Choosing a Healthier Track

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For many of us, we know we should be doing more or less of a lot of things in life. More exercise, meditation, healthy food and laughter. Less carbs, sugar, wine and stress.

Usually, in September or January, you see scours of people recalibrating their body in the gym or at the grocery store.

Some of us put off making healthy changes until that elusive time in the future when it we think it might be easier to make changes. Until one day, our body (or our doctor) tells us the time is now.

My body has been telling me for a couple of years I needed to make changes. I buried my head in the sand because those changes scare the bejeezus out of me.

Until this summer. It was not just my exhausted, sore and bloated body, it was my brain. I became foggy, forgetful and completely out of sorts.

So, from June – October, I ran the gamut with my doctor, acupuncturist and naturopath to get the bottom of what was going on and what I needed to do to change.

Traditional medicine found nothing “wrong”. My doctor told me Diet is Everything – you need to change your food and exercise more. Change food how? What exactly is making me feel this way? I left feeling deflated, lost and depressed.

Alternative medicine showed me a bigger picture. The past 5 months and completed test results tell me:

  • I am sensitive to 33 foods and should avoid them
  • I have Leaky Gut Syndrome (or Intestinal Permeability)
  • I have Systemic Candida

There are a gazillion opinions on these conditions. It can be extremely challenging to navigate conflicting information. I found myself panicking and not knowing what the “right” answer was, who to trust or what to do to feel better.

So, I did what always works for me. I meditated and asked for guidance.

David Wolfe popped into my mind, whom I have been a fan of for many years. I read what he had to say about Candida and it completely resonated with me.

Here’s my plan for the next 6-12 months:


— All 33 foods that I am sensitive too, along with the foods/beverages on my personalized Candida Wellness Plan.


– Meditating (again).
– Exercising
– Finding ways to prepare and enjoy the foods I can have. This includes making best friends with my BlendTec.

And I am petrified, friends. I just can’t imagine what my life will be like without having sugar, bread, cheese, pasta and wine to carry me through the hard parts.

All of my usual vices. Gone. Time for some new, healthier options to hold me up. I’ll be sharing my journey with you along the way. If you’ve been putting off some changes you know you want to make, I invite you to join me.


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Sharing is Caring!

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