Everything Fabulous: 8 Ways to Say Thank You

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I love the holidays; receiving gifts from friends, accepting dinner and party invitations, enjoying the hospitality of others. The holidays are behind us but the generosity of our family and friends shouldn’t be forgotten. Sometimes a simple thank you is the best way to show how much you appreciate what others have done or given you this holiday season and we found some Fabulous ways to say it.

Say It Your Way

Thank_you_card_ideas_1I love these black and white greeting cards from Green Star Studio ($15 US set of 12). The set of 12 cards (3 of each design) feature’s Green Star Studio’s signature Knitimal characters reproduced on white recycled card stock. The inside is blank for your own message but my favourite part is the speech bubbles on the front of each card, giving you creative freedom to your cards greeting. You can also colour the cards in yourself (or get the kids to help). Envelopes are also included. If you’re looking for something more festive, maybe their Thank You Holiday Cards set is more your style ($12 US).

Fold and Mail

thank_you_card_idea_2Sometimes the one things that stops you from getting your thank-you note out on time is finding an envelop to put it in. Fold and Mail stationary sets combine your note paper and envelope into one. Write your note on one side, fold it up and seal and address and stamp on the outside. Chronicle Books has a number of fun themes but I must say my favourite is Mr Lunch. ($11.95 Cdn)

The Non-Card

thank_you_cards_idea_3Looking to send something other than a traditional thank-you card. Memosa’s Thank You Bubbles will be a surprise. Instead of finding a standard card in the envelope, your recipient will find a ribbon containing for colourful bubbles, each with part of the thank-you message. The back of the first card is blank for you to write a small personal note. ($5.00 US)

Say It with Candy

Thank_you_card_idea_4This Bumble Gum card from Cards by Lelais a double duty card. Say thank-you and give a sweet gift in return. The rattling noise from the gumballs moving around will totally have the card recipient guessing at what could be in the envelop. ($3.75 US)

A Secret Message

thank_you_card_idea_5Have a mystery lover or joker you want to send a thank-you to. Wit and Whistle’s Decoder Card is perfect. Your personal message, written in light pencil on the red patterned area, is hard for the naked eye to see. Luckily the card comes with a handy decoder, revealing your secret message to your intended. ($5.00 US)

Keep It Simple Postcards

thank_you_card_idea_6Looking to be a little environmentally friendly. Jack and Ella Paper’s Thank You Postcards might do the trick. These simple cards get right to the point and they are made from 100% recycled heavyweight kraft card stock. And because they’re postcards, there’s no extra paper used for envelopes. ($8.00 US set of 12)

Get Crafty

thank_you_card_ideas_7Fancy cards don’t have to be bought from the store. Better Homes and Gardens has a gallery of 27 thank-you cards you can make yourself (some harder than others). This thank you card looks great and is made from leftover paper (ideal for those small squares of wrapping paper you have laying around. (Free)

From the Kids

thank_you_card_idea_8It’s never to early to encourage kids to send thank-you cards for gifts they have received. Letter Learning produces fun cards designed for either the early writer (with large letters they can trace) or the advanced writer (blank lines to write their own message). Each card also has a blank page for your child to draw a picture of themselves with the recipient. ($2.95 US).

Sharing is Caring!

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