Free Meal Plan: 5 Dinner Party Dishes

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I’m stretching my creative muscles this week, with different dishes that seem somehow celebratory (it is the week of love, after all) and yet simple to put together. It’s a great time to celebrate those you love – I may invite friends and family over to share chai salmon, white pizzas with garlic and arugula, or a hearty beef stew with mushrooms. It doesn’t have to be the weekend to host a dinner party!


Free Meal Plan: Boursin Spinach ToastsThis brilliant creation is no more than poached eggs on toast, upgraded with soft, spreadable Boursin cheese and quickly wilted spinach. The result – something reminiscent of eggs Benny, without the Hollandaise. It’s sure to become a new go-to dinnertime solution!

Boursin Spinach Toasts

Photo credit: Sue of Food Where I Live


Free Meal Plan: Chai Salmon with Lemon Dill PotatoesWho says Chai is only for tea? The Indian spice mix lends itself well to quickly roasted salmon. If the kids turn up their noses at added spice, roast theirs plain and add Chai for the grown-ups.

Chai Salmon with Lemon Dill Potatoes

Photo credit: Dan of Dan’s Good Side


Free Meal Plan: Stewed Beef and MushroomsA classic! Rich, savoury stews are perfect for winter, and make tough, flavourful cuts of meat melt-in-your-mouth tender. Serve this over mashed potatoes, perhaps with some turnips or parsnips mashed along with.

Stewed Beef and Mushrooms

Photo credit: Family Feedbag


Free Meal Plan: White Pizzas with Garlic & ArugulaWho says pizza has to have tomato sauce and pepperoni? This version has a triple whammy of cheese – Fontina, mozzarella and goat – along with garlic-infused olive oil and peppery arugula. Yum.

White Pizzas with Garlic & Arugula

Photo credit: Gwendolyn of Patent and the Pantry


lamb and lentils recipeFlavourful lamb shanks benefit from a long, slow cooking time – in the oven or slow cooker – to break down tough connective tissues. They’re perfect to toss into the slow cooker while you’re at work, or cook for 2-3 hours once you get home – perfect for those nights when it’s OK to eat later, or if you’re planning a romantic date night after the kids have gone to bed.

Braised Lamb Shanks with Lentils

Sharing is Caring!

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