Stocking Stuffers For Everyone

Are you stumped looking for stocking stuffers?  You’re in luck-I’ve scouted the stores and come up with a huge list of things to choose from.  Everything is separated by interest, so you will surely find lots of things to fill your sweetie’s stockings!  Ready? Set? Go!



  • CDs/iTunes card
  • DVDs
  • Blank re-writeable Cd’s
  • Memory card
  • USB drive
  • rechargeable batteries
  • Cloth for cleaning laptop or camera screens
  • mini tripod
  • mouse pad
  • a year’s subscription to Flickr Pro
  • earbuds
  • gift card for DVD rentals
  • gourmet mixes and seasonings (such as Orange Crate)
  • gift cards to favorite coffee shop or gourmet grocer
  • specialty coffees, tea, hot chocolate, or apple cider mixes
  • tiny bottle of kaluah, rum, or whatever strikes your fancy!
  • kitchen gadgets, such as a silicon basting brush, banana keeper, or a mini crockpot for fondue
  • wine bottle stopper
  • wine glass charms
  • drink stirrers
  • good quality measuring cups or spoons
  • Mabel’s labels spice jar labels
  • edible ink pens
  • good quality cookie cutters
  • plant markers
  • gardening tool set
  • kneeling mat
  • gardening gloves
  • seeds/bulbs
  • Might Bright Craft Light
  • Gypsy Quilter Gripper
  • mini foldable scissors
  • funky yarn or wool, different sized crochet hooks
  • unusual buttons
  • plastic tabs for cross stitchers to wind thread onto
  • pincushion
  • paint, paint brushes
  • sketchbook
  • nice pencil crayons or drawing markers
  • scrapbooking papers and supplies
  • stencils
  • Christmas ornament
  • books
  • magazine subscriptions
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • travel games
  • coloring books
  • stickers
  • Playmobil (there’s even a little Santa!)
  • yo yo
  • dominoes
  • silly putty
  • swim goggles
  • tickets to the local public pool
  • tickets to the local movie theater
  • gift card to a favorite place for a treat
  • gift card to a DVD rental place
  • tickets to the skating rink
  • mittens
  • hat
  • t-shirts
  • glow sticks
  • kazoo
  • harmonica
  • Uno
  • Skip Bo
  • art supplies (finger paint, paper, felts, crayons, pipe cleaners, etc)
  • candy
  • fun magnets
  • mini magna doodle
  • Nintendo DS Character Stylus
  • alarm clock
  • reading lamp
  • playdough and cookie cutters
  • slinky
  • small puzzles
  • plastic animals
  • book light (older children)
  • flashlight
  • pjs
  • Schylling woodpecker (you wouldn’t believe how many kids love this thing)
  • puzzles
  • hacky sack
  • buckets
  • bubbles
  • balls
  • glow in the dark stars
  • tangle
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  • Only Hearts Club doll accessories (clothes, pets, etc)
  • webkinz clips
  • treasure box
  • doll clothes, bottles, and other small items
  • coin purse (put money in it!)
  • Melissa and Doug sticker collection
  • funky socks
  • m3 Snap Caps
  • stamps, stamp pad, and paper
  • friendship bracelet kit
  • bath products
  • crochet hook and wool (if you want to teach them how to crochet)
  • simple cross stitch kit (pre-teen)
  • fairy wand and crown
  • tutu (and other dress up clothes)
  • costume jewelry
  • finger puppets
  • Ugly dolls
  • Ikea Kid’s kitchen playsets

The possibilities are endless!  You can build a theme for the stocking (think pjs, slipper socks, books, new toothbrushes, a small stuffy, candy, and a DVD)  Or include things that go with that huge Santa gift.  I swear I have more fun with the stockings than buying the big gift, but then again, isn’t that half the fun of Christmas?

Did we miss any?  Add them in the comments… 🙂

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    Wish there was a printable version of this…

    • Carrie Anne November 17, 2015 at 6:52 pm - Reply

      That’s a great idea Britteny. I should make a note of that.

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