Everything Fabulous: 7 Fitness Games and Apps

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As parents we know how important it is to set a good example for our kids. We show them how to be courteous by holding the door for someone. We guide them with good food choices by offering them healthy snacks. What about teaching them the importance of keeping fit? Sometimes adding exercise to our own routine can be difficult but technology can make it a little easier. We found some Fabulous fitness games, apps and programs to keep you fit (and set a good example for those always watchful eyes).

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

fitness_games_apps_1Unlike other fitness interactive programs, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved puts you into your workout, literally, with it’s Player Projection technology that tracks over 50,000 dots on your body. Kinect’s body tracking gives you instant feedback to tell you if your body’s out of alignment while working out so you can perfect your moves to get the best workout without injury. There are hundreds of exercises and games, plus you can download new content so you never do the same workout twice. Xbox Kinect $49.99 Cdn

EA SPORTS Active 2

fitness_games_apps_2Mountain biking, soccer, and skate boarding are some of the 70+ activities and exercises you participate in (virtually) while working out in either the 9-week program, 3-week cardio introduction program or your own custom workout routine on EA SPORTS Active 2. Monitor your heart rate right on screen and adjust your workout as you need and the wireless motion detector means no cables or controllers to worry about making it a more natural workout feel. Track your workout online to see how you are progressing toward your fitness goals and join the active EA Active community online. Available for the Wii, PS3, Xbox Kinect $59.99 Cdn

Dance Central

fitness_games_apps_3Perhaps a fitness program isn’t your style. There are other ways to keep in shape beyond standard fitness moves. Xbox Kinect’s Dance Central will keep you moving while finessing some of your club moves. Choose your character, dance environment and song and get your groove on. Earn new characters or locations based on how you perform. There is a workout option that lets you know how many calories you burned, based on your weight, for each song you dance to. Getting in shape has never been so much fun. Xbox Kinect $49.99 Cdn

Office Yoga

fitness_games_apps_4Working out doesn’t have to be at home. The Office Yoga app consists of 64 virtual cards you can call up right on your iPod or iPhone. The cards cover a variety of poses, stretches or ideas to help you through your day, from Morning Eye Openers to Evening Balancers and everything in-between. Each card offers a simple illustration on the front with a suggested pose or stretch. Double-tap on the card to flip it over for more details or suggestions. You can work your way through the deck from morning to night or choose a specific pose based on what your needs are at that moment. The Office Yoga app would be great just about anywhere. iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad $2.99 Cdn

The Chakra Deck

fitness_games_apps_5Similar to Office Yoga (actually it’s produced by the same company). The Chakra Deck offers yoga, meditation and breathing exercise focusing on the seven different Chakra’s in your body (Root, Sacral, Navel, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown). Double-click on each card for instructions on each position, a medication to focus on and the benefits for that exercise. iPod Touch, iPhone iPad $1.99 Cdn

Couch to 5K

fitness_games_app_6.gifRunning is one of the easiest ways to get into and keep in shape. Plus it’s free. No equipment or gym memberships require. But if you aren’t a runner it can be difficult to get started. The Couch to 5K Running Plan from Cool Running breaks down a 9-week program to ease you and your body into running regularly. Free

Get Moving Family Fitness

fitness_games_app_7Fitness doesn’t just have to be for mom and dad. JumpStart’s Get Moving Family Fitness gets young kids up and moving on their own or with mom and dad too. Kids can design their own Jumpee character to play more than 15 sports challenges (like racing or balancing) in 11 fun locations (underwater in Atlantis, in the sand in Egypt). Your kids will be moving and having fun, they won’t realize they’re getting fit along with you. Wii $29.99 Cdn

Sharing is Caring!