusic I would turn up the volume and sing to the capacity of my lungs and vocal cords. I especially loved their song Kiss You When It’s Dangerous.

I’ll. Kiss. You. When. It’s. Dangerous.


I’m sure in my teen crush days I imagined the band’s lead singer Andrés del Castillo was singing to me, of course. Thankfully my dear friend Kristin understood my obsession. I’m not sure who convinced who but we took a trip to Commissioner Street in downtown Ottawa to recreate one of the band’s photos. They all stood around the signpost on Commissioner’s Street. I think it was on a promotional postcard.

Sure, we were a few members shy of the band numbers but that didn’t stop Kristin and I. We stood unabashed on the corner striking a pose or two. I didn’t keep my fandom quiet. A reporter friend of mine (this is when I worked as a layout artist on the community paper) was set to interview the band and snagged me an autographed copy of their latest record. On vinyl of course. No CDs in my collection then. I don’t think I ever played that album for fear of rubbing the autograph off, plus I already had a playable copy.

 throwback thursday eightseconds band

Looking back now I don’t think I’ve ever had another band crush like I did for Eight Seconds. Maybe it was because they were local boys. Maybe it was Andres’ blond locks. Funny, I don’t know where that autographed album is now.

Sharing is Caring!