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This halloween I wanted to be an airline stewardess. I already had the dress, I just needed the accessories so I went to Value Vilage to see what I could find. In past posts I have  tried to fiind outfits for under twenty dollars. This time I was looking for something specific for a costume. I didn’t know if I would be able to find everything and stay on budget.

The first item I wanted to  look for was a pair of gloves. Most airline stewardesses don’t wear gloves but based on one of my favourite shows, PanAm, the sterwardesses do. The gloves I bought were just normal white ones. These weren’t used but were new in Value Villages Halloween section making them a little expensive.. Next I needed a scarf like the girls wear on PanAm. I wanted a plain blue scarf but what luck when I found a blue scarf with globe world print on it. It was perfect for my stewardess coostume. When you see an airline steewardess on TV she is pulling a small piece of luggage behind her. That was next on my list.

mystyle diy halloween costume items

The lugage I bought was a small kid’s lugage with a plastic covering on the front and 101 Dalmation prints on it. It didn’t look like a stewardess’ bag but it was the right size. With some DIY work at home I was able to transform it into the bag I wanted. I simply  cut off the plastic and spray painted the whole bag to cover the puppy prints. Then I printed off a PanAm logo to tape on my luggage. I was lucky to find a airline hat in the Halloween section of Value Village too.

mystyle diy halloween costume stewardess bag

The very last item was a pair of shoes. I don’t really have any good looking shoes for the costume.  I found a very nice pair of black shoes with an alligatour pattern on the front. The look and style of these shoes were perfect for my costume. Plus I’ll be able to wear these after Halloween which is a bonus.

mystyle diy halloween costume stewardess2

When I got home I looked for the airplain pin that we were given once on a family trip. It was on my brother’s souvanair shelf. Thankfully he wasn’t mad at me and let me borrow it for my costume. I just hit my budget but I think the new items (gloves and hat) were a little pricer for Value Village. Unlike most costumes I’ll be able to reuse some of these pieces, like the scarf and shoes, so that makes it better. Most of my friends plan to buy a new costume or make one. My mom’s  not very handy when it comes to sewing and stuff and I really wanted to be a stewardess this Halloween. A visit to Value Village makes it easy to build a creative costume with iitems you already have and using second hand items. I hope you liked my costume idea. What are you going to be for halloween?

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Sharing is Caring!