Soup Recipe: White Bean and Kale Soup

Free Meal Plan: White Bean and Kale Soup

I’ve seen it all over twitter; “I have a ton of kale. What do I do with it?” This soup recipe is my answer. Honestly, I don’t eat a lot of kale, but this soup was really good. Make sure to pre-soak the beans so that they cook up quickly for you. I wouldn’t freeze this soup once you have added the cream, but if you freeze it and add the cream upon thawing and re-heating, that would be okay.

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Salad Recipe: Thai Mango Salad with Grilled Prawns

Free Meal Plan: Thai Mango Salad with Grilled PrawnsMy photo for this dish really doesn’t do it justice. The sweet mango, spicy chili, salty marinade comes together for a light meal perfect for the deck on a summer day. You can grill the prawns on the barbecue or broil them in the oven, if you wish. Fresco tiny cucumbers by Windset Farms would be perfect for this salad, as they are so deliciously sweet.

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Chicken Recipe: Anne’s Roasted Potato and Green Bean Balsamic Chicken Salad


My friend Anne sent me the idea for the salad, and one night when I didn’t really feel like cooking, I threw it together and voila! A really delicious dinner salad. Cook an extra chicken from the night before and use the left over meat to make the salad for a quick, low fuss option.

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Curry Recipe: Curried Potato Chick Pea Patties

meal_plan_curried-potatocakesStumped for dinner one evening, I sent a plea out to Twitter for dinner inspiration. Katie responded with this recipe and I was intrigued. Spicy and delicious, these patties are great cold for a snack, hot with a salad and some mango chutney, or tucked into a lunch box. Add more chili flakes if you like spicy, but for kids I’d leave them out.

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Snack Recipe: Lettuce Wraps

Free Meal Plan: Lettuce WrapsI had planned to make this dish when Hubs wasn’t going to be home one night, expecting that he wouldn’t like it. That evening he showed up at home right before dinner and even though he wasn’t sure about it, he was game to give it a try. Served with steamed rice, salad, and some spring rolls with plum sauce for dipping, this made a really tasty dinner that even my super picky husband raved about! These would be fantastic for Chinese New Year on Feb 3rd.

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Curry Recipe: Vegetable Curry

Free Meal Plan: Vegetable CurryCreamy and mild, you will never miss the meat when you serve this delicious vegetarian curry over basmati rice. Lentils make the sauce filling and rich, yet you barely notice they are there. We had this with steamed rice, fresh naan, and mango chutney. It made fantastic leftovers and has been deemed a favorite by my teenager!

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