My Eyes Remind Me of My Age

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I remember being in school and saying my parents were 36 years old. For years they were 36, never aging. Not physically but in my mind. Now as an adult I still don’t give age much thought. If someone was to ask I have to do the math, current year minus my birth year.

I often forget I’m in my forties. I don’t feel any different than I did in my thirties, or maybe my mind has adjusted to my present state telling me that my skills and abilities now are what I could always do (self preservation mode). Then the inevitable happened on my last eye visit. I was told my vision for distance and closeness were different resulting in, dun dun dun….progressive lenses.

You know, progressive, as in bifocals but a little more modern, a lens that gradually transitions your prescription across the surface of your glass, top for distance and bottom for closeness. I remember adjusting to my last pair of glasses and as someone who recently suffers from motion sickness I was worried about adjusting to a lens that changed as you moved your head or eye focus.

Thankfully the shop recommended Home & Office lenses as a step before progressive. My new pair of glasses still transition my prescription across the lens but the focus is on my close reading, the top for short distances up to 6 feet and the bottom for close reading. This ensures the glass gives me more spread for my reading needs. The downside is I have to switch to my old pair of glasses for distances like driving. I have worn my new Home & Office lenses when traveling in the car and having items in the distant out of focus and moving made me a little nauseous.

I will have to move into progressive lenses sooner rather than later but the Home Office lenses are a nice transition. It does take some adjusting to find the right point in the glass to get the clearest focus when reading (depending on how close or far I hold the material) but overall I’ve been really happy.

At least technology means my glasses don’t look like they are compensating for my aged eyesight. Just the thought that they are a step closer to progressive lenses reminds me of my age but that thought will soon fade with so many thoughts just floating temporarily in my mind (not an age thing, really). Have you ever had something in your life remind you of your age?

Sharing is Caring!

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