13 Handmade Costumes for Your Child’s First Halloween

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My kids have enjoyed a few Halloween nights but I still remember their first. My husband and I dressed the kids up, even when they were too little to understand the whole concept of Halloween or too young to enjoy the sugary fruits of their labour. I still have their first Halloween costumes.

Firsts are important moments for us parents and for the kids. If you’re looking for unique and memorable Halloween costumes to for that first trick or treat event there’s no better place to look than Etsy Canada. These 13 handmade costumes are just a few that I love.

Pumpkin Costume from JIFRE

Pumpkin Costume from JIFRE
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Can you imagine a Halloween without pumpkins? No, right? So, how about you dress up your little pumpkin in this cute little pumpkin costume? This unisex romper is all you need to make your baby stand out!

Tinker Bell Costume from Disney

Tinker Bell Costume from Disney
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Are you a fan of Tinker Bell? Then how about you make your little sunshine look like a fairy in green? Get your hands on this pretty winged costume for this Halloween!

Animal Costume from OLLULL

Animal Costume from OLLULL
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Have you ever imagined how your baby would look if they had a tail? Well, this super cute dinosaur romper will let you see that with your own eyes!

Ghost Hood Costume from Unutiylo

Ghost Hood Costume from Unutiylo
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I liked to scare people when I was a kid. If you are a mommy to such a kid, you can get this adorably scary Skull and Bones costume for them. They will not want to remove it even when Halloween is over. Trust me.

Monster Romper from Rubie’s

Monster Romper from Rubie’s
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If your little one likes listening to the stories of monsters, get this monster costume for them this Halloween. They will be the cutest monsters in town!

Fairy Costumes from Melodylinen

Melodylinen Handmade Fairy Costume

With colourful tutus, a headband and shimmery wings what child wouldn’t look like an adorable fairy.

Burrito Blanket from Awesome Sauce Designs

Awesome Sauce Design Handmade Burrito Costume

Want to keep your little one wrapped up this Halloween? Why not in a burrito? Okay, a burrito blanket but still super cute.

Link Legend of Zelda from Strange Galaxy

Strange Galaxy Handmade Zelda Costume

The gamer in me loves this Link costume from Legend of Zelda. You’re child may not get the connection but those hip gamer parents will give you the nod.

Mummy Tutu from Elenas Little Shoppe

Elanas Little Shoppe Mummy Tutu

Tutus are so versatile especially when you see this take on a baby mummy costume. How spooky fun is this?

Hula Girl from Jackcosmo

Jackcosmo Handmade Hula Girl Costume

Hula Girl was one of my favourite costumes as a kid but this hula costume has to be the cutest. For the boys you can still go beachy with a nice red lobster costume.

Woodland Pixie Twins from Mad About Colour

Made About Colour Handmade Twin Woodland Pixies Costume

Twins are a whole other story. I’ve never had them but there’s something about dressing them in related costumes that you just can’t pass up, like this pixie and elf.

Peacock from Ashley Marie Berry


Not all babies will stand for over accessorized costumes that’s why using a child’s diaper cover as the base is genius. I really like the colours on this peacock costume.

Hungry Caterpillar from Amy’s Purls

Amyspurls Handmade Hungry Caterpiller Costume

Another great bunting style costume for wee ones is this hungry little caterpillar. The colourful stripes are recognizable to kids and parents alike.

Sock Monkey from IraRott Designs

IraRottDesign Handmade Sock Monkey Costume

A sock monkey is another recognizable character but instead of trying to get little legs and arms into sleeves try this cocoon design.

Baby Leprechaun from 2badmonkeys

2BadMonkies Handmade Baby Leprechaun Costume

How about celebrating another holiday during Halloween with this lucky little leprechaun and hat?

Owl Costume from The Eclectic Dandelion

EclecticDandelion Handmade Owl Costume

I just adore these owl wings with mask. They are creative plus they are made with repurposed material. Ecologically friendly and fun.

LadyBug Cape from Loopde Lulu

Loopdelulu Handmade Ladybug Cap Costume

Another great pretend costume. Whether it’s a fairy , an owl or a ladybug, wings are always a fun costume idea and great for pretend play afterwards.

Cabbage Patch Girl from Livwith Grace

LivwithGrace Handmade CabbagePatch Girl Costume

Sometimes all a costume needs is the right accessory. This crocheted hat to resemble the hair from a Cabbage Patch kid is great and will work with any clothing you already have in the closet.

I am always amazed by the creativity of others when I visit the Etsy Canada shops. These are just a few of my favourite handmade Halloween finds. Your child will certainly make an impression in the neighbourhood wearing one of these unique costumes and they will make great memories to put away for when they are older.

Images courtesy of Etsy Canada shops

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