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Whether you’re heading to Disney, Universal or another family-fun theme park, you can count on a full day of rides, sunshine, and snack queues. To keep yourself up and in the ride-going, fun-loving, mindset, make sure you have a few theme-park essentials.

Theme Park Essentials: Comfortable Shoes

EM theme park essentials shoes

Theme parks are full of great rides and fantastic shows; they can also mean a lot of time walking and standing in lines. A good pair of shoes like Reebok’s Easy Tone Flips will ensure your feet are up to the challenge. Designed to tone while walking, the curved sole of the Easy Tones actually make these the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever walked in. $64.95 US

Theme Park Essentials: Sleevless Reversible Shirt

EM theme park essentials shirt

You’re in the park, enjoying your day with the kids, and it happens. Something gets spilt on your shirt. You can’t head home to change but you don’t want to walk around for the rest of the day with the stain for everyone else to see. The Denver Hayes Sleeveless Reversible Shirt from Marks won’t clean the stain off but flipping to the reversible side will hide the stain until you can get back to your room to treat it. Both sides of the shirt are based on the same colour and complimentary pattern so the change won’t disrupt the outfit you are already wearing. $20.00 Cdn

Theme Park Essentials: Collapsable Water Bottle

EM theme park essentials waterbottle

Dehydration can make anyone irritable and tired. When visiting theme parks with young kids, we suggest bringing water with you as one of our 10 travel tips. Instead of bringing bottled water or a water canister, try the collapsable Vapur water bottle. You can fill it for free at any of the water fountains found throughout the theme park and when it’s empty you can roll it up to fit into your bag. $12.00 Cdn

Theme Park Essentials: Sunglasses

EF theme park essentials sunglasses

After my recent diagnosis, I no longer think of sunglasses as purely a fashion accessory. Protect your eyes from direct sun and reflective surfaces when outside at the theme park for the day. I love the look of the Cecilia glasses from Canadian designed Kay Tran sunglasses, each one handcrafted in Italy to fit you perfectly. The look is fun and the large surface area means more protection for your eyes, with UV 400 lenses which provide over 99% protection against UV A and B rays. Now if only I could get them with a prescription. $295.00 Cdn

Theme Park Essentials: Small Satchel Bag

EM theme park essentials bag

Just because you’re responsible for your family’s theme park gear, such as sunscreen or water bottles, it doesn’t mean you have to be bogged down with a huge backpack. This Small Venetian Satchel from Roots is a bag that’s just big enough for the essentials, with a little room for the odd small souvenir. Plus small means you won’t have to struggle to hold or store your bag on the rides. If you’re like me, the bigger the bag, the more I try to fit into it. Keep it small. A zipper enclosure ensures all the items stay inside on those more crazier rides and a shoulder strap keeps your hands free. $138 Cdn

Theme Park Essentials: Sun Hat

EM theme park essentials hat

Avoid sun stroke by keeping your head covered while out in the sun. Club Monaco‘s Bella Crochet Hat has a brim to keep the sun off your face too and it’s raffia and crochet design give the hat a casual fun appeal. Now you can protect yourself from the sun and look smart too. $39.00 Cdn.

Theme Park Essentials: Distraction for the Lines

EM theme park distraction

It doesn’t seem to matter when you visit a theme park, you can always expect to be standing in line to get on the cool rides. A great way to avoid the exasperated responses from the kids as you wait is to have a distraction. If the theme park you’re visiting is Disneyland, the Intrepid Traveler has released a book Lots to Do In Line: Disneyland, that is full of trivia and treasure hunt activities based on whatever ride line you’re waiting in. See what items in the list you can spot while waiting for the Tower of Terror or listen to see what the droids say during the body scan on the Star Tours ride. If you’re stumped, answers are at the back of the book. Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland  There’s also an app version of the game for your mobile device $5.99.

Of course, don’t forget the sunscreen; we have a few ideas. If you do get a little too much sun, try some of these homemade remedies to relieve any discomfort caused by a sunburn.

Sharing is Caring!