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March break wasn’t that long ago and summer vacation is almost here. At the beginning of the school year my mom is more creative with snacks and lunches but now it’s getting kind of boring. I want to show you snacks that are tasty but still healthy (so your mom won’t mind buying them) and they are perfect for an after school or at school snack.

1. Special K Popcorn Chips

Since I’m a huge fan of popcorn I wanted to try this out. I thought it would just taste like rice cakes because when I usually try things like this they taste like rice cakes. But these actually had some flavoure, liked buttered popcorn. This would be great for an school snack because it’s like having chips but not with all of the extra stuff.

mystyle schoolsnack kellogspopcornchips1

2. Three Works Apple Chips

I’m usually not a huge fan of dried fruit or fruit chips (like banana or coconut) but this company had a huge selection of different flavours. With all the different flavours, including Caramel, Mixed Berry, Lemon and Vanilla, it’s funny that my favourites are Original and Cinnamon. They did taste like apples. You could just crunch them like chips but I like letting sit in your mouth to get soft, especially the cinnamon flavour. I think Apple Chips would be a great at school snack especially with of all the different flavours.


3. Raincoast Crisps

I really liked these crackers with a little cream cheese or cheese on the top but my brother and sister loved eating them plain. They have a number of different flavours too. My mom usually picks up the Cranberry and Hazelnut during the holidays. One day we ate a whole box on a walk home from school. Because of the nuts in these crackers they are great for school lunches but are perfect for after school with some veggies and a little hummus.

mystyle schoolsnack raincoastcrisps1

4. Taste of Nature Organic Food Bars

I loved this granola bar. The flavours are fun too, like Nova Scotia Blueberry Fields and Niagara Apple Country. I tried the flavour Quebec Cranberry Carnival with seeds and dried cranberries. The nuts in these bars make them perfect for an after school snack too (instead of brining to school). That also means you won’t have to share because everyone would want a bite of this.

mystyle schoolsnack natureorganicbar1

5. Popchips

I love Popchips especially because I know there healthier than regular potato chips. They come in lots of different flavours. I love Barbecue the best. I have heard they have a new flavour, katy’s kettle corn chips, which I’m dying to try. Katy Perry plus kettle corn? Who could ask for better?  Perfect school lunch treat.

mystyle schoolsnack popchips1

I am super excited to slip this list of snack ideas to my mom. I would love her to pack me some of these snacks as a treat instead of another container of Cheerios. Comment down below on what is your favorite snack to eat.

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Sharing is Caring!