JumpStart Pet Rescue Goes Mobile

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Mobile devices are great tools to help young kids with learning. With the countless apps available it can be overwhelming trying to find a good one. JumpStart is known for it’s fun preschool educational games such as Pet Rescue and now you can get it to go.

My kids are familiar with Pet Rescue, especially my two youngest. It was one of their favourite learning games on the Wii. Pet Rescue fans can take comfort in knowing that the mobile version offers the same fun and learning they’ve come to expect from the original game. You can customize your character, adopt and play with your pet, solve fun learning challenges, and just have fun.

My kids enjoyed the learning games (to collecting prizes) but just exploring the different worlds and activities is just as much fun. I actually think the mobile version of Pet Rescue is better than our original game because the controls are easier to use. That was always one of our problems with our Wii version; our youngest daughter had trouble maneuvering around the worlds (and this is a preschool game). Kids are so familiar with app functionality that the app is easy to use. Even kids who haven’t used an app before will be discovering all the secrets in Pet Rescue on their own in no time.

preschool app jumpstart pet rescue2

If you already own any of JumpStarts other games you probably already have accounts set-up for your kids. The mobile version enables you to log-in to those accounts (to remember your past game play, character’s outfit and collect coins to your account) but there is a guest play option if you don’t want to log-in or create an account or maybe your daughter just wants to show her friend the game.

Kids work on reading, listening, basic concepts like number and letter recognition, following direction, and even some creativity but there’s also just plain fun like playing with their pet or sliding down a waterslide (my daughter’s favourite).

preschool app jumpstart pet rescue1

Like the original Pet Rescue game, you won’t find any ads within the environment (not always true with other learning apps) and there’s no worry about any social network interactions (there aren’t any). Your child plays and learns within a contained environment and because it’s an app they can take their learning in the car, to the Doctor’s office, in the grocery store.

If you’re not familiar with JumpStart’s Pet Rescue preschool learning game, some of the key features are:

  • An expertly designed curriculum reviewed by early childhood and preschool level educators.
  • Over 50 interactive activities teaching 75 essential skills, including vocabulary and number recognition.
  • More than 10 different pets to adopt, play with, dress up, feed, and care for.
  • Over 10 storybooks featuring the famous JumpStart friends.
  • Digital coloring pages designed specifically for preschoolers and early learners.
  • Entertaining music videos and sing-a-long songs.
  • Exciting, customizable game features, including personalized in-game avatars.
  • Action packed adventures and interactive missions that make learning fun.
  • Kid friendly audio instructions and guides through missions.
  • Seemingly endless gameplay.


JumpStart Pet Rescue app isn’t cheap like some learning apps (priced at $7.99) but you know you’re getting a quality learning game that you expect from JumpStart.

The JumpStart Pet Rescue app was provided to us for the purpose of this review.

Sharing is Caring!