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Christmas is full of traditions. Although we have created some new traditions for our own family, some, like certain items appearing in the stocking, are traditions that I grew up with. Each year I could expect a Christmas orange, gold coins (usually chocolate) and a brand new toothbrush in my stocking and now my kids share in the same tradition. We found some fabulous toothbrush related items you can tuck into the stocking this year.

Sonic Kids Rechargables

stocking stuffer toothbrush sonic kidsGetting kids to brush for the recommended 2-minutes can prove challenging. The Sonic Kids Rechargeable KidTimer slowly builds brushing duration over 90 days, easing them into a longer brushing routine. The interchangeable front plates, age-appropriate brush heads, and KidPacer tunes will keep them brushing each day.

DiamondClean Mini Brush Head

stocking stuffer toothbrush sonic diamondcleanIf you’re like our family and have one main toothbrush with multiple heads, perhaps it’s time for a new brush head. The DiamondClean mini brush offers the same diamond-shaped bristles to sweep plaque away as the standard brush head, but it’s more compact to reach harder to clean and smaller areas.


stocking stuffer toothbrush toothtunescopyIt’s amazing how time passes when music is playing. We listen to it when working and cleaning, why not when brushing. Arm & Hammer’s ToothTunes encourages kids to keep brushing with the help of some of their favourite songs. To hear the song, just start brushing and the music doesn’t stop until the 2-minutes are up. Now if only they made these in adult sizes.

Green Apple Floride-Free Toothpaste

stocking stuffer toothbrush flouridefree toothpasteIf you’re looking for a flouride-free toothpaste to introduce to your young kids, Green Beaver has 5 different flavours, including frosted mint, green apple, zesty orange, cilantro mint and star anise. These toothpastes are vegan, biodegradable, gluten free, and nut free too.

Crayola Flossers

stocking stuffer toothbrush crayola flossersYour kids may have brushing down but flossing can be a trickier habit to get into. These colourful Crayola Flossers from G-U-M are a great way to get kids interested in flossing. The easy handle makes it easy to reach into their small mouth and get between the teeth, especially those back molars.

ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000

stocking stuffer toothbrush professional seriesWe know the best way to get kids to follow a routine is by following your example. Maybe it’s time to update your brushing system for the whole family. The ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 from Oral-B works with multiple heads and the holder has a spot to hold up to four. The pressure sensor indicates if you’re pressing too hard on your toothbrush by glowing red on the brush itself and displays a sad face on the wireless SmartGuide. There are 5 different brush modes and the SmartGuide also helps ensure you’re brushing all areas of your mouth with a quad 2-minute timer. The packing case and the wireless SmartGuide makes travel easy.

Sharing is Caring!

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