Free Meal Plan: Fridge-Cleaner Frittata

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It’s a short week, thanks to Easter, and we’re settling into our longer days and sunny mealtimes. I’m feeling more creative these days, enjoying the sun coming into my kitchen, and am in the mood to expand my culinary horizons and think summery thoughts with crispy fried shrimp sandwiches, mint-ginger chicken kabobs with spicy raita, and fall-apart beer brisket. We’ll practice summery dishes and dream of a few months ahead. With any luck, we’ll be dining al fresco! Maybe.


Free Meal Plan Potato Asparagus PizzasThe kids can help make pizza dough on the holiday Monday – let each family member roll and top their own, or get creative and push beyond the usual tomato sauce, pepperoni and cheese with this springy new potato and asparagus combo. It’s surprisingly delicious, and perfect for spring!

Potato Asparagus Pizzas

Photo credit: Brooke of Cheeky Kitchen


Free Meal Plan Fried Shrimp Sandwiches on FocacciaInspired by her favourite meal on a recent trip to New York, Jan of Family Bites created this crispy shrimp sandwich, with pan-fried shrimp, radicchio slaw and chipotle aioli, all stacked on a focaccia bun. Sandwiches are perfect for dinner!

Fried Shrimp Sandwiches on Focaccia

Photo credit: Jan of Family Bites


Free Meal Plan Fall-Apart Beer BrisketA good braised brisket need not be reserved for leisurely weekends; in fact braising – the process of cooking a tough piece of meat for a long time at a low temperature, helped along with some liquid – is among the easiest cooking techniques. Do it in the slow cooker if you want to – and if you don’t want to use beer, swap it for stock or tomato juice.

Fall-Apart Beer Brisket

Photo credit: CanolaInfo.org


Free Meal Plan Mint and Ginger Chicken Kabobs with Spicy RaitaGet a jump on the weekend and fire up the barbecue for a round of mildly spiced ginger chicken kebabs, served with cooling raita for dipping. Perfect for a party, or for dinner served atop rice with a simple green salad or grilled asparagus.

Mint and Ginger Chicken Kabobs with Spicy Raita

Photo credit: Bal’s Quick & Healthy Indian, by Bal Arneson (Whitecap)


free meal plan fridge cleaner frittataThere always tend to be leftover eggs after Easter – dyed or blown from their shells, and perhaps leftover ham from the big roast, and baked or roasted potatoes to use up. All signs point to a frittata. Use whatever veggies you like here – anything from peppers to mushrooms to peas will be fabulous. If they’re uncooked, sauté them first to get rid of excess moisture.

Fridge-Cleaner Frittata

Sharing is Caring!

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