The Ultimate List of Mad Libs For Kids

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When we grew up, I am sure that we all played at least 100 + games of Mad Libs. We used to beg our moms to buy us the Mad Libs books at the store for hours of entertainment. Thankfully now you can pop on the internet and find Mad Libs Games for Kids to keep them entertained and off screens. Use this ultimate list of mad LIbs games for kids to find the perfect game every single time!

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What are Mad Libs for Kids?

What are Mad libs kids?

Mad Libs for kids are fun short stories based on words that they pick according to what part of speech it wants you to put in the blank space.

The best way to do mad libs is with two players when one friend asks the other for the required part of speech and then, in the end, reads back the story to them.

Once done, they switch, and the other person provides the parts of speech while the other one fills in the blanks and reads the story back.

Are Mad Libs Educational?

It is debatable whether Mad Libs are educational or not. It does motivate kids to think outside the box when it comes to parts of speech, but there are no real clear-cut educational benefits that Mad Libs provide. They sure are a fun way to use different parts of speech, though!

What is Mad Libs Good for?

Laughter really is the best medicine, and Mad Libs provide lots of laughter! This is a fun game that creates a hysterical story to play with your friends and family.

Does the Theme of Mad Libs Matter?

Each Mad Libs story has a theme! It is best for you to focus your answers on this theme so that your story makes sense.

What are the Parts of Speech?

What are the Parts of Speech?

In Mad Libs, you will use various parts of speech; here is a refresher on how to use them!

  • Verb- Action word. (run, swim, jump)
  • Adverb- Describes the action, usually ends in “ly” (ran slowly, swam quickly, jumped loudly)
  • Noun- Person, place or thing (New York City, Sue, Ball)
  • Pronoun- Used instead of a noun (him, her, I, she)
  • Adjective- Describes the person, place, or thing. (Dirty, clean, crowded)
  • Conjunction- joins words together (and, because, also)

The Ultimate List of Mad Libs for Kids

With this list, you can just print off the blog post and then insert the correct word into the blank space and then create a funny story that everyone will love!

1. Let’s Build a Snowman

Everyone loves to build a snowman! This Mad Libs for kids will have your kids laughing when it is time to build the ultimate snowman!

“Let’s build a snowman,” said _(noun). First we need to have a _(adverb) snowstorm. As we watched the snow fall _(adverb) from the sky it made me so hungry that I could eat _ (noun). Once there was enough snow, we went outside to build the _(adverb) snowman ever. We grabbed our _(item of clothing) that was _(adverb) and _ (adverb). We began rolling the snow__________ (adverb) until we couldn’t lift it anymore. We did this again and again until there were _ (number) _ (adjective) on top of each other. We _(verb) to find _(noun) in the road, but could only find _ (noun). The eyes were made of _ (noun), the nose was a _(adjective) _ (adjective)_ noun. Mom gave us her old _ (noun) to use for the top of his head. We stepped back and said this is the _ (adjective) snowman we have ever made and we called him _ (noun).

2. The Picnic

Everyone loves a good picnic story! This one can be truly epic when you insert just the right words!

Every _(month) _(number) we always have a picnic at _ (place). We invite _ (noun) and _ (noun). It is next to a very _ (adjective) lake. We have to walk _ (adverb) to get there without _ (Verb). There are _(animal) and _ (animal) which are very _ (adjective). We eat lots of food that everyone _ (adjective). The games are my favorite part. We play _ (verb-ing) and _ (verb-ing) until we can’t walk anymore. Then we _(verb) back and relax under the old shade tree until _(noun) says, “Happy Birthday!”

3. Pizza Time!

Every kid loves pizza! So why not create fun Mad Libs for them to do while they wait for their pizza to cook! This is sure to create a lot of fun laughs in no time!

_ (noun) said we were going to go eat pizza at _(place). _ (noun) knows that I don’t like that place because of Chef _ (name). So I decided I was going to make the most complicated pizza this time to make him make a mistake. I told him to take a lump of _(noun) and make it as thin as he possibly could. I told him to make it in the shape of _(noun). Then put some _ (adjective) _ (noun) on the pizza to cover it completely. Then add some _ (adjective) sauce _ (adverb) and come cheese _ (adverb). Don’t forget the _ (name of a food)! When it is time to bake it I remind the Chef to put it in the hot _ (noun) and to cut it into _ (number) pieces. When the Chef brought out my pizza it looked _ (adjective) and I loved it! I would eat this pizza _ (number) a month now!

4. Road Trip

This is the perfect road trip activity to add to your trip! This Road trip, Mad Libs, will have you laughing for hours!

On the _ (adjective) road to _ (place), my _ (adjective) family and I decided to invent a new game to help us pass the time. Since this would be a rather long trip _(number) hours we knew we needed to come up with something with _ (plural noun) and _ (plural noun). Using the knowledge we learned from _(noun) to _ (verb) we tried to get all the way to (noun, place) without _ (verb), but it didn’t work too well because _ (noun) kept _ (verb-ing) at us to go away! After a few failed attempts we thought we could really use some _ (plural noun) so we turned down the _ (adverb) road and started _ (verb-ing) at the top of our lungs to _ (noun) who finally stopped the _ (noun). Before I knew it I woke up and looked around me only to see _ (plural noun) _ and _ (plural noun) all around me, but no _ (noun). I scratched my head (adjective) and wondered where on earth my _ (noun) was. I was grateful we only had _ (number) hours left until we arrived at __ (place).

5. Halloween Night

Will Halloween night give you a fright with these fun Mad Libs? It just might make you!

One _ (adjective) night, no stars were in the _ (color) night. It was only _ (number) days until Halloween Night. Thunder roared _ (adverb) and the _ (color) lightning flashed through the trees. We heard the sound of _ (plural nouns) and __ (plural nouns) in the distance.

It was finally Halloween night and it was _(adjective) and _ (adjective). I was dressed up as a _ (noun). My _ (adjective) bag was filled with _ (adjective) _ (food) overflowing. I couldn’t wait to eat the __ (noun) hidden at the bottom of the bag.

I wanted to go to _ (number) more _ (adjective) houses before making the trip home. As I _ (verb) up the driveway to _ (adverb) say Trick or Treat I wondered just what I would get. I rang the doorbell and _ (plural nouns) _ (verb) out from behind the _ (noun) I screamed _ (adverb) and scared the _ (adjective) _ (noun) standing at the door. I dropped all my _ (noun) out of my bag and _ (verb) home as fast as I could.

6. Christmas Cookies

Everyone loves to bake cookies! Here you will love how to bake your very own cookies this year.

It is my favorite time of the year. The _(adjective) nights and the _(color) Christmas lights are some of my favorite things! But my most favorite thing is baking cookies with _ (noun). It has been a tradition for _ (number) years. I love to help _ (verb) the _ (ingredient) into the _ (adjective) mixing bowl _ (adverb). This year _ (noun) is letting me make _ (cookie) all by myself. All I have to do is mix _ (noun), _(noun), and _ (noun) to make the most _(adjective) cookies that you have ever tasted! We then take them to _ (place) for _ (plural noun) to enjoy. It really is my favorite thing to do.

Did you love these Mad Libs for kids? Share your favorite mad libs in the comments!

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