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Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner everyone is shopping for valentine cards. I think that at my age people judge you for everything that you do or say to the other gender and Valentine’s Day can be a major contributor. Even if you’re just giving a valentine to a friend people will call you out on it. I don’t think you should avoid giving friends cards but maybe go about it like you did in kindergarten.

I think is the best thing to do for giving out valentines is getting a class list so everyone gets one.

There are never really any “cool” valentine cards for my age group, which is kind of annoying. Then again big marketing brands are mostly focusing on the younger kids in grades one, two and three. Just because something is labeled for a kid doesn’t mean that you can’t use them for your class as well!

That’s why I thought Hallmark’s Frozen themed Valentine’s Day cards were pretty cute and perfect.

My Style Hallmark Valentine Cards for School

The Frozen valentine cards come with 32 cards in each set plus a card for your teacher and STICKERS!! There are four different designs but I think my favorite is the one that says, “you deserve a totally magical day”. Each box set is $2.99 Cdn. You can’t beat that for a price.

Along with cards Hallmark has also brought out a few other great things this valentines season, such as the love cup and the Marjoelin Bastin Die-cut Heart Pad.

The Love Cup ($12.95 Cdn) is like a little white board. It allows you to write on it and then erase it. I thought that it is perfect for leaving yourself reminders or messages. I love this cup not only for the fact that you can write on it, but also for the fact that it’s a good quality ceramic mug, witch means its perfect for hot tea! You know I love my tea.

The Marjoelin Bastin Die-cut Heart Pad will definitely be my go-to note pad for the season of February. This is perfect for writing notes to your secret admirer or just writing notes to a friend but for me this is absolutely perfect for jotting down post ideas and reminders (because I’m so forgetful).

Hallmark makes celebrating Valentine’s Day fun and without costing a lot! What are you planning on doing? Will you be giving cards out to your class?

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Sharing is Caring!