My Style. Etsy Christmas Wish List

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Since Christmas is just around the corner everyone has started asking what is on my gift wish lis. My answer is usually just a gift card so I can get exactly what I want for myself but sometimes it’s nice to receive an actual gift. I want a gift that I know no one else will have, something that has a bit of my personallity. That’s what makes Etsy’s shops so perfect and one of my favourite online shopping sites. So for those gift givers looking to get me something a little different this year checkout these nine items on my Etsy Christmas Wish List all under $30.

Scrabble Letter V Necklace

I have really been loving necklaces recently either wearing them or just having them as decorations in my room. Creative Pleasure Etc’s Etsy shop has this nice vintage piece using old Scrabble game letters. Plus it’s my letter V. The detail on the back is really nice too. I could wear it with either side facing out giving me two necklaces for the price of one.

My Style Etsy Christmas Wish List Scrabble Necklace

Make-Up Brush Holder

I really love this vintage glass holder from the Etsy store Honey and Bumble. It was used in the sixties to hold the stem of cut flowers in an arrangement. I think that this would be perfect for organizing the makeup brushes I use most often. I love to be organized with my make-up stuff and I think that the way the items would be spaced out is supper cute.

My Style Etsy Christmas Wish List Makeup Brush Holder

Event Horizon Custom Glitter Nail Polish

I looked at a lot different custom polish shops but I wanted one that had a little glitter (and not just glitter bits that never seem to mix with the polish when you apply it). Bin Chic’s custom fall collection seemed to have the glitter look that would cover the nail. Purple is one of my favourite colours for fall and I really liked how the Event Horizon shade looked. Plus this polish contains no formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and NEVER tested on animals.

My Style Etsy Christmas Wish List Custom Nail Polish

Large Chunky Nautical Ring

I like statement rings, especially vintage sailor themes. When I saw this chunky ring from Retro Cuties Esty shop I fell in love. It has everything I love: large, chunky, sailor, vintage. Even the black and cream colour combination adds to the nice vintage theme.

My Style Etsy Christmas Wish List Nautical Ring

Lemon Meringue Bath Bomb

I like bath bombs. Like REALLY like bath bombs. I love finding unique scents and fun shapes that make my bath time enjoyable. You can’t go wrong with a Lemon Meringue Pie scent and it’s shaped like a pie slice too. I’m also a fan of natural products and that’s what The Aisy Life uses to make their products.

My Style Etsy Christmas Wish List Bath Bomb

Plaid Tartan Infinity Scarf

Remember my Civvies Day post? Plaid is a thing I’m into. The brefney Etsy shop takes my love of plaid and combines it with my other love of infinity scarves to make a must have for me this winter.

My Style Etsy Christmas Wish List Tartan Infinity

Miniature Leather Journal

Small is cute and leather bound journals have a fun vintage feel. I made a mini journal for my friend but it wasn’t nearly as cute this leather journal from the Forest Nine Etsy shop.

My Style Etsy Christmas Wish List Leather Journal

Volkswagen Mini Magnetic Bookmark

My mom hates when I fold pages in a book I’m reading or lay it face down to mark a page. This Volkswagen Magnetic Bookmark from the Crafted Van Etsy shop is cute, not too big, and will save my books (making my mom happy).

My Style Etsy Christmas Wish List VW Bookmark

Christmas iPhone6 Case

I received my first phone for my birthday, joining my mom and dad as part of the Telus family. I use my iPhone6 all the time. I always have it in my hand, just ask my mom. I found the perfect case for me at Stanwork’s Etsy shop. Now I can carry Christmas with me all year long or until I decide on a new case design
My Style Etsy Christmas Wish List iPhone Case

Of course an Etsy gift card will always make me happy too. What’s on your gift wish list? Do you have a favourite Etsy shop?

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