Books for Kids: Owlcrate Jr March Unboxing

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Encouraging the love of reading with kids just got a little easier thanks to Owlcrate Jr. I wrote about my first experience with Owlcrate as a gift idea for your hard-to-shop-for teen. The Junior edition is for tweens.

A Great Gift Idea for Tween Readers

My own tween and I share our March unboxing in the video below:


The March theme was “Unlikely Friends,” a fitting subject for this age range. If you’re not familiar with this service, it’s a monthly subscription box focused on literature, one of our favorite subjects. Like with the original Owlcrate, the Jr version pairs a great hardcover book with some fun paraphernalia based on a theme.

Owlcrate Jr March unboxing image

Owlcrate Jr “Unlikely Friends” was communicated wonderfully in the March unboxing:

Harry Potter Puzzle

. Now there’s a story of an unlikely friendship and any Potter fan will remember the chaos and collective work quelling the mayhem of those pesky pixies in this mini puzzle. We’ve put this together a few times as a quiet distraction that doesn’t take hours to complete.

kid book review owlcrate jr march unboxing puzzle image

Retro Skipping Rope. Of course nothing goes better with kids and spring than a good old fashion jump rope. I love the retro design of this version and it turns out the rope has a tie to the story but you won’t know what until you read it.

Stickers and Button. My daughter loved the unicorn and dragon button to pin to her backpack and you can never go wrong with stickers in our home. The animal pairing reminded us of some classic “unlikely friendship” pairings in past literature.

Book Markers. Not just one but two book markers appeared within the March Owlcrate Jr box. A custom bookmark based on the story itself as well as a uniquely designed dragon bookmark. As my daughter tends to read multiple books at once, she was a tad excited receiving both of these.

Owlcrate Jr March unboxing bookmark image

Personalized from the Author. We both really loved the nice personalized items from the author within this box, including a singed bookplate. The letter was also fun, with the author introducing the Owlcrate Jr fans to Hello, Universe. The card was fun and hooked my daughter into discovering more from the story itself.

kid book review owlcrate jr march unboxing author letter image

Hello, Universe (the book) is the anchor of the March Owlcrate Jr box as a tale of a very different group of kids who are pulled together due to an unexpected circumstance. I haven’t had a chance to read this book yet but my daughter couldn’t put it down after receiving it in her box. I’ll be sure to share a separate review on the book once I can get my hands on it.

Owlcrate Jr to Encourage the Love of Literature with Tweens

That’s reason enough to consider Owlcrate Jr as a gift idea for your tween. The mix of surprise and fun with a great new middle grade book is bound to have your tween craving quiet reading time. From a single gift idea to a regular subscription, Owlcrate is bound to be a welcome delivery.

kid book review owlcrate jr march unboxing contents image

Both my daughter and I were so impressed with this box that you might see a few more of these grace our video pages. I love with Owlcreate reveals their planned theme (checkout their social channel for great sneak peeks as well as past books boxes. There’s a channel for Owlcreate and Owlcreate Jr.  I was smitten with the April theme of the young adult version of Owlcrate (Head over Heels) that I’ve already ordered it for my picky teen as a birthday gift.

Have you ever received or given a subscription box? Would you consider one for your tween?

Sharing is Caring!

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