Everything Fabulous: Hosting a Tiki Party

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Summer’s in full swing and what better way to celebrate than by hosting a backyard shindig with family and friends. Add in a smoking BBQ, delicious cocktails and hip tunes and you have all the makings for totally awesome Tiki luau party, especially with some of these Fabulous finds:

Message in a Bottle Invite

tikiparty1You can invite people by phone or email, even purchase standard Tiki party invites, but why not add some fun and set the tone for your party with something a little creative. These message in a bottle invites from Party Mart will have your party guests intrigued. $14.75 Cdn

Tiki Torches

tikiparty2Welcome your guests by lining the walkway to the party with these 5 ft tiki torches from Nolan. These torches pull double duty, adding great mood lighting to the party area while keeping pesky bugs away when using refillable citronella oil. $4.99 Cdn

Table Grass Skirt

tikiparty3Add a tropical feel to your backyard patio table with this natural coloured table skirt from Party Mart. Plus it covers the table legs and extra beer bottles hiding under there. $12.85 Cdn

Watermelon Tiki Mask

tikiparty4Forget jack-o-lanterns at Halloween. Decorate your own party with this funky tiki mask carved from a watermelon. Use it as a table centerpiece or as a greeter when your guests come in. Plus the unused watermelon can then be used to make this delicious sounding Watermelon Margarita or try the Watermelon Mojito we made as part of our Summer BBQ Sunday series.

Tiki Tumblers

tikiparty5Serve your guests your cocktail concoctions in these 16 oz tiki tumblers from Perfect Party. A variety of colours are available and because they’re made from plastic there’s no worry about them getting broken by little guests and those who might be enjoying the party a little too much. $1.59 Cdn

Tiki Cocktails

tikiparty6When your guests arrive fill their tiki tumber with a tiki cocktail, like our own Cocktail Deeva’s Raspberry Mango daiquiri. For other great cocktail ideas, checkout her book Libations and Life $5.99 Cdn

Tiki Party Menu

tikiparty7Want to move beyond burgers and hotdogs with some great tiki fare but not sure what to make? From Tropical Pineapple Salsa to Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi-Mahi with Maui Onion Salad, the Food Network offers up some great recipe ideas.

Tiki Tunes

tikipartymusicWith food in their bellies and drinks in their cups, get your party guests up and moving with some hipster tiki tunes like Suburban Savage by The Tiki Tones. Great for twisting, doing the limbo or practicing some surfing moves. You can hear samples of their tracks here. $18.05 Cdn

Tiki iPhone Case

host tiki party ideas tiki phone caseAs your guests call to confirm their attendance, answer with your tiki phone. Okay, it’s not really a tiki phone but this bamboo iPhone case from MildlyWildGraphics is a thin case with a brown bamboo design that dresses your iPhone up for a little tiki fun. $17.77 Cdn

Tiki Bar iPhone App

tikiparty9Your party is planned, now’s the time to get some cocktail practice. TheTiki Bar iPhone app has you running a tiki bar, mixing and serving drinks to demanding customers. You’ll be shaking and tipping and slicing on your iPhone to make a whole collection of tiki cocktails. The faster you serve and the happier your customers, the bigger your tips. Free

Sharing is Caring!

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